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Spitzkop Systems Engineering, FreelanceJanuary 2020 - Present

Spitzkop Systems Engineering (SSE) is a DevOps Services Provider offering Enterprise Architecture Consulting, DevOps Consulting, Cloud Consulting, Security Consulting, Systems Engineering, Support Services.

● We aim to make building distributed and integrated solutions less difficult and error-prone by collecting and documenting Integration Patterns (
● We are Cloud solutions and services, accessing, DevOps, SecDevOps and cloud managed service provider with an emphasis on security, reliability, availability, and scalability.
● We deliver services aimed at facilitating companies to decrease their effective costs while growing productivity.
● We provide public, private, and hybrid cloud assistances with improved security and controls.
● We help customers to boost their scalability by maximizing the usage of DevOps.
● We deploy DevOps solutions on-Premises, Public or Hybrid cloud.
● We automate Incident Responses and Security Alerts.
● We help you to construct and organize your application models and services on Docker and Kubernetes.

D2SIFebruary 2019 - December 2019

Mandated to federate Devs and Ops teams and lead the company to its digital transformation lineup :

● Leading the success of all the DevOps processes and people.
● Designing, developing and deploying an AWS Landing Zone provided with the following key features :
- Automated AWS multi-account setup
- Basic security guidelines
- Codified best practices : automated CloudTrail setup, GuardDuty setup, Cloudwatch alarms, notifications, centralised Network architecture for VPCs Peering, VPN connections with DMZ , failover/load balancing and DNS inbounds/outbounds .....
- Network Hub-and-Spoke Architecture through a centralised Transit Gateway with automated VPN connection failover
- DevOps best practices: Infrastructure-as-Code with the use of codified templates and continuous delivery, whereby future extensions can be rolled out globally.
- Centralised access and events logs management
- Idempotence owing to the use of Finite State Machines
- High adaptability owing to the use of templates
- Modularity
- Single Sign-On and central management of access rights

● Managing code releases and the overall progress by measuring metrics on all tasks through agile methodology
● Responsible for finding the proper tools and implementing processes that can automate manual tasks.
● Architecting, automating and monitoring Cloud Infrastructure provisioning
● Creating and maintaining a fully automated CI/CD framework for daily automated builds
● Working closely with the Infrastructure, Development and Test teams to implement the above Infrastructure Automation and CI/CD solution.

D2SIApril 2019 - April 2019

Customer Support Helpdesk service Proof Of Concept to illustrate a production distributed architecture in GKE, aligned with Site Reliability guidelines and made up of :

- A distributed architecture hosted on Google Cloud Platform GKE
- A Flask k8s service running a stateless backend server
- A stateful application storage for date persistence, using PostgreSQL as powerfull opensource Object Oriented database offering Hot Standby/Streaming Replication
- A helm chart which k8s statefulset and streaming replication for postgresql, to ease postgresql workflow deployment
- SQLAlchemy python library for Flask interaction with PostgreSQL
- Gunicorn to serve and send request to flask via WSGI
- Twitter Bootstrap for the frontend view enhancement

The code is still in a private repository, and you may ask me to grant access to you if you want to watch it ==>

D2SIMarch 2018 - February 2019

Veteran of Gemalto's Infrastructure Automation and Continuous Deployment, Tech Lead in the SRE team :

● Streamlining and leading Automation processes from about 30 engineering teams distributed over 08 Business Units, with DevOps mindset and best practices
● Infrastructure Provisioning with best practices compliance and Continuous Security
● Designing, architecting, coding and maintaining code for a full AWS-based automation system for Infrastructure Provisioning and Continuous Delivery
● Managing contribution, releases and feature requests using a Git Semantic Versioning workflow and Scrum agile framework
● Problem solving
● Getting around AWS services and APIs limits
● Coding and providing development teams with fully automated dev environment in which they could do as much dev and testing as they wan, without impacting the production, and thus acculturate and appropriate gitOps practice
● Integrating systems engineering process improvements that ensured timely code delivery
● Training support teams and carrying them to a good autonomy and skills level

