Christian Z.


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My experience


-September 2020 - Present


● Design frontend (Django Templating + bootstrap)

● Design Django backend + Database PostgreSQL


● Refresh of my personal photography and blog website initialized early 2018

● Adding of new features: blog CMS, photography CMS

-November 2019 - July 2020


● Design frontend (Django Templating + Bootstrap)

● Design Django backend + Database PostgreSQL

● Design and implementation of Smart Contracts (Solidity) and new token

● Design and implementation of a workflow system

● Unit tests and functional tests via Selenium

● Responsible for functional and technical detail designs


● Implementing the website front according to the needs

● Implementing the business workflow in the backend

● Integration of the application on the blockchain and creation and usage of a new token
● Email marketing

● Social media marketing

Bank Peugeot - CrediparJune 2018 - June 2020


● Analyzing the impacts of the evolutions on automobile dealers’ front end application

● Managing the project life cycle (waterfall)

● Writing functional and technical detail designs

● Interface between products owners and technical team

● Scheduling and executing functional tests and validation

● Mentoring of new incoming developer resources

● Mentoring production and developing teams to lean towards a DevOps mindset


● Reducing delays of project deliveries and amount of defects thanks to the adoption of a modern source versioning system (SVN)
● Successful delivery of the GDPR project on the Front Office and Back Office applications avoiding the company to have to pay substantial fines.
● Successful delivery of WLTP vehicles CO2 emissions project avoiding Peugeot group having to pay european fines.

OrangeSeptember 2017 - June 2018


● Insuring the delivery and provisioning of network services and resources

● Insuring integrity of CRM application

● Insuring integrity of billing application

● Daily check of production environment

● Daily meeting to define and prioritize the backlog

● Synchronizing and defining our scope of issue resolution with the hotline.


● Dramatic reduction of backlog issues. The support team started with 8 resources and finished with only 2.
● Improvements in orchestration processes on RODOD for the client use case.

Bank Societe GeneraleJanuary 2016 - August 2017


● Technical assistance on the applications related to the regulatory statements for reporting (COREP, FINREP, INFOFI, SURFI, BAFI...) into ERP Evolan.
● Development and deployment of the Java web front applications (Struts 1.0)

● Maintenance of the backend database Oracle PLSQL

● Daily check of the nightly automated processes

● Modification of unix shell scripts


● Design and delivery of 5 new types of regulatory statements.

● Improvements and updates of the delivery of the statements for COREP, FINREP, SURFI.

SFRFebruary 2011 - December 2015


● Integrating and maintaining the services and resources for french telecom network operator SFR, covering fiber and DSL offers in B2B and B2C environments.
● Design and development of the network resources provisioning on the backend database system (Oracle PL-SQL scripting)

● Delivery of trunk fiber project for B2B.

● Delivery of FTTH Gpon project for B2B and B2C.

● Delivery of DSL redundancy backup project for FTTH Gpon

● Delivery of 4G NodeB minor update project

SFRApril 2008 - February 2011


● Insuring the billing of collected tickets on SFR network through ERP Ericsson Interconnect Settler.
● Daily track backlog for rejected traffic cases and recycle them into the system for valorisation.
● Synchronizing with the mediation team to enlighten new traffic routes.

● Coordinating with p&l and insurance-revenues the discrepancies and litigation.

● Updating the traffic rates into the billing system and declaring the new routes.


● Decreasing litigation between the network provider (SFR) and the consumers.

● Recycling more than 80% of the rejected voice and data traffic calls.

● Improvements in tracking and claiming clients debts

● Successfully migrated billing system from Ericsson Interconnect to SIO with more than 90% of traffic use case covered.

Carrefour Mobile Virtual Network OperatorJanuary 2008 - April 2008


● Functional Analyst on HighDeal billing system

● Architecturing and implementing the customers scoring tool for MVNE (Mobile Virtual Network Enabler) Carrefour mobile. The b2c telecom network operator sells prepaid and subscribing offers.
● Interconnecting the client scoring solution with Coheris CRM

● Insuring functional tests and validation of CRM screens

● Development of an application for tracking online payment transactions ordered on the platform Payline.

● Secured the ordering workflow process thanks to the prospects scoring system.

● Reduced more than 70% of clients’ debts.

Société Internationale des Télécoms AéronautiquesJanuary 2006 - January 2008


● Functional analyst on Kenan Arbor BP billing system

● Oracle PL-SQL developer: maintenance of packages, procedures, functions etc

● Maintenance of the pricing rules as defined by product owners


● Successfully maintained the product catalog and pricing rules with a small team

● Ability to increase the volume of the catalog with reduced resources.

Bouygues ConstructionApril 2004 - January 2006


● Assigned to a team to handle the maintenance of networking infrastructure of the client: servers, outlook, routers. Missions were executed at client’s holding site and on their construction sites.

● Improvements of SLA

● Increase in the number of issues solved weekly.

Alternative [Software Editor]October 2001 - February 2004


● Design and development of applications

● User’s manuals writing

● Benchmarking of third party applications


● Delivery of an ETL tool for libraries (ISO-2701 Unimarc to XML)

● Replacement of an old automat in visual basic for a newer java cron tool

● Designing of tasks for the java cron: mail archiving, OCR

My stack

XSLT, XML, WordPress, WebSphere, Web Services, Vue.js, Visual Basic, UNIX, Unit testing, Uniface, UML, TOAD, Struts, SQLite, SQL Developer, SQL, Spring MVC, Spring Core, Spanish, SonarQube, SOAP, Shell Unix, Shell Scripting, Selenium, Python, Project Management, PostgreSQL, PL/SQL Developer, PL/SQL, Oracle PL/SQL Developer, Oracle PL/SQL, Oracle Forms, Oracle CRM, Oracle Applications, Oracle, Node.js, Nginx, Neo4J, MVC, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SharePoint, MERISE, Mantis, LDAP, Kanban, jQuery, Jira, Jenkins, JBoss 5, JBoss, JAXP, JAXB, JavaScript, Java, IBM Websphere, HTML5, Hibernate, Heroku, Google Maps, GitHub, Git, Functional testing, Express.js, ETL, Eclipse IDE, DSL, Docker, Django, DevOps, Design Patterns, CVS, CSS3, CONTROL-M, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, C++, Bug Tracking, BP, Bootstrap 4, Bootstrap, Blockchain, Azure DevOps, Apache Web Server, Apache Maven, Analytics, Active Directory