Filip H.

Front End Developer

345 dollar
7 years

My experience


Ulmon GmbHJuly 2018 - Present

I helped the company launch and grow one of their products - Ticketlens as a responsive application on the web. Ticketlens was initially only available on iOS. I implemented frontend in React to leverage serverless computing by pre-rendering static html pages at build time. Besides growing the application by implementing new features I also built an internal CMS tool (JSON editor with live preview) so that the content team can now independently grow the website. Among other things I also implemented configurable widget to embed the product in partner sites.

  • Architecture: monolithic multi-page React application, combination of pre-rendered

    and client-side rendered pages, AWS (S3, Cloudfront, Lambda)
  • Code Quality: unit testing of all pure functions and reusable components, snapshot

    testing to detect sudden increase of HTML pages, continuous performance testing with Lighthouse CLI
  • Scripts: data fetching, page rendering, sitemap generation, content analysis, deployment

Kiwi.comSeptember 2016 - July 2018

(2 years) I worked on several parts of website and helped the site grow further by implementing features mainly on manage my booking part of the website, I also fixed many bugs and was responsible for code reviews in manage my booking team. I improved code quality with refactoring and improving test coverage. Among other things I was also responsible for better handling of i18n (removal of unused translations, automatic error detection...).

  • I integrated Jumio identity verification into the booking process, helping customer

    support team with unnecessary customer contacts
  • I have built and iterated several forms (Refund Application, Booking Cancellation,

    Flight Change, Check-in, Additional Services) and worked on several other features
  • Refactoring: service worker integration, folder structure, bundle splitting, translation

  • Side Project: development of web application in Vue for translation management

    and smart error detection

University of LuxembourgAugust 2015 - January 2016

(6 months) Cloud Computing.
I helped the team build a web application to simplify the setup of Cloud Infrastructure, data monitoring and visualization. The app allowed the user to setup cloud and monitor data with custom dynamic visualizations powered by Kibana. The project was proof of concept without extension.

  • Frontend: Spark/Samzaesper job management and monitoring, Stack management,

    Data Visualization API based on Kibana
  • Backend: Java SE (Exception handling and logging, REST), Node

itarle AGJuly 2014 - July 2015

(1 year) I built a new frontend for monitoring of executed stock orders - itarle Vision System. The original, older application was written using Apache Flex. As a follow up I implemented dynamic FIX message log translator, lightweight offline version of the first application with a separate standalone backend in Spring Framework.

  • Side Project: I implemented a data visualization dashboard in Grails
  • Stack: Spring MVC, Grails, R, JQuery, Flotcharts, Ibatis, MySQL

My stack


Logstash, Kibana, API

Software testing


Big Data

Apache Kafka, Big Data


REST, iBATIS, jQuery, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Node.js, Grails, Redux, Angular

Analysis methods and tools



PostGreSQL, MongoDB, Oracle, MySQL

Open Source solutions



TypeScript, Bash, Sass, MVC, Java, GraphQL, HTML, UML, SQL, CSS, JavaScript

IT Infrastructure

Unix, Docker, Git




React.js, Firebase, AWS, Algolia, ElasticSearch



Application servers

Apache Web Server

My education and trainings

Certifications - --

Masters Degree, Informatics - Masaryk University2010 - 2017