Ore P.


586 dollar

My experience


SolutoMarch 2017 - Present

Started as a junior developer and built my way to senior
Currently leading the web/mobile platform team, maintaining our

mono-repo both in terms of Devops and Design system.

Range of React and React-Native related projects. From implementing our UI Design-System (Creating the UI tools which are being used across the apps), to building real-time chat features which allow our customers to work and earn money in the app.

Developing in a cloud-based microservices environment.

Experienced with Typescript node.js applications, serverless architecture and C# development for Azure Cloud.
Working with express, passport, lerna, redis, docker, kubernetes, GCP, etc..

Built numerous tools to improve our devops including Lerna (monorepos), TravisCI and Teamcity. Built a Github Bot which manages merging of Pull Requests. Improved build times using differential testing and more.

IBMJanuary 2014 - January 2017

Started as a student position and moved up to being a team-leader in the security team at IBM MobileFirst.
Web and Mobile:

My team was responsible for creating and publishing native SDKs for all platforms (iOS, Android, Web, Windows Phone).

Server-side was done in Java, implementing custom Oath and Rest APIs, dealing with scale and security challenges.

IntertownSeptember 2013 - September 2014

HTML5 website building using ESRI API

My stack

Windows Phone, UI Design, TypeScript, TeamCity, Stripe, SQL, Software Design, Shell Scripting, React.js, React Native, PubSub, Prometheus, OOP, Objective-C, NoSQL Query, NoSQL, Node.js, MySQL, MongoDB, Linux, Kubernetes, Jscript, Jenkins, Java, iOS, HTML, Groovy, Firebase, Eclipse, Docker, DevOps, Design Patterns, CSS, C#, Azure Cloud, Azure, Android, Algorithms, Agile, .NET