Claranet Public Cloud Practice (Morea)May 2015 - January 2018

Cloud Architect and Linux expert in a team of about 20 people :

● Leading, designing and deploying scalable and secure cloud-based systems, aligned with customer business objectives
● Deploying, administrating and monitoring virtualised and containerised environments
● Automating using SaltStack, Pupet, Ansible, Terraform, Python, Go, Perl or shell scripting with attention to details, standardisation, processes and policies
● Writing ansible scripts to spin up and Virtual Machines in Red Hat Virtualization Host and OVirt
● Writing scripts to manage, upgrade, monitor and deploy/provision Red Hat based servers
● Designing and implementing high availability for Red Hat server clusters
● Provisioning, managing and monitoring Kubernetes clusters hosting Nvidia Grid and various docker applications
● Setting up an ELK cluster to be used as a search engine and inventory CMDB for Ansible Tower, giving teams the ability to quickly and easily search past jobs to : validate changes, verify job results, build and manage inventories, perform security audits, identify configuration drifts, automate troubleshooting and remediation
● Facing complex load balancing, firewalling, content delivery and WAF problematics
● Highly sought and involved in network and interconnection matters with on-premise infrastructures
● Low level troubleshooting, reverse engineering, code profiling and optimisation followed by advices
● Contributing as a lead developer to a continuous deployment software for our customers :
Responsible of the Core API design and trends, make fast and efficient developments to fit our
customers needs and deployment issue through the cloud
● Monitoring with Zabbix, coding and integrating plugins/templates/user parameters
● Leading and industrialising customers' cloud infrastructures access management and observability
with Teleport
● Documentation and team training

JCDecauxDecember 2013 - April 2015

Technical Linux Expert in a team of four (04) people, ensuring the design and operational maintenance of the Linux socles :

● System and network administration, exploitation, monitoring, incident responding, reverse engineering
● Coding and industrialising a standardised infrastructure
● Packet analysis, stress tests and network performance tests
● Integrating, deploying and maintening Broadsign Player (bsp) : a set of utilities combined into one program (muticall binary), destined to play and display contents on furnitures,written in C/C ++
● Technical expertise across all deployment projects in the field : Functional analysis, systems integration and deployments on Fedora and Redhat (ftp, http, snmp, ntp, ssh, security / netfilter, spacewalk / rhn_check ...), Firewalling, DHCP scopes definition and configuration, proxying, ....
● Deploying Redhat EDGE Servers for contents delivering (A custom CDN) : downloading contents from Broadsign main server and making them available for all connected players in the globe
● Coding a system check and daily report on severs dispatched in the entreprise infrastructure (squid, glpi, central ftp, spacewalk, ....) and local EDGE servers : Writen in Perl, Postgresql, YAML, email reporting and a Bash CGI for the web interface
● Coding a transit passengers information system in Austria based on serial communication through network sockets : written in C
● Designing and implementating a system to display information about destination, weather, delay / flight estimated time for all airports in China : server in Java, client in Bash
● Coding a Centreon plugins to monitor MRI, CHLIN and LUMEN digital screen, based on RS232 and SNMP protocols, written in Perl
● Coding tools for advanced monitoring of memory and temperature of several thousand linux systems (players) : Writen in Perl and C and integrated with Centreon
● Designing, coding and integrating several tools and open source solutions for monitoring and automation

UEPLMMay 2013 - November 2013

Design and implementartion of a new information system:

● Auditing the existing system (an ERP written in Delphi and running on Windows-based SQL Server database)
● Collecting needs
● Definiting and writing specifications
● Functional analysis of the new information system
● Advising about the solution for UEPLM
● Redesigning the network architecture : a dozen of hosts and IP phones, an active directory server, a cisco router and switch, a NAS server for local backups.
● Selecting and implementating the pre-configured (basic system)
● Designing additional modules

EpitechAugust 2011 - October 2013

Teaching Assistant for Network and CISCO classes, C ++ and Advanced Object Oriented Programming courses for students from 3rd to 5th year : Preparing and teaching courses and practical labs.

