Thi Thien Trang B.

Data Scientist

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My experience


Toulouse Mathematics InstituteOctober 2016 - October 2019

I was a Ph.D. student at IMT Toulouse. I research on topics relating to regression models and testing hypothesis problems. In my thesis, I had enormous occasions to work with real data, particularly, transients otoacoustic emission (TEOAEs) of human and non-human primates. The main target of my thesis to bring mathematical theories closed to biological problems. Working with TEOAE data, we concerned about which factors influence TEOAEs. Using machine learning algorithms in the programming language R, we defined factors including ages, sex, and species. In the first factor of age, we were interested in finding the relationship between ages and its TEOAEs by considering the regression distribution model to predict age based on TEOAE input. The two other factors, we aimed to study the testing hypothesis problem to compare the variability of TEOAEs between males and females, or between species of human population and non-human primate species.

Private projectJanuary 2018 - May 2018

I worked with a group of Vietnamese AI researchers hosted by prof. Nguyen Tien Zung, the professor in IMT de Toulouse. This position involved the image processing to identify grass in the garden of customers, to automatically charge the grass area for customers wishing to cut grass in the US market and then calculate the bill for the client. Precisely, we applied the machine learning tools to train and learn image data through the Google map source, then we used the Python language to write the big program.

VNUHCMSeptember 2014 - July 2015

In this job, I assisted professors to advise students on exercises of courses including Measure theory and Probability; Analysis theory in the Faculty of Mathematics, University of Natural Sciences, HoChiMinh city.

University of ScienceJune 2014 - July 2014

In a summer school participated in Ho Chi Minh City, I was a member of the organizers to welcome and guidance French professors coming from the University of Toulouse 3. I participated in many excellent statistics and probability courses and had occasions to meet famous professors for getting the good recommendation letters to receive the 2nd Master bourse in IMT de Toulouse.

My stack


Image Processing

Big Data

Big Data


Data analysis, Research, Teamwork, Data Science

Business Intelligence



Matlab Simulink, Machine Learning


Matlab, Python, LaTeX

Computer Tools

Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word

Analysis methods and tools


Machine Learning

Neural networks

My education and trainings

Licenses & Certifications - --

Doctor, Mathematics - National Institute of Applied Sciences of Toulouse2016 - 2019

Masters Degree, Mathematical Statistics - Paul Sabatier University2015 - 2016

Bachelor of Science, Mathematics and Computer Science, Mathematics and Computer Science - University of Science2010 - 2014