Ileana A.


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5 years

My experience


Self-EmployedNovember 2018 - Present

I help companies with their Front End Development needs ranging from basic HTML and CSS to WordPress sites.

Blue Planet ResearchApril 2017 - October 2017

- Assembled Battery Monitoring Units for the Blue Ion energy storage systems.
- Developed a Python program to show the state of charge of a battery using LEDs.

HuwerJuly 2015 - July 2015

- Modified product designs based on defined design and process standards
- Created drawings in support of product and process design and development
- Conducted 3D modeling
- Created correct views and nominal dimensions for parts
- Read and interpreted customer drawings
- Converted customer needs into a set of instructions for production to follow
- Assembled and created a BOM, routing for standard, or modified standard product
- Performed other duties as assigned

ApaveJuly 2015 - July 2015

- Tested and inspected electrical systems of public and commercial buildings
- Checked the adequacy of earthing
- Checked the functionality of isolators and breakers
- Examined and tested electrical systems and equipment.
- Inspected and tested new and existing wiring and lighting.
- Reported violations.
- Examined and inspected control panels for completeness of assembly, quality, and conformance to electrical codes.

University of Hawaii at ManoaJanuary 2014 - May 2014

HI-SEAS Research Support Assistant, Mission Support
Jun 2013 – Jan 2018

- Engineered a robotic space farm to simulate growing plants on Mars.
- Remotely monitored communications between HI-SEAS crew members and mission support.
- Performed troubleshooting of issues within the HI-SEAS Habitat.
- Served as a liaison between the HI-SEAS crew members and the Principal Investigators.

Undergraduate Researcher: Mechanical Design
Jan 2014 – May 2014

- Aided in the development of programs in Python for the control of autonomous marine vehicles.
- Assembled and waterproofed pressurized junction boxes to hold electronic components.

My stack

WordPress, Web Design, Web Applications, Troubleshooting, Technical Writing, SolidWorks, Sentry, Sass, Ruby on Rails, Robotics, REST API, Research, React.js, Python, PHP, Photoshop, Node.js, Matlab, jQuery, JavaScript, Jasmine, HTML5, HTML, Heroku, Gulp, GitHub, Git, Dreamweaver, Data analysis, CSS, C++, C, Bootstrap, Arduino