Rafal Z.

Full Stack Developer

830 dollar
6 years
Villepinte, FRANCE

My experience


BNP Paribas Securities ServicesAugust 2018 - Present

Position paper
Independent benchmark between Hyperledger, Quorum and Corda (tps, error, smart contract, cpu, etc)

Digital Asset SolutionsDecember 2017 - Present

Société spécialisée dans :
● Vente de matériel informatique permettant de produire des cryptomonnaies (Ethereum, Zcash, Monero, etc).
● Service de maintenance et de gestion de ferme de minage
● Conception et mise en oeuvre de l'infrastructure d'une ferme de minage
Company specialized in:
● Sale of computer equipment to produce cryptocurrency (Ethereum, Zcash, Monero, etc.).
● Mining farm management and maintenance service
● Design and implementation of a mining farm infrastructure

Futurs.ioNovember 2017 - Present

- Smart contract development of SmartHAB ICO

- Implementation of an academy called Blockacademy that provide 3 months course about Smart Contracts for uninitiated developers.

- Development of a supply chain manager for cosmetics industry

- Smart contract development and integration of a blockchain in a Climate project
Ethereum, Solidity, Truffle, Web3JS, ER20, Angular4

- Functional analysis of Thalys' chatbot

- Development of a consortium based on an Ethereum Blockchain with some actors of Advertising who aims to replace ads.txt norm



The Climate Chain is a French based public research initiative aiming at exploring how Blockchain Distributed LedgerTechnology (DLT) can facilitate the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement. The program focuses on offering accessible and reliable technological infrastructure for the implementation of GHG emissions Mesurement Rerporting and Verification (MRV) tools.

The design of a French Carbon Registry pilot on the Blockchain in cooperation with the Caisse des Dépots aims at studying the pros and cons of building a DLT infrastructure for managing MRV processes at sovereign levels and valuing avoided emissions. This experiment is to be completed with further research and technical applications that can meet the expectations of countries looking to create a low cost and robust framework to support their commitment towards a low carbon economy.

ESGIOctober 2018 - Present

Taught Blockchain and Solidity lessons to engineering students.
30 hours lessons. Bac +5 engineers.30 heures de cours sur la Blockchain et le Solidity à des étudiants ingénieurs en dernière année.

Sopra SteriaMarch 2017 - November 2017

Application web de gestion de mandat Sepa avec technologie Blockchain & Mise en place Supply Chain avec Hyperledger
• Mise en place d’Hyperledger (Docker), des fichiers de configurations (YAML) et du chaincode en Go
• Implémentation de l'interface Node avec la fabric (fabric-sdk-node)
• Script de déploiement (bash) de la fabric et du POC sur une VM distante
• Adaptation du POC en version OFFLINE
• Maintenance corrective
Technos : Fabric Hyperledger et SDK, Angular, NodeJS, CouchDB, Docker

Dépannage informatiqueFebruary 2015 - October 2016

Assistance à domicile, cours et formations en informatique.

CSApril 2016 - July 2016

Projet Web, mise à niveau de Testlink :
Bootstrap, PHP, jQuery, Ajax, PHPWord
Web project on upgrade of Testlink (framework of testing)
- Implementation of an web interface with login through Testlink with Curl
- Query to retrieve test cases
- Creation of a well-structured file containing the test report
PHP, Curl, Ajax, SQL, BootStrap, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, VMWare, GitHub

My stack

Analysis methods and tools



MySQL, CouchDB


GitHub, Project Management, Spanish, Google AdWords, cURL, Functional Analysis

IT Infrastructure

Linux, VMware, Docker


UML, JavaScript, YAML, C/C++, SQL, CSS, HTML, PHP

Software testing

Test Cases

Big Data

Ethereum, Blockchain


Twitter bootstrap


R, Co-Founder, Return on Investment, Smart contract development, Lead Developer Blockchain, Blockchain Teacher, French, Expert technique Blockchain, Cascading Style Sheets, Ingénieur Blockchain, Polish, Développeur Web


Angular, AngularJS, Bootstrap, WordPress, Node.js, jQuery, AJAX, Hibernate

My education and trainings

Diplôme d'ingénieur Field Of Study Ingénierie informatique - Sup Galilée2012 - 2017

Diplome d'Ingenieur, Ingénierie informatique - Lycée Jean Zay2012 - 2017