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My experience


Ammeon SolutionsFebruary 2019 - May 2019

Tasked with providing expertise on the
implementation of Spark processing applications on Google Cloud using
Docker and Kubernetes as part of a Machine Learning Platform migration
to mircoservices for GM Cruise Automation, a leading Autonomous Driving
Vendor. This required researching all the relevant technologies to the
degree that provided a robust proof of concept, containerized Spark
Application running on Google Cloud’s Kubernetes service.

BGC PartnersJuly 2018 - December 2018

Tasked with high priority/profile
assignment of creating a framework to make almost two years worth of
trading data stored as complex JSON objects in Cassandra accessible for
analysis as requisite skills were not available in-house. This was done
using a combination of Spark JSON parsing libraries and JSON binding
libraries to create the set of basic and derived data tables accessible
via Hive.

Responsible for reviewing and providing
recommendations on improving existing in-house Hadoop clusters installed
by a third party consulting company.

Awin GlobalMarch 2018 - July 2018

Tasked with training and assisting a
team that had lost its Big Data developers due to turnover by running
workshops, assisting with development and advising on transition to AWS

Kafka Workshop covering: Producers, Consumers, Brokers, Configuration,
Failure and Delivery Guarantees, Consumer Groups, Kafka Connect and
Kafka Streams

HBase Workshop covering: HBase Tables, HBase Shell,
Access with API, Key and Schema design, HBase Read/Write path, Filters,
HBase Utilities

Designed and deployed standalone Kafka/Zookeeper prototype cluster on AWS

Deutsche BankSeptember 2017 - March 2018

Set up of ELK
(ElasticSearch/Logstash/Kibana) POC and Logstash Ingestion pipelines for
real time metric analysis of group's enterprise servers
Updates and modifications to Spark Streaming application and investigating rewrite from Java to Scala

LogicalisAugust 2017 - August 2017

Short term consulting appointment for
Logicalis at leading UK Challenger Bank to vet Big Data Architecture
design proposed by a global consultancy.

AnnalectNovember 2016 - May 2017

Designed AWS cluster for the Marketing
Science team. Scripted solution to launch ad-hoc , auto-scaling
clusters using spot instances which bootstraps R-Studio. This allows
members of the Marketing Science team to launch clusters using SparkR
for investigation and analysis through a familiar R Studio environment.
Since clusters are launched on as needed basis using spot instances
this provides a very significant cost savings over the traditional
method of an "always on" cluster solution.

Developed Annalect’s
first Spark ETL process and associated framework for record processing
on AWS using Scala, including the Python BOTO cluster launch and job
submission script which is run as an AirFlow operator. This became
the template for all future ETL workflows.

Manheim UK - A Cox Automotive BrandApril 2016 - September 2016

Leading the Design / Development and
Implementation for the new Data Intelligence Division of Cox Automotive
UK and its migration to its first Big Data Project using Cloudera (CDH
5.7.1) on Mircosoft Azure.

Responsible for the implementation of ingestion strategy using StreamSets and Analysis Framework using Spark,Tableau and Jupyter

Spark quickly solved a long standing in-house pricing problem commonly
known as "Simons Bane" to find the optimal price for repairs to
maximise return which heretofore was intractable using existing tools.

Mentoring and training in-house developers on Big Data Tools and components of the Hadoop Ecosystem.

UK GovernmentNovember 2015 - March 2016

Redesign of HBase DataBase Access layer for UK Immigration Application Framework.

investigating/prototyping table schema and row key design, use of
native HBase testing tools, access API design, coding and testing,
performance strategies i.e. salting and investigation of third party
tools such as Apache Phoenix and DataNucleus and monitoring strategies
with JMX and DropWizard.

Credit SuisseApril 2015 - October 2015

Designed and developed Initial proof of
concept of a mission critical application using Spark, Scala and
Hadoop to overcome severe bottle necks. Was able to speed up the
process by a factor of 120 (12000% ) over the existing SQL/C#
Application. This included the ability to aggregate and coalesce
sets of files into a Spark dataframe and apply data enrichment rules
via UDFs and joins on imported database tables . The resultant
dataframe was saved to an Apache Phoenix Datastore on the processing
cluster for end user analysis of the data at scale using standard JDBC
tools. This successful first implementation led to the project getting
fully funded for production development by offshore team.

Advisor and SME to the Director of Semantic Technology ( Big Data )
Division, advising on Bank Wide Big Data Architecture, Adoption Strategy
and Implementation.

Intel LabsMarch 2014 - April 2015

Designed, planned, setup and tuned
Cloudera (CDH 5) Cluster on Amazon AWS for Intels Internet of Things
(IoT) Smart Cities Project.

Investigated use of Spark Cluster as
a parallel computation engine for real-time Singular Value
Decomposition of streaming sets of complex valued matrices.

Prototyped Play based web application for SparkSQL queries.

Introduced Apache Phoenix as Hive replacement and Apache Flume for data and log aggregation.
the design and development of the Data Analytics Lambda Architecture
using the Apache Spark Stack: Spark, SparkSQL, Spark Streaming, Spark
MLib, Scala and OpenTSDB.

TrustevOctober 2013 - March 2014

At night set up and maintained
companys first Hadoop Cluster using Hortonworks HDP 1.3 distribution
via Apache Ambari using Centos Linux images hosted on Mircosoft Azure
Imported of over 100 tables from Azure SQL Server to HDFS for use by Datameer for analysis and visualization.

