Digital Marketing

Raising brand awareness

In the digital world, advertisements are everywhere but attention is scarce. Even innovative products can fail to catch the eye of your target audience without the proper marketing strategy.

The Pentalog Growth Factory helps brands and businesses to become a media. Their digital consultants will perform strategic planning based on market research to grab the attention of your customer base, expand your audience and develop your brand image. Our teams also focus on the implementation of marketing automation to increases efficiency and output while reducing cost.

Content for the digital age

The Pentalog Growth Factory’s teams of professional journalists, videographers, strategists, and graphic designers will boost your digital sales with a marketing strategy tailored to your individual needs. They will craft a strategy to create content that increases your website traffic and an intuitive user interface that captures the character of the service you are providing.

digital marketing

Our consultants have an impressive track record developing and implementing marketing strategies for both American and European companies including The Economist, ReachMD, France 24, and many others. Let us help you share your great products with the world by implementing a digital marketing strategy designed to help you reach your business objectives

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