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Romuald N.

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  • Superior technical skills
  • 9 years of industry experience
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StormshieldNovember 2018 - April 2020

Au sein d'une équipe de 5 personnes spécialisée dans le
développement de solutions de chiffrement et de
déchiffrement j'ai:
- Migré une plate-forme de paramétrage de politiques de sécurité réseau en AngularJS vers Angular 8
- Développé un outil de chiffrement et déchiffrement de fichiers dans le navigateur avec Angular 8, WebAssembly et
Angular Material
- Assuré l'implémentation de nouvelles fonctionnalités et la maintenance d'un code serveur en Node.js communiquant avec une base de données MongoDB

StormshieldNovember 2018 - April 2020

Within a team of 5 people specialized in developing encryption and decryption

apps I have:

- Migrated a network security policy configuration app from AngularJS to

Angular 8

- Developed a file encryption and decryption tool operating in the browser

using Angular 8, WebAssembly and Angular Material

- Maintained a server code in Node.js

and more to be discussed in an interview.

FreeleticsDecember 2016 - December 2017

Développement Front End AngularJS, ReactJS, et apps
Android, iOS et ReactNative (4 apps Bodyweight, Running, Gym, Nutrition)
- Migration d'une stack AngularJS vers ReactJS + Système de CMS basé sur Contentful
- Amélioration des performances de chargement en tirant parti du Server Side Rendering de 13s (oui, l'éternité en somme) à 3,5s (déjà mieux).
- Contexte de déploiement continu et quotidien pour 33 millions d'utilisateurs

FreeleticsDecember 2016 - November 2017

Let's make it short (finally) and develop in a further interview?

- Front End AngularJS, ReactJS, and Android, iOS and ReactNative apps (4

Bodyweight, Running, Gym, Nutrition apps)

- Migration of an AngularJS stack to ReactJS + CMS based on Contentful

- Improved loading performance by leveraging Server Side Rendering from

13s (yes, eternity in short) to 3.5s (already better).

- Continuous and daily delivery for 33 million users and counting

- And many others.

E-SensorySeptember 2015 - November 2016

Conception et développement en autonomie de deux plateformes Angular.js à destination de la marque E-Sensory
pour son produit Little Bird: sextoy connecté à une application permettant de lire de la littérature érotique.
Lisez, vibrez.
- Conception et développement d'un objet connecté via une liaison Bluetooth BLE 4.0.
- Conception et développement d'une application hybride avec
Ionic Framework de liseuse de livres numériques sensoriels
- Développement d'un back end orienté micro-services
(Node.js, Redis, MongoDB, RabbitMQ)

E.SensorySeptember 2015 - November 2016

As a cornerstone member of the tech team I was in charge of various

developments on full applications stacks. However I kept a strong focus on

frontend as I see it as something which has to constantly evolve quickly.

I was leading two frontend projects both relying on AngularJS framework.

These projects are scoped in B*Sensory brand which is developed by


One is a publisher-adressed tool to feed B*Sensory eBook store with all

informations and files required to sell eBooks (B*Sensory also stands as a publishing company). The other one which is called Up is the core of our

company value.

Up is an author-adressed tool to turn their texts into an augmented text where

the story triggers interactions with a connected device. I was working on other

types of contents such as audio or video, with the strong will to take E*Sensory

to the top of the sensorial experiences company !

This job was an opportunity for me to push my developer skills to a higher

level. It forced me to work in the most efficient way always trying to think

critically about what was done. Since IoT is a fast evolving market this job

forced me to keep an open mind about technologies and new ways to develop

things, to improve my productivity. 

Eqwallize your eventJanuary 2015 - August 2015

Eqwall is a Smarttalk SAS platform born during the very first Startup Weekend Brest in 2014. It offers a cross-event solution to enbale audiences to interact with a speaker using their smartphones as microphones. Eqwall also features many services such as a messaging service, voting, games and networking.

After three experiences in big teams I here worked among 5 persons to develop frontend endpoints of Eqwall platform :
- a moderation platform for organizers needs
- a cross-browser application for the audience

Leveraging mature fontend technologies such as AngularJS framework, Jasmine.js and new technologies such as WebRTC, we've been able to develop a very first version of Eqwall in about a month.
I also developed test programs for backend side which was first developed in Java EE. Before leaving, I designed a micro-services oriented architecture were each service would be developed in its appropriate language (Node.js or any other...) and would communicate with others through AMQP.

This experience was one of the most important I had. At Eqwall I discovered what was my real work capacity and how much was I ready to involve in a job. I did mistakes. A lot. And without these I would not have discovered that I could and loved to learn various things fast. I learned to become extremely rigourous regarding code quality, testing and performances.
I learned to be a developer.

SopraOctober 2014 - December 2014

I learned to be a developer.

Software Engineer - Java EE

As a software engineer in this company I worked on a maintenance project for

net-entreprises french public service. We leveraged technologies such as Java
EE and SOAP.

As an active member of the team my main activities were :

- Track bugs and correct them

- Track performance issues and enhance them

- Improve code quality

- Improve testing coverage

I left this company after having corrected the entire set of issues found on my

project. This job did not appear to me as an opportunity to continuously learn

about new technologies. Java EE, SOAP and SQL are good technologies to

me but not as modern as what is used right now in web applications.

As I wanted to be part of something modern and innovative, to be able to

express my will to learn and build things, I decided to move back to Brest and

enter the Startup World.

THALES GroupSeptember 2011 - August 2014

Within the framework of the F21 torpedo development I was part of a system

integration team and progressively got a grip on an integration platform by :

- Developing tools and process for this integration platform (hardware and


- Leading the team in charge with the preparation of a torpedo test

- Managing autonomously a part of an engineering project

- Designing systems (and create Technical Requirements and Technical

Interfaces Specifications)

- Writing integration and validation scenarii

- Managing tests configuration.

This job offered me more than technical skills and was an opportunity to

develop communication skills, team spirit and adaptability. It complements my

previous work experience by discovering the ascending part of the V-Model.

Groupe CahorsSeptember 2009 - August 2011

TRANSFIX is developing and building three-phased electrical transformers. As

a member of the Normalisation team (R&D Department) I achieved some jobs

such as :

- Maintain standards of existing products

- Design transformers and draw plans following technical drawing rules

- Apply R&D process in order to design new transformer parts.

This very first work experience was an opportunity to develop skills at

electrotechnic and mechanics. I also learned about technical design principles

and discovered the descending part of the V-Model.

My stack

Software testing

Jasmine, Unit testing

IT Infrastructure

Docker, Linux, iOS, Git




V-model, Technical Design, Twitter, Research, Spanish


Développeur Front End Angular.js, Développeur Front End Angular/React.js, Développeur Full Stack Angular/Node.js, Content Management System, Back End, REACTJS, Apache Subversion, industry~it


C/C++, SQL, Java, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, JavaScript


AngularJS, Backbone.js, Angular, Node.js


RabbitMQ, Express, RESTful Web Service, Ember.js, Grunt.js, Platform Abstraction (Desktop, Android), React.js




MongoDB, Redis, MySQL, PostGreSQL, NoSQL

My education and trainings

Certifications - --

Engineer's degree - Computer Science, Networks and Telecommunications - ENST Bretagne2011 - 2014

Technical University Degree - Electrical and Industrial Computing Engineering - IUT de Toulon-Var2009 - 2011