Andreh A.

Full Stack Developer

540 dollar
6 years

My experience


MediaWaysJuly 2020 - Present

- Launched the startup Mediaways in the heart of the Pandemic of 2020, handling projects for local clients and building free solutions like Sanarwa and SODO to share the company vision developing high quality software. And an e-Commerce website
- Sanarwa a post free ad platform in Lebanon developed using Laravel MVC framework , a published website and published mobile app on both AppStore and Google Play.
- SODO , a native Android application to download all your favorite images, videos and stories from most social media platform in one click. And Express.js was used to build the backend
- Developed Wordpress eCommerce websites for many clients including Kibbeh Express Plus , Saw Pretty … Also websites for associations Koun Sadiki and SCRA

-June 2016 - Present

Machine Learning Projects:

1. Skin Cancer Classification: a project to classify skin cancer types using deep learning with a web application
Technologies: python, TensorFlow, Keras, Sklearn, Numpy, Pandas , Scikitlearn , Django, Flask.

2. Project for detecting car plate numbers and characters recognition:
- Using yolo to detect car plates and image processing techniques and for characters recognition using deep learning model / pytesseract.

Senior projects for University:
- Catra Music (Music Player Android App for Kurdish person)
- Diesel Station Management System
- Freelancing websites using MERN
- Real Estate Project in Blockchain
- A project done as a ReactJS web application for a master project.

Technologies: solidity, ganache, metamask, truffle , ethereum network, infura, hyperledger, web3

GDG North LebanonMarch 2020 - Present


Novelis perienceMarch 2021 - July 2021

- Work on Spring boot framework for developing microservices for backend side Developing frontend of the project using React JS Framework
- Containerizing microservices Using Docker.
- Writing SQL scripts using Liquibase
- Using MySQL MariaDB as a database


Zero & OneFebruary 2020 - September 2020

- Worked on the front End of a Web Management System for a University in Turkey using React JS, Redux and integrating microservices for some functionalities using AWS like Lambda, S3, Amazon Rekognition, API gateway, docker ,Kubernetes …
- Developed a part of the mobile app for the university CMS using React Native.
- Developed a React Native application for a company for moving/disposing house furniture from one place to another (Client app and Driver app) featuring a location tracking system to track the goods.
- Worked on Amazon Web Services focusing on developing microservices, some machine learning APIs using AWS Rekognition, AWS SNS, S3, LAMBDA, API GATEWAY,CLOUDFRONT,CLOUDWATCH…

Akkar MediaJune 2018 - February 2020

- Developed 4+ React Native mobile applications
- Developed the main project in Akkar Market which is a directory listing app was published also on the AppStore and Google Play using ReactNative for Mobile app development and part of the backend.
- REST API using Postman and Express.js server
- Django Rest Framework as a backend for some apps
- Developed a native