EpitechSeptember 2012 - May 2013

● Teaching Network classes to students at EPITECH/ETNA/EPITA 3rd, 4th and 5th year
● Administrating the network infrastructure dedicated to practical labs : A 42u bay equipped with six (06) laboratories (labs), each lab equipped of four (4) 1841 Cisco routers and (01) 2801/2811 Cisco router and two (02) 2960 Cisco switches. All this associated with one (01) OpenGear multiplexer, one (01) LightWave multiplexer, and one (01) Administration laboratory with three (03) 2960 Cisco switches.
● Preparing and producing educational contents, testing and supervising practical labs and assessments
● Leading the web@cademy the teaching staff
● Setting up a failover and load balancing system for a set of VPN security gateway clusters based on IKEv2/IPSec and StrongSwan, in partnership with a French Internet Service Provider

Bouygues TelecomAugust 2011 - August 2012

System Engineer at the ISP socle DSI/DOQS/PFI (Internet and Landline Production) :

● Deploying and testing technical environments
● Capacity planning, troubleshooting and performance tuning
● Maintaining the documentary heritage
● Monitoring and correcting anomalies in a production environment
● Coding tools for organization's systems infrastructure (hardware and software) management
● Coding a workloads scheduler for Unix(Solaris)/Linux jobs, inspired from crontab

CCSI SarlJuly 2009 - September 2010

Open Source integrator and network administrator in a team of ten (10) people :

● Setting up a complete solution for internet and security monitoring based on websense for a French bank in Cameroon, on a multi-site network spread across all the ten regions of Cameroon, with more than 800 users in Active Directory
● Coding a solution based on Nagios for a large Cameroonian company and its subsidiaries' information system distributed on more than 15 sites in Africa, covered by a heterogeneous network consisting of :
- Network equipments (Cisco routers and switches, fortigate firewall, juniper WAN optimizer, Blue Coat traffic analyzer, Juniper VPN Concentrator)
- Servers (x86 servers with Microsoft Windows Server as operating system, i5 server with OS/400 IBM operating system)
- Alcatel and Siemens PABX, tape libraries
- An ERP using IBM http Server as web server, IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS) as application server, IBM DB2 as DBMS
- A solution for collecting billing information using MS SQL Server ETL tools, MS Windows and i5 FTP tools
- storage and data mining systems based on MS SQL Server, Crystal Report from Business Object
- A messaging solution based on Lotus Domino
- A solution for electronic data management using Apache Tomcat as web server, PosgresSQL as DBMS
- A payroll application running on OS/400
- Infrastructure applications such as directory, domain controller, DNS, web proxies, etc.. based on Windows server solutions
- Centralized antivirus solution based on Kaspersky
- Several other business applications

Creolink CommunicationsJune 2008 - September 2008

In a team of about twenty (20) persons, I was taking care of the administration and monitoring of Linux servers :

● Securing and filtering VOIP clients and staff accounts using Linux netfilter (iptables)
● Setting up an IPBX and billing system on Telarius
● Migrating the existing system based on Asterisk Trixbox to Telarius PBX
●Training users on the new platform

Camerounian Small and Medium BusinessOctober 2005 - July 2008

System and Network administration consultancy for small companies

My stack

Zabbix, YAML, Web Architecture, WAN, VRRP, VPN, VoIP, UNIX, Twitter bootstrap, Terraform, TCP/IP, System administration, STL, Solaris, Shell Scripting, SaltStack, Ruby, RIP, RedHat, Python, Process Automation, Problem Solving, PostgreSQL, Perl, OSPF, OOP, Nginx, NAT, MPLS, Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Linux Kernel, Linux, Kubernetes, Juniper, Jenkins, IPv6, IPsec, HSRP, Haskell, Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Go, Git, FTP, Flask, Firewalls, ETL, ELK, EIGRP, EDGE, DNS, DHCP, DevOps, Crystal Reports, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, CodePipeline, Cisco, Centreon, CentOS, C/C++, BGP, Bash, AWS, Apache Tomcat, Apache, Ansible, Agile Scrum, Agile, Active Directory