Gilbert N.


197 dollar

My experience


Interswitch LimitedOctober 2016 - Present

* Designed and developed a payment management portal TypeScript, Java,
enabling customers to process online payments, view and Spring-Boot,
generate transaction reports, perform refunds, setup alternate ReactJS, Redux,
payment channels etc. React-Native, Gulp,

* Maintained and extended payment solutions with new features, Jest, Webpack
improved codebase maintainability and overall user experience.

* Extended payment services to support online payment via QR,
Paycode and USSD. Tools

* Developed invoice generation and payment links as alternative Git, Jenkins, Docker
channels for payment collections for merchants.

* Built and maintained several internal management portal
applications to satisfy business requirements and improve Database

existing business processes. MSSQL, MongoDB

* Improved merchant onboarding experience to satisfy new KYC
requirements as provided by new business requirements. Languages

* Implemented feature to allow customers make online payment on English, Russian

* Built a hosted fields solution that enable clients build custom checkout experiences while still adhering to PCI compliance.

Tinkona LimitedJune 2016 - September 2016

* Developed a management portal web application for managing application content and transcript generation.

* Implemented a service to provide real-time chat capability for a mobile application.

My stack

TypeScript, Styled Components, Spring Boot, Sass, React.js, React Native, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server 2016, Microsoft SQL Server, Jenkins, JavaScript, Java, iOS, HTML5, Git, Docker, CSS4, Android