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My experience


Thynk Cloud Pvt LtdSeptember 2019 - Present

Roles and Responsibilities:

* Manage the team and distribute work.

* Responsibilities are the same like monitoring the client's work.

* Collaborating with developers and creating CICD pipelines as per customers recommendation. Mostly, will use AWS CICD, Azure pipelines or Jenkins. I have experience with Teamcity and Jenkins as well.

* Worked on a media streaming project with CDN for our client.

* Have good knowledge and experience to implement CICD using bitbucket pipeline as well.

* Create architecture for new client's and provide the best solutions as per their needs.

* Handle customer's technicals queries related to infrastructure and application level as well.

* Handle the new client's meet with the sales team and manage the tech part for the clients and provide the right solution with architecture.

Adolpha IncMarch 2018 - September 2019

Roles and Responsibilities:

* Working closely with Development teams to implement and automate systems and architectures.

* Drive Automation efforts across the organization utilizing Infrastructure as Code
(IaC), Configuration Management, and Continuous Integration (CI) / Continuous
Delivery (CD) tools such as Teamcity, Jenkins, AWS CICD.

* Configuration, Management, and Maintenance of Linux systems

* Development of Secure Cloud Networking policies and architectures

* Develop and Maintain scalable architecture solutions using Cloud Providers such as AWS.

* Working alongside product architecture teams to make recommendations on
DevOps practices

* Monitoring and development of monitoring procedures for multiple architectures

* Managed GitHub repositories and permissions, including branching and tagging.

* Implemented CI/CD process using TeamCity for internal development team, allowing for code update with Zero downtime.

* Drove strategy for migrating from perforce to GitHub, including branching, merging and tagging.

* Developing and maintaining network Infrastructure.

Thynk Cloud Pvt LtdJanuary 2017 - March 2018

Roles and Responsibilities:

* Design AWS Architecture as per client requirement.

* Do POC for clients as per designed architecture.

* Monitor and handle Infrastructure.

* Migrate Client infrastructure to AWS cloud.

* Write a script to automate tasks using python and Lambda.

* Much Familiar with AWS services.

* Good hand on experience with Developer tools, Compute, Migration, Storage and Database

* Good understanding and practice with AWS AI and IOT services.
Project Handled:
o Worked on a complete serverless web application project using AWS services.
o Scheduled daily backup of local server to AWS services and vice versa for client.
o Also worked on migration of complete on-premises infrastructure to AWS cloud.
o Installed and configured Nagios to constantly monitor network bandwidth, memory usage, and hard drive status.
o Actively manage, improve and monitor cloud infrastructure on AWS, EC2, S3, and RDS including backups, patches and scaling.

RNG Info-TechJune 2016 - December 2016

Roles and Responsibilities:

* Design and develop websites as per client Requirement.

* Maintain, manage and do changes in pre-delivered websites.

* Responsible for Frontend as well as backend.

* Design static websites using tools like WordPress.

* Worked on core php project and MVC architecture using CodeIgniter framework.

* Having good knowledge of core PHP, JavaScript, CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap, CodeIgniter
Framework, WordPress tool, MySQL, etc.
Project Handled:
o Design and develop static as well as Dynamic Websites.
o Team Work for two big projects. (Mostly worked on Backend)
o Individually responsible for both frontend and backend.

MySlate Tech Pvt LtdDecember 2015 - June 2016

Roles and Responsibilities:

* Design and develop simple websites.

* Design Database schema.

* Worked on distributed modules in a team using CodeIgniter.
Project Handled:
o Worked in a team. Modules are distributed in 4 members. Individually worked on one separate module and then Integrate.

My stack

Zabbix, WordPress, Web Developer, Visual Basic, Teamwork, TeamCity, Team management, PHP, Oracle, Node.js, Nagios, MySQL, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Linux, Laravel, jQuery, Jenkins, JavaScript, HTML5, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Google Cloud, GitHub, Docker, DevOps, Design, CSS, Continuous Integration, CodePipeline, CodeIgniter PHP Framework, CodeIgniter, Chef, C++, Bootstrap, Bitbucket, Azure Cloud, Azure, AWS Lambda, AWS, AngularJS, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon Web Services