Priyadharshini V.


327 dollar

My experience


Pairview LimitedFebruary 2019 - Present

• Working with technical teams, stakeholders and SMEs to gather data analytics requirements and transforming these requirements from abstract concepts, through design, extensive interrogation of the data and modelling to generating actionable insights.
• Utilized Machine Learning techniques such as Random Forest, Gradient Boosting and Logistic Regression in Python to train and validate predictive models for customer retention, acquisition, lifetime value analysis, response and profiling purposes.
• Applying data mining techniques to interpret and provide actionable recommendations to solve business and systems problems using supervised and unsupervised techniques.
• Developed recommendation engines to support cross sell and upsell strategies by identifying products that are common within customer transaction across various market channels
• Using SQL syntaxes to manipulate, summarise, consolidate and extract data from SQL Server Databases and Datawarehouse.
• Utilized Natural Language Processing techniques to analyze unstructured customer feedbacks and how it relates to level of rating provided by customers.
• Creating interval and ad-hoc operational performance reports using Tableau for the management and ed the data in intuitive and aesthetically pleasing way to a non-technical audience
• Developed regional sales forecasts models using Python to support budgeting, planning and provision of a data driven futuristic view of business opportunities.
• Integrated data from multiple sources using MS Excel, Tableau and PowerBI, and built automated reporting dashboards, score cards and other business intelligence solutions based on business requirements.
• Deep diving into data to understand the drivers of performance, identify patterns and trends which could help reduce unnecessary cost, increase ROI and drive better business decisions.

BSA LimitedNovember 2017 - September 2018

* Developed claim trackers to monitor re-occurring trends and patterns using MS Excel.

* Conduct exploratory data analysis leveraging a wide variety of data sources, to identify information and insights that can drive better business processes and decisions

* Explored new data sources to determine valuable business applications, improved quality, enhance workflow, and provide efficiencies within departments.

* Identified opportunities for improvements; develop and recommendations for changes following extensive data analysis.

* Evaluated disputed claims for system configuration, claims processing, and/or contractual issues to facilitate claims review.

* Maintain and organize detailed information on claims dispute files to ensure appropriate and comprehensive data is returned to the provider timely.

* Resolution of discrepancies from technicians according to the NBN requirements.

* Respond to general and escalated payment related queries from contractors, field personal, state managers and warehouse managers.

* Identifying the rejection report from NBN and rectifying where applicable

My stack

Teradata SQL Assistant, Teradata, Tableau Software, SVM, SQL, Python, Power BI, PostgreSQL, Oracle SQL Developer, Oracle, Neural networks, Netezza, MySQL, MS Excel, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Excel, Machine Learning, Logistic Regression, Data Warehousing, Data Visualization, Data Science, Data Mining, Data analysis, Conceptual Data Modeling, Business Intelligence, Analytics