CitiAugust 2013 - February 2014


Morgan StanleyApril 2013 - July 2013

Trade Capture & Performance Testing
Java , Python , Groovy, Ion Marketview
Investigated the performance issues of Banks Post Trade Processing System

Allied Irish BankSeptember 2012 - February 2013

SME Internet Banking Portal.
Java , Spring MVC, XML , JSP

Bord Gais EnergyNovember 2011 - August 2012

Utility Messaging Integration
Java, Groovy/Grails, Spring (Integration), XML/XSL/XSD, MongoDB.

developer of a Grails web app to allow CRUD operations for verification
of a catalog of over 170 unique Business Process XML messages
significantly reducing integration test cycle duration and errors.

Developed accompanying excel driven Selenium Test Suite.

BNP ParibasSeptember 2010 - September 2011

STP Framework Developer. Sole
developer reponsible for the initial roll out of banks new STP
component, a Java Based JMX monitored framework. This application
parses Ion Trade Records, updates and applies the necessary business
and mapping rules to generate an XML payload for transmission via MQ to
banks Trade Capture and Risk Management Application. Currently rolled
out for Tradeweb Bonds and Allocations (Pre and Post) . Bloomberg
Bonds, Bloomberg TOMs Trades , MTS/EBM Bonds and BrokerTec Basis and
Repo Trades. Made extensive use of annotations for database
persistence via Spring based DAO , XML mapping for payload generation
and JMX monitoring.

Developed a standalone STP for Tokyo Office for Tradeweb Japanese Government Bonds.

Parametric Trade XML Unit Test Framework used extensively in the test
and development of the STP framework to ensure the accuracy of Trades

Maintenance and Modifcation of Swing Based Trade Monitor existing C++ STP components and Front office excel report generators.

SITAApril 2010 - July 2010

Designed and Implemented a JMS Client
to C# TCP Bridge with accompanying Policy Server. This is a key element
of SITAs new Airport Flight Display application which allows the Java
backend to pass flight display information to the Silverlight/C# client
and receive logging information back for billing purposes.

Prototyped JMX Flight Display Heartbeat and Log Monitor.

CitiJune 2009 - March 2010

Responsible for developing Straight
Through Processling (STP) Rules and Swing based Trader screens for
TradeWeb Broken Dated, Bloomberg Curve Spread and Outright Swaps.

up quickly on the STP Framework. Currently responsible for all
modifications and updates for this critical and heavily used portion of
trading platform.

Implemented JUnit Framework for automated testing of XML messages received from Ion MarketView application.

Perot SystemsFebruary 2009 - April 2009

Resurrected major \web based elearning application for primary schools for deployment accross the United States.

Dresdner KleinwortAugust 2008 - December 2008

Credit Asset Management, pricing and workflow tools, J2EE application development, Eclipse RCP, OSGI.

Barclays CapitalSeptember 2006 - August 2008

Fixed Income Trading Application: Real Time Swing based Trading Application for Swaps, Corporate and Government Bonds.

Fidelity InvestmentsSeptember 2003 - September 2004

Overhaul of Fidelity’s
Equity/Option/Mutual Fund Trading Portal. Currently converting to a
Struts framework and adding functionality to allow for multiple order
entry and complex options (i.e. straddles, spreads, butterflies etc).
This was/is a high visibility project as the portal is re-branded by
Fidelity’s’ enterprise clients for use by their customers.

and modification of portal administration applet. This applet
administered user trading permissions and portal customization using
Tibco Messaging Service to communicate with an Oracle Database.

and implementation of and XML based Alerts configuration web based
application. This was built using the Struts platform for the user
interface and Tibco Messaging System for message handling.

AOLMay 2003 - July 2003


AribaOctober 1999 - March 2003

Participated in design, costing and feature implementation of several major versions and numerous point releases.

development effort for integration of Ariba Enterprise Sourcing and
Ariba Analysis. This involved defining the appropriate data sets in
Sourcing, retrieving these data through predefined APIs and customized
SQL queries against an Oracle 8 database, generating template reports
for end users. This allowed end users to build up an historical record
of sourcing event data for qualitative analysis.

Implemented a
Java/XML API Framework for modifying XML templates for 38 different
sourcing event types. These templates are responsible for defining
market rules for Ariba’s industry leading auction engine, the core of
Ariba Enterprise Sourcing 3.0.

Introduced and implemented Market
XML migration framework using XSL transformations. This allowed users
of Ariba Dynamic Trade 2.0 and following versions to seamlessly migrate
their auction XML templates to Ariba Enterprise Sourcing templates.

and implemented JSP/Java Bean/XML framework for the Designer Interface
in Ariba Dynamic Trade 2.0. This was extensively used for the design and
market validation of Exchanges, Forward and Reverse Dutch, Japanese and
English Auctions, Sealed and Open Request For Quote Events and Online

OracleMarch 1999 - October 1999

Responsible for the design and coding
for GUI elements of a Swing based Call Center Scripting Engine utilizing
Tom Sawyer Graph Layout Toolkit: This tool allowed call center managers
to graphically generate workflows to direct call center agent

Incyte PharmaceuticalsNovember 1998 - February 1999

Designed and coded sophisticated
analysis spreadsheet using Swing, This a central component of Incytes
commercial DNA Protein Analysis Applet. This tool allows web access to
remote databases for the investigation of drug/cell interaction.

RaytheonNovember 1997 - November 1998

Designed and implemented a Swing based prototype of a news and information service as a Marimba Castanet channel.
Clearance:Secret(US Dept of Defence).

United States NavyOctober 1985 - November 1994

Helicopter Search and Surveillance for Counter Narcotics Interdiction in the Caribbean.
deployment to Somalia in support Humanitarian and Peace Keeping
operations as directed by United Nations Security Council Resolution 794.

My stack

XSLT, XML, SQL, Spring, Spark, Scala, Python, JUnit, JSP, Java, Hibernate, HBase, Hadoop, Consulting, C/C++, Big Data, .NET Compact Framework