Polak K.

Embedded Software Developer

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My experience


JabilFebruary 2018 - Present

* Implementation of QM and ASIL-B software components base on requirements
* Unit and system test implementation

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* Setup and management of Gitlab server instance include CI configuration(GitLab runner based)
* Configuration and management of static code analysis tools -- Polyspace
* Responsible for build system management and implementation (CMake base build system)
* Tool qualification -- toolchain and SCM related part

Working on ASIL-B Automotive project - design and implementation of both ASIL-B and QM software components based on requirements and HL architecture documentation. Managing Gitlab server and CI setup.
Specifying and managing way of work -- development cycle, releasing testing. Managing toolset for CI setup and for developers - patching, tool qualification etc.. Design HW and SW (include prototype version ) of devices used in CI setup used for ECU testing (simulation of CAN, temperature, IO inputs etc).

Work on diagnostic software for factory tests on new boards.

Essensium - Mind n.v.February 2018 - Present

Part of a SW development team that provides consultancy and services in the field of Linux and Open
Source Software for Embedded Systems (mainly Embedded Linux, Android, RTEMS, FreeRTOS, Qt,
GStreamer, etc...). Typical projects cover: Feasibility studies and Prototyping, Linux kernel configuration, Low- level development (Boot-loaders, device drivers, BSPs, etc...), Firmware development (Networking and protocol stacks, Security, Multimedia libraries, GUIs, etc...) and Application development for Embedded Systems.

Binosoftware KPApril 2019 - April 2019


* Implementation of low level and high level of ThickClient application
* Implementation of mechanism allowing JavaScript injection to specific pages in Chrome browser to trace user activity
* Implementation and management of Cake build system (including releasing) for both
ThickClient and server components

Part time freelance project on which I work in my spare time under my startup company -- fully remote position.

Working on Thick Client application used for data acquisition used by mechanism for business process analise
(KPI calculation). Design and implementation of low level part with use of C++ (installing in context system hooks for native application tracing) and C# (C#7 and C#8) for WMI interaction and tracing with UIAutomation mechanism. Developing a high level part of application with use of Java (8 version with use of spring framework) responsible for data preprocessing and initial aggregation. Providing a way of injecting tracing code to customer specified applications to provide most useful data for AI algorithm calculation KPI's. Implementation and managing build and releasing system with use of Cake build system.

BlackBoxSecuJanuary 2016 - June 2018

• Software architecture design
• Developing most important modules
• Dividing work into smaller task and supervising them
• Implementation of QT5 based user interface
• Customization of project for asynchronous key exchange
BlackBoxSecu is a startup company in which I work in my free time. I implemented most of the core
modules there (in C) and actively participated in designing system architecture. I also implement a project build
and verification system (SCM scripts in python).

Auro TechnologiesOctober 2016 - January 2018


* Design and implementation of core components in generic layer

* Maintenance and development of Auro Codec software

* Matlab modeling of algorithm connected with 3D audio encoding

* Porting existing solution to Analog Devices and TI DSP

* Maintaining build server (Jenkins, Artifactory configuration

Member of two teams. First is Core team which is responsible for providing generic components such as encoders/decoders, limiters and other audio processing blocks which can be further integrated by other teams in our products. Most of this code is written in C++11/14.

Second team is DSP team in which I work on porting existing engine to SHARC+ based DSP. In this area my activities are mostly connected with C, Assembly (VISA assembly for ADI) programming.

VerifoneMarch 2016 - September 2016


* Software implementation according to requirements (EMV)

* Maintaining ``core'' part of code common for all products

* Work on prototype platform (Engage)

I was a part of dedicated team which provides solutions for the Polish market. We develop our payment application on Engage POS terminal prototype (work on embedded Linux). Besides normal developer work I also actively participate in software design part and in sprints planning.

MPhasisSeptember 2015 - February 2016

Delivery Module leader
* Maintenance of Wynsure application (Banking company)
* Bug fixing
* Data fixing on Oracle Database
* Preparing data extraction on Oracle Database, Training Manager:
* Schedule training for new developers
* Support for others team members
* Monitoring progress of training's
* Providing presentations and training materials
* Maintenance of internal tool written in PHP
My main task is to support our client with the Wynsure application (insurance sector), mostly bug fixing, but also preparation of new features. This activity also included Oracle Database support by performing data extraction or data fixing via SQL, PL/SQL or OQL (batch) scripts. One of my main achievements was to introduce Python to partly automate this process. I'm also responsible for tutoring newcomers and supporting other team members as a Training Manager. This last activity involved the preparation of tutorials, presentations and a training schedule for newcomers (also checking their progress). One of my additional tasks is the maintenance of an internal tool written in PHP.

Nokia Solution and NetworksNovember 2013 - August 2015

* Legacy code maintenance
* Feature development
* Code review
* Bug fixing
* Software design for new project, Work with documentation, Unit test implementation.
I was responsible for writing software and documentation for a new project a Router component
(CPRI/OBSAI interface, Linux based project).

REC Sp. z.o.oApril 2012 - November 2013

* Legacy code maintenance
* Feature development
* Code review
* Bug fixing
* Unit test implementation.

Work as external employee in Nokia Siemens Networks (now NOKIA). I was responsible for the
maintenance of Legacy code on existing Radio modules releases. I spent 80% of my time on bug fixing; the rest was feature implementation. During this period, I participated in lots of task forces, representing my department.
I was responsible for investigating problems on real hardware (using Lauterbach and registry access tools of the OSE system), I also tested my corrections on real hardware, on both the OBSAI emulator and the whole BTS setup. I used C/C++ (OSE system, drivers, system platform library API - C, platform layer - C++) on a daily basis.

My stack




Matlab, JAVA 8, OQL, HTML, Java, Oracle PL/SQL, Ruby, SQL, C#, Assembler, C/C++, JavaScript, C++



Software testing

Static testing

Analysis methods and tools

Apache Maven, SDL


Artifactory, SFML



Embedded and Telecom

Eagle, Embedded Linux Kernel, DSP, Embedded C/C++, Firmware

Environment of Development

Emacs, Eclipse IDE


API, Software Design


OpenGL, OpenCV

IT Infrastructure

Ubuntu, LINUX Kernel, Linux

My education and trainings

Masters studies - Wrocław University of Technology2012 -

Engineering studies - Wrocław University of Technology2008 - 2012