Gautier C.

Data Scientist

690 dollar

My experience

Centre de recherche de l'Institut universitaire en santé mentale de MontréalApril 2020 - Present


Mila - Quebec Artificial Intelligence InstituteMay 2019 - February 2020

• Raised awareness of climate change by developing an educational tool to visualize extreme climate events.
• Implemented a Flooding Simulator by extending and implementing state of the art Generative Adversarial Networks. Research guided by Turing Laureate Yoshua Bengio.
• Accepted at NeurIPS Workshop and Montreal AI Symposium.

BCM EnergySeptember 2017 - August 2018

• Reduced the company’s market risk by deploying a model of the electricity market, catching price spike behavior.
• Opened the trading activity to the Italian electricity market by implementing prediction algorithms.

My stack


Embedded Systems, Android

Computer Tools

MS Office

IT Infrastructure

Linux, Git


Machine Learning, Software Development, Software Engineering




Team management, Teamwork, Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Data analysis, Data Science

Machine Learning

Neural networks, Convolutional Neural Networks, Deep learning

Big Data

Data Visualization


Image Processing

Embedded and Telecom

Telecommunications, Arduino


SQL, Python, Matlab, LaTeX, Java, R Language, C/C++

My education and trainings

Certificats - Coursera

M.S.E in Computer and Information Science - IMT Atlantique2015 - 2019

M.S.E in Computer and Information Science - Télécom Bretagne2015 - 2018

Master's degree, Embedded & autonomous system - Queensland University of Technology2017 - 2017