Jessica P.


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My experience


Electrónica Lowrance de México, S.A. de C.V.January 2019 - May 2019

* Organize and schedule meetings with stakeholders of the projects to gather information.
* Gather requirements from stakeholders to analyze the impact in the business regarding of any change, enhancement or issue to the ERP System.
* Fill in the Functional Requirement Specification Document all data need to describe any change, enhancement or issue with the ERP System to be send to the Development Team located in New Zealand.
* Use interviews, study documentation and observation of stakeholders performing their tasks as techniques to gather information.
* Troubleshooting
* Document legacy applications to provide this information to external consulting companies to develop new versions web or stand-alone applications.
* Be in charge of projects with the external consulting companies and provide resources like QA environments or access to databases following the procedures of the company to get them.
*Schedule the changes or updates with the applications or ERP System without affecting the continuity of the business operation.
* Provide updates and follow-ups to the stakeholders.

Conduent de México, S.A. De C.V.September 2010 - June 2018

*  Maintenance and administration.
* Troubleshooting solving tickets opened by Help Desk.
* Install updates, enhancements and new settings to the KMS (Knowledge Management Software).
* Make the technical documentation and user manuals.
* Maintenance of the KMS like restart services, verify the servers are up and running and the application is available for all the users.
* Provide remotely support to users located in USA or India.
* Analyze, design and develop new solutions.
* Do programs in Java 1.8.0 as programming language, Netbeans as IDE to modify XML files or get reports to be exported in Excel to the SME or Managers.
* Training new members of the team located in USA, India or China.
* Provide updates and follow-up to the users regarding resolution of the issues.

Conduent de México, S.A. de C.V.April 2008 - October 2010

* Gather requirements from
stakeholders to analyze them to know the impact of the change, enhancement or
update of the applications.
* Fill in the documents all the requirements to do
the change, enhancement or updates to be send this documentation to development
* Troubleshooting
* Create test scripts for UAT.
* Organize,
schedule and participate in meetings to identify issues, provide follow ups and
clear doubts regarding the projects.
* Technical documentation writing.
* Be
assured that the changes, enhancements, updates or upgrades wouldn't affect the
business continuity.

Accelya America S.A. de C.V.January 2000 - September 2006

/ Business: Data processing center / Free time: Java and Web Developer.
Office: Word, Excel, Power-point, Project, Outlook, Access, Visio
DataBases: Informix, Oracle 7, 11, Sybase, MSQL
Programming languages: Shell programming, Java 2EE, HTML4,

Technical Tools: HTML 5, CSS3, javascript, Php, JQuery, .Net, C#
IDE Tools: Eclipse, NetBeans, Blue-Fish

My stack

XML, Web Design, UNIX, Troubleshooting, Sybase, Shell Scripting, Oracle 7, NetBeans, MySQL, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Linux, jQuery, JavaScript, Java Swing, Java, Informix, Implementation, HTML5, HTML, Eclipse IDE, Eclipse, Design, Data processing, Customer Support, Business Analysis, Analysis, Agile