Goran S.

Back End Developer

115 dollar
7 years
Novi Sad, SERBIA

My experience


PronovixApril 2021 - Present

o Contract of Services - part time job from (Nov 2021) - work on projects based on Pronovix’s product created with Drupal (Web portal that provides structured documentation to productize client APIs. It provides a searchable catalog of client API products)..

FermicodingApril 2021 - February 2022

o Workon maintaining the project,upgrading existing and adding new functionalities -Drupal 8 multi-site which besides web presentation with online sale contains admin (as subdomain - intranet).

Faculty of LawFebruary 2018 - February 2020

Maintenance of a complete information system. Responsible for the work:
o Windows servers - Windows domain (domain controller with associated services), Windows Exchange
o Linux servers - Ubuntu (web server with websites - Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress)
o VMware (ESXi), Hyper-V
o Creation and maintenance of website through CMS, updating the content of the faculty website, migration of the website from external hosting to the faculty server
o Implementing antivirus protection (KAV)

o Network equipment, printers
o Clients computers, sound systems, projectors
o Help desk

"BB Trade`` ADJune 2011 - May 2015

Service of IT Sector, working place "IT Manager`` with responsibilities related to IT support users in sales, administration, marketing, customers in retail stores. Setting up of the video surveillance and alarm systems. Communication and keeping records on the internet and phone service. Work on the implementation of an information system that is in constant development, finding, recording and helping to fix a bug. Team management and maintenance of computer network equipment related to POS. Training of new IT administrators.
Coordination of the external partners and consultant companies for the maintenance and offering consulting services related to the maintenance of the IT system: for the maintenance of server systems and network equipment; for the creating and the maintenance of ERP and POS system; for the maintenance of the fiscal equipement.
Active participation in the initial installation of server systems and their regular maintenance as well as of software systems, so as that I work on the checking of the corrections and new versions of ERP and POS systems. My duty is the deployment of new versions (because of the demand to enable regular and quick updating, I created on my own and carried out the setting up of the corrections and new versions of POS systems on all casheers in a retail chain).
The creation of SQL inquiries over the production database in the cases when there is a need for presenting and updating of the data which was not included in the reports or for the ERP system functionalities.

My stack


PHP, HTML, JavaScript, SQL, C++


Team management

Application servers

Apache Web Server




Cascading Style Sheets, Microsoft Access, Joomla!, IT Manager, maintenance, MCITP Server Administrator, EPOS, Web Servers, admin, Deputy Manager, Coordination of the external partners and consultant companies, Team management and maintenance, maintenance of ERP and POS system, maintenance of server systems and network equipment, Web Developer, Microsoft Exchange Server, System administrator, Acquired skills, B licence, IBM OS/400, Operations and Maintenance, PHP Developer, Contractor, help desk, Good organizational and coordinative skills, internet site development, regular maintenance, Sistem administrator, Help Desk in the IT, Linux Master and Linux System Administrator, the work, Drupal Developer, Microsoft Windows, constant development, Personal Home Page, English, C Programming Language, industry~it

IT Infrastructure

Ubuntu, Nginx, Hyper-V, VMware, Linux, Git


Symfony, WordPress, Zend Framework, jQuery, Backbone.js, AJAX


Drupal, Vue.js

Environment of Development

MySQL Workbench, Vagrant

Software testing


My education and trainings

- Technical Faculty1999 - 2005

- The High School of Electrical Engineering1995 - 1999