Sergiu Daniel C.


500 dollar
5 years
Cluj-Napoca, ROMANIA

My experience


AccentureDecember 2018 - Present

Responsible of technical depth of the project, my role includes:
   - analyzing the architecture and microservices/modules
   - proposing enhancements and discussing with the client about there agenda and always trying to find most feasible solution
   - developing prototypes to prove that the concept is working
   - analyzing client agenda and proposing enhancements if needed on upcoming business flows

I'm also part of the architecture team which is designing and building template project, those project are build for a specific task and hand over them to the development team to speed up the process of prototyping an application.

FreelanceJanuary 2018 - Present

I was involved in multiple project most of them used java(classic architecture db + mvc + web).
I also had the chance to work in one project with unity engine and c#(game).
I also got in touch with Vert.x, Cassandra and Kafka.

AccentureApril 2018 - December 2018

My first project in Accenture was “masterData” which was the back-end for a mobile application in the area of IOT (smart devices) for an important client, Electrolux. I had the chance to start multiple microservices from scratch which provided information to mobile.
Used Technologies:
- PostgreSQL
- Hibernate ORM
- Docker
- Kubernetes
- IBM Cloud
- Bitbucket
- Java EE
- JSF, Primefaces
- IBM Watson Content Hub
- Flyway

My 2nd project in Accenture was “OTP Open Telematic Platform” for BMW client.
In this project I had the chance to create and implement new features on multiple microservices.
I personally worked on various task related to generation of reports with millions of records, some of them executed via jobs and some of them over end points (REST/SOUP).
Used Technologies:
- EclipseLink
- PostreSQL
- Java EE
- OpenShift
- Jenkins
- Bitbucket
- SonarQube, Jacoco
- Flyway
- Scala & Getling for load, performance testing

FortechFebruary 2017 - March 2018

Junior Java Developer
Jun 2017 – Mar 2018

My main responsibilities as a Developer are:
-> bug fixing through code change, db2 script (as hotfix);
-> analysis, proposing scalable solutions for implementation tasks;
-> providing support for 1st level support (might involve code change or application business clarification or database scripts);
-> I always like and try to propose potential performance improvements.

Working as a Java Developer, I gained experience with the following:
-> ORM framework (Hibernate);
-> DB2 is used as Database;
-> Spring MVC (Model-View-Controller);
-> Web Sphere as server;
-> JSP;
-> Primefaces;
-> Maven;
-> Tortoise which is used as SVN Subversion client;
-> Ticket/Task management is done in Polarion;
-> JasperReports is used for creation of .pdf, .csv files needed by the business logic.
-> HP SM9 (Service Manager) is used as incident management tool for production issues.

Junior Automation Tester
Feb 2017 – Jun 2017

My main responsibilities as an Automation Tester are :
    ->  Automate manual test cases of type : GUI or API(REST or SOAP) or both, depending on customer needs;
    ->  Automation is done using HP UFT (Unified Functional Testing) as development tool ;
    ->  To update and improve automation framework after each change in application logic or in implementation;
    ->  Making sure that the testing scripts I've deliver are properly maintained for newer versions of the application;
    ->  Perform Regression testing and reporting bug's found in regression in Polarion;
    ->  Maintain scripts version in Tortoise which is used as SVN Subversion client;
    ->  Provide documentation of everything I do in automation : Scripts, variables naming, Function library, Automation flow;
    ->  Reset and maintain Automation database in an ideal form and state (Jenkins);
    ->  Providing external script's which validate preconditions of actual automation scripts;

While working as an Automation Tester, I gained experience with the following:
    ->  The core VBScript programming language;
    ->  Understanding of HP UFT and how to integrate GUI and API testing in a flow;
    ->  Understanding how to report a detailed bug;
    ->  Creation of manual test cases which later will be automated;
    ->  Creation of automation framework from scratch for multiple markets;
    ->  Continues improving the regression flow (creation of an precondition test set);
    ->  Continues improving reports of regression results (creation of test set based on application logic and priority) ;

FortechOctober 2016 - November 2016

While I've participated at this Pre-Employment Training, I gained experience with the following:
-> I've used MySql Workbench for designing the database (tables, entitys, dependencies);
-> Data access to the database was possible through the ORM framework (Hibernate);
-> The user interface was created for easy interaction with the application using JSP;
-> The application has exposed a set of REST web services, which will be consumed by the UI;
-> Spring MVC (Model-View-Controller) framework was used to scale the application and make it closer to real life applications;
-> Maven was used to build the application and to manage the dependencies;
-> Apache Tomcat was used as server where the application was deployed;

YonderFebruary 2016 - April 2016

While I've participated at this internship, I gained experience with the following:
-> Adapting to the agile enviroment (Scrum);
-> Understanding of OERA (OpenEdge Reference Architecture);
-> Using OERA architecture and splitting the application in back-end and front-end part and for each side of the application I've created layers;
-> In the Front-end part I've used : HTML, CSS and JavaScript;
-> In the Back-end part I've used : Progress;
-> I learned about unitest and I made a workshop about them and also I implemented then in my personal project;
-> I developed a project which I presented at the end of the program;

Tehnical University of ClujMarch 2015 - July 2015

While I've participated at this course, I gained experience with the following:
    -> I had first contact with Android Studio (Android SDK);
    -> Understanding of OOP principles;
    -> Design and develop medium-sized Android applications;
    -> Develop technical skills to build Java applications for mobile devices based on the Android platform (phones, tablets);
    -> Technical aspects such as Android application lifecycle, graphical interfaces, persistent data storage (files, SQLite databases), client-server applications (TCP, HTTP), mobile web and hybrid applications PhoneGap), mobile phone sensors, maps (Google Maps), and location-based apps;

My stack

Application servers


Big Data

Apache Kafka

Software testing

HP UFT, HP ALM, Regression testing, GUI Testing, Automated testing, Manual testing




PhoneGap, Android, Android SDK


JPA, REST, Spring, Hibernate, JavaServer Faces

Environment of Development

Openshift, Android Studio, Maven, MySQL Workbench



Open Source solutions



MySQL, Cassandra, SQLite, PostGreSQL, FlyWay, Progress, DB2


Bitbucket, IoT, API

IT Infrastructure

Docker, IBM Cloud


JSP, JSF, EclipseLink, Vert.x, PrimeFaces, Jboss, TortoiseSVN


JavaScript, OOP, Java, Java Core, VBScript, Scala, CSS, MVC, Progress 4GL, Java EE, HTML, C#


IBM Hardware, Back End, Object Oriented Analysis/Design, Java Server Pages, Apache Cassandra, GUI Applications, Task management, HP Unified Functional Testing, Cascading Style Sheets, Jasper, Data Storage, SOUP, Java Enterprise Edition, User Interface, Jakarta TOMCAT Servlet Engine, Front End

Analysis methods and tools

Confluence, JIRA, Apache Maven, Subversion (svn), Agile, SonarQube, Microservices, Scrum

Business Intelligence


My education and trainings

Master's Degree, Multimedia Technologies - Technical University of Cluj Napoca2015 - 2017

Engineer's degree Field Of Study Department: Mechatronics - Technical University of Cluj Napoca2012 - 2015