761 dollar
14 years
Sao Paulo, BRAZIL

My experience


I9XPApril 2019 - November 2019

Developer for a Brazilian B2B/B2C software technology company offering in-house PHP e-commerce solutions for clients like Nike, Unilever, Vilanova and Ricardo Eletro.
Collaborated on a team of 40 programers on various client projects.

*Developed the Gateway application that processes all orders and data updates in a queue.

*Refactored the website Ricardo Eletro and applied new theme to old PHP web application

*Resolved bugs on company's e-commerce software.

MAZZA FCMay 2018 - December 2018

Client: Loja do Mecanico
Contracted to develop a new e-commerce site capable of handling increased traffic and high volume of transactions for an industrial parts/machine company. Site launched on time, passed stress test and performed well with high volume traffic, and currently averages 2-5K users per day.

*Wrote and tested code; resolved bugs; performed code review

*Configured continuous integration

*Lead daily team meetings and delegate tasks to 6 person team

*Reviewed new versions and milestones with client

AccentureSeptember 2016 - May 2018

Senior Business Operations Analyst, Team Lead, Senior Programmer
Worked as a full time developer on several applications for the National Department of Transport and Infrastructure of Brazil, resulting in two major web application projects, ``SUPRA,'' and ``EAVS.''
Project SUPRA enabled public employees to manage transportation infrastructure projects (including construction, funding, monitoring contracts). Functionality included real-time road construction data, dashboards, interactive maps, and the integration of needs/tools of various departments into one application.
Successfully delivered project and it is used today to monitor all transportation infrastructure projects.

* Identified user needs; analyzed and designed application functionality

* Lead team of 8 developers

* Programmed CGPERT Module (Management of Contracts)

* Created and executed PHP unit tests

* Developed user interface using Angular 4 & 5

* Performed Angular unit tests

Zipmesh, Inc.March 2016 - August 2016

Contracted by start-up to develop an e-commerce web application to sell organic food online for consumers to select and buy same day produce supplied by various farmers and suppliers.

*Developed APIs using Laravel 5.2 and consumer and administration interface using AngularJs

*Integrated online payment method (Stripe)

*Wrote and tested code; resolved bugs

*Developed a mobile app using Ionic

*Delivered a web site https://zipmesh.com (offline)

MyinfoshareAugust 2015 - March 2016

Developed a web application in PHP for a startup that was creating a central online identity platform to enable users to use one universal profile to access various sites and/or services offered by member companies.

*Supervised junior developer

*Researched solutions and made recommendations on which frameworks and databases to use
o Developed Codeigniter (in order to produce a fast application with a low reliance on slow external libraries)
o MongoDB 3 (robust and document-oriented noSQL database)
o Amazon S3 for is a less expensive solution for backing up large files
o Load Balancing, improving the distribution of workloads across multiple servers
o Established a Git-flow branch model

* Developed file management module and sharing system using Codeigniter

* Developed encryption to ensure the security of files saved on Amazon S3

* Performed the role of server and database administrator (Sharding, Replica-set and backups)

* Configured continuous integration

Zago Engenharia e Meio Ambiente LTDASeptember 2014 - July 2015

Environmental consulting company. Developed a multilingual web application using Zend framework to create dynamic forms, manage documents and tasks and an e-commerce application (Levee ) for meal delivery service.

AD-infinitumDecember 2013 - September 2014

Joined a team of 8 programmers to develop a web application using Zend framework 1. SocialCon was a social networking tool to help students prepare for competitive public job offerings.

GraphitecJanuary 2009 - August 2014

startup that provided programming training and technical talent for various projects, including four web applications, an API in Java, several websites, 3D animation ads, sales and installation of hardware/software.

Groupe Cauris InformatiqueJuly 2005 - December 2008

Worked on the development of application to calculate energy consumption using IBM AS400

My stack

Zend Framework, WooCommerce, Virtualization, Vagrant, UNIX, Unit testing, Twitter, SQL, Social Media, Sencha, REST API, React.js, Prestashop, PostgreSQL, PHP, Oracle, NoSQL, Node.js, Nginx, MySQL Workbench, MySQL, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server, MariaDB, Magento, Load Balancing, Linux, Laravel, Kanban, JavaScript, Java, Git, Docker, Debugging, Contract Management, Continuous Integration, Composer, CodeIgniter, C++, Bootstrap, Behat, Apache Web Server, AngularJS, Angular Material, Angular 2+, Agile Methodology, Adobe Photoshop