Stanislav S.


414 euro
6 years

My experience


Compire.coJanuary 2020 - Present

Leading the company in the right direction, easy on the chocking agile-related pressure and towards a meaningful and fulfilling working environment.

AlterbyteFebruary 2019 - August 2019

My main activities include overseeing the main programming and digital projects, helping in picking the right tools for starting or extending a project, adding spice to the existing projects to keep the developers engaged and with a learning headache, and I also am in love with beating my head against the wall on really annoying problems (Not necessary related to programming).

JamrynnJune 2018 - January 2019

Built a responsive web application that uses React on its front-end and AWS services (Dynamo DB, AppSync, Cognito, Lambda and Elastic Search) on its serveless back-end to provide its users with a fast and reliable chat platform, focused mainly on sports activities. It offers a lot of features, such as file sharing (video, photo, documents), private/public conversations, personalized profiles and much more features that allow (RETRACTED DUE TO NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT, SORRY GUYS)

ITNTJune 2017 - January 2019

Built a payment wallet that is collaborating with the most major service and mobile providers from Romania: mobilPay Wallet. Used by over 50,000 people and processing over a hundred thousand payments a week, it’s one of the biggest payment applications in Romania. (React-Native, Redux, Typescript and RESTful Apis);

Used Firebase SDK to trigger events in the application and funnel the data into diagrams (~300 events per minute and 10GB of data later we found out what are the most prominent features that would later hit the front pages);

Created an internal tool to monitor all the app activity in an anonymous manner and update its content, from color to whole products, used by designers for A/B testing, marketing for feature usage statistics and developers for bug fixing (React/Immer);

Participated in designing and taking UX and technical decisions that had global effects on the application level, as well as in A/B and usability testing;

SamkingMarch 2018 - July 2018

Build from scratch a web platform (React) with a mobile app for IOS and Android (React-Native), both using a C# REST back-end, that would provide restaurants and their clients with the possibility to accumulate points for each meal and, once enough points are accumulated, spend them on free products. Also, it would allow seeing their current location and nearby restaurants on a map, the menu of those restaurants and the points each product is worth;

TNTComputersSeptember 2016 - June 2017

Built a new set of features that extended the main website with jQuery and Backbone.js to animate transitions, menu effects, and data fetching, as well as to preserve the data between sessions.

Created a REST-full API for communication between our main sites and the C# server (Entity Framework);

integrated Outlook GRAPH API on our main website to allow calendar events and notes to be synced with our tools, basically replicating Outlook calendar on our website;

Integrated card payment SDK of a national payment provider into our platform, thus allowing the clients to pay for our services with their credit cards for the first time, processing about 200 payments a day on 5 different websites.

My stack

WebSockets, Web development, UX, UI Design, T-SQL, RESTful Web Service, React.js, React Native, Python, NoSQL, Node.js, JSON, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML5, GraphQL, Git, Express.js, CSS, C#, Backbone.js