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Dmitri T.

Devops Engineer

115 dollar
17 years

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  • Superior technical skills
  • 17 years of industry experience
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My experience


EndavaJune 2017 - Present

DevOps Engineer.
Technical Environment: aws, jenkins, ansible, mongodb, bash, vagrant,
docker, python, jira, confluence, git, bitbucket, kibana, elasticsearch,
haproxy, puppet, logstash, java, jmeter, letsencrypt, ipsec, openvpn,
virtualenv, pycharm, boto, gnupg, sqlite, json, rest, redis, yaml,
spark, zookeeper, jinja2, groovy etc.

EndavaJanuary 2019 - Present


FreelanceJanuary 2007 - Present

Computer Engineer / Developer.
- Completing more than 350 projects on different platforms.
- At the moment, working with clients directly.

Environment: LAMP, CSF, VMware, mysql, Liferay, Java, mysqldump, nginx,
Apache, Cherokee, Fedora, SNMP, Gentoo, Ubuntu, Tomcat, Webmin,
ISPConfig, BIND, GPG, cPanel, Squid, ProFTPd, jail, docker, sshfs,
snmpd, PureFTPd, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, sysctl, phpMyAdmin, Samba, VPS,
DigitalOcean, OVH, AWS, Linode, bash, wget, curl, CentOS, zyxBackup,
Cacti, logwatch, Solaris, Debian, Slax, OpenVPN, VPN, VNC, Joomla,
Mediawiki, php, Drupal, concrete5, Zabbix, DirectAdmin, PostgreSQL,
OpenSSL, rkhunter, letsencrypt, iptables, vsFTPd, Exim, screen, Plesk,
Linux, VirtualBox, OpenSSH, stunne.

EndavaJune 2017 - January 2019

One of biggest travel industry customer (airlines, hotels, cars).
Environment: Agile, SAFe, 2 daily standups, more than 2000 AWS instances, distributed team (5 engineers + 2 On- Call at nights), Java/NodeJS microservices, REST API, 10 AWS customer accounts, all code is hosted on Bitbucket
Monitoring: via Nagios, Grafana, Telegraf, Kapacitor, AWS Cloudwatch, ELK Stack (kibana-logstash-AWS Elasticsearch/hosted Elasticsearch)
Automation, deployment and scripting: Ansible, Jenkins (groovy), Puppet, Python and shell scripting
Security: PCI DSS, OpenVAS, Let's Encrypt, ansible-vault, lastpass, gpg etc.
Databases: MongoDB, AWS RDS (MySQL/Aurora), Influxdb, AWS Elasticsearch
Messaging systems: RabbitMQ, Kafka
On-call support: Pagerduty, Nagios, AWS Cloudwatch, Grafana
Typical daily tasks:
- Provisioning AWS instances using Ansible, python (boto) and automated setup with all necessary software using
- Deploying with no-downtime the microservices with Jenkins and Ansible (blue-green)
- Security scans (internal and external) and mobile user removal using GDPR scripts, scans using OpenVAS and with some other minor tools like lynis, Python Lambda scripts to detect security group changes and ELB certificates expiration, getting application logs from PCI instances and from Cloudwatch
- Environment health monitoring: supporting ELK Stack Clusters and TICK Stack. Over 3000 Nagios checks for all application, systems metrics
- Requests from NoSQL/SQL databases
- On-call support (1-3 weeks per month) - alerts are triggered via PagerDuty
- Automating routine tasks: Jenkins+ansible pipelines for systems upgrade (automate taking off instances from ELBs, update, reboot and put it back), basic security checklists, adding/removing users, provisioning Nagios with new checks using Ansible, altering existing Puppet manifests, generating AWS inventory using Python scripts
- Scripting: Ansible playbooks (an example: playbook to update Apache from 2.2 to 2.4 on all customer instances + migrating configs and redirects), Python scripts for system or Lambda (REST API calls, YAML/JSON output parsing, getting data from MongoDB, shutdown some EC2 instances at night etc.), shell scripting (check certificate expiration date, nagios checks etc.)
- Many more different requests as we work in Jira per ticket basis (approx. 100 tickets weekly served), documenting all work in Confluence and in Readme git repository files

Range SoftwareDecember 2016 - March 2017

OTC-Operation Engineer.
Technical Environment: Linux, bash, Subversion, Java, Jenkins, SQL, Oracle DB, MySQL etc.

IS MoldDataJune 2016 - November 2016

Websites System Engineer.
- Working as hosting support for
- Gaining experience with Parallels products such Plesk Control Panel and Parallels Business Automation System.
- Providing support via chat, emails and phone.

FiscservinformFebruary 2016 - May 2016

System Administrator.
- Working with a big infrastructure of over 300 servers virtualized with VMWare.
- Gaining experience with virtualized environments with OpenVZ and VMWare.
- Working with Zabbix and Cacti monitoring tools.

MoldtelecomOctober 2015 - January 2016

Computer Engineer.
- Working as systems administrator in department real-time systems.
- Working with Solaris and Oracle.
- Installing from scratch NetBackup with Linux, Windows and Solaris clients.
- Bare-metal backup restore.

Professional School of Nisporeni, MoldovaMay 2015 - September 2015

Computer Engineering Instructor.
- Teaching students about computers.
- Working with young but also with experienced people who want to get a new profession.

Technical University of MoldovaMay 2005 - March 2009

Developer, System Administrator
- worked as programmer in Delphi/Visual C++ which created and maintained different utilities like internal tool for hardware/software evidence; software which stores students marks; employee evidence application
- Managed a set of Linux (CentOS, Gentoo) and FreeBSD/OpenBSD servers internal-gates and database servers
- wrote a backup script for Sybase databases using bash and rsync for all 9 servers
- wrote scripts for Linux (iptables), FreeBSD (ipfw) and OpenBSD (pf) internet gates firewalls
- provisioned environment for Distant Learning system written in Java
- recompiled kernels on some Linux and FreeBSD servers
- continuous monitoring using Cacti, logwatch, sqstat etc.
- setup a VPN using pptp and OpenVPN between geographical entities
- setup a monitoring solutions using Cacti, MySQL, logwatch, SNMP

Technical University of MoldovaMay 2005 - March 2009

System Administrator.
- Development in Delphi/C++ which created different utilities.
- Systems administration.
- Offering technical support for users.
- Managing and supporting Linux and Unix servers (Internet-gates and database servers where runs Sybase).
Environment: Squid (sqstat, rejik, squint), Cacti, OpenVPN, Sybase,
MySql, bash, iptables, logwatch, rsync, SNMP etc. Mostly used Gentoo and
RedHat distributions.

National Anticorruption Center of MoldovaApril 2007 - February 2009

Technical Specialist / System Administrator.
- Offering technical support and acting as a technical expert in computer security.
- Working with CNA inspectors in the IT field to conduct research based on suspicious of illegal economic activities.
Environment: Gentoo, CentOS, OpenVPN, Cacti, bash, rsync, zyxBackup,
MySQL, logwatch, Squid (sqstat, rejik, squint), SNMP.

National Anticorruption Center of MoldovaApril 2007 - February 2009

Offered technical support and acted as technical expert in computer security
- Used to work with CNA officers in IT field to search on suspicious of illegal economic activities
- Managed internal network with CentOS, Gentoo and FreeBSD servers
- Bug-fixing the internal Java applications (mainly JSP servlets)
- Setup a monitoring solutions using Cacti, MySQL, logwatch, SNMP
- Setup an internal Proxy with users authentication for internet access with detailed monitoring using Squid, sqstat, rejik, squint
- Setup a VPN using pptp and OpenVPN between geographical entities
- Recompiled kernels on some Linux and FreeBSD servers
- Setup a Samba controller with antivirus for Windows hosts file sharing
- Organized backups of MySQL databases using rsync and shell scripts. On some location a tool called zyxBackup was used
- Wrote detailed documentation about what was done on servers and provided some videotutorials for end users

My stack

Big Data

Apache Kafka, Spark

Analysis methods and tools

DevOps, JIRA, Confluence


Java, Bash scripting, Python, Microsoft Visual C/C++, Shell Scripting, PHP, YAML, Groovy, Delphi, SQL, XML

Application servers

Zookeeper, Apache Web Server, Cherokee, DirectAdmin, Elastic Stack, Webmin, Plesk, ISPconfig

Software testing



JINJA, Virtualenv, Amazon Web Services (AWS), REST API, AWS, ElasticSearch, cPanel, Drupal, boto, Tomcat, RabbitMQ, Joomla



Open Source solutions



Joomla!, DevOps engineer, Developer, Python Programming, Borland Turbo C++, Technical Specialist, Microsoft Windows, UNIX Free BSD, UNIX Open BSD, Senior DevOps engineer, call support, Windows Developer, Offered technical support, Amazon Web Services, System administrator, monitoring solutions, Programmer, Freelancer, sharded environments, Masters Degree > Masters Degree IT, 9,69, certificate > certificate expiration date, industry~it, English, Java Server Pages, Romanian, Backup & Recovery > Backups, Gentoo Linux, GDPR, Russian


Redis, SQLite, PostGreSQL, PHPMyAdmin, Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, Sybase, NoSQL

Environment of Development

Vagrant, PyCharm

IT Infrastructure

Docker, Zabbix, Git, HAProxy, Debian, VPS, CentOS, Cloud OVH, Solaris, Gentoo, Squid, OpenSSL, VMware, OpenVPN, Linux, Samba, OpenVZ, System administration, Ansible, Vsftpd, IPTables, Bind, Fedora, RedHat, Ubuntu, VPN, Nginx, Nagios, VNC, Cacti, Proftpd, PureFTP, OpenSSH, OpenBSD, Network administration, FreeBSD, Exim, Puppet




cURL, Mentoring, Logstash, GnuPG, Mediawiki, Kibana, Bitbucket, VirtualBox


Node.js, WordPress, Liferay

My education and trainings

Informatics, Microelectronics - Technical University of Moldova

Masters Degree, IT, 9,69 - Technical University of Moldova2001 - 2006

- Master's Degree in Information Technology - Technical University of Moldova.2001 - 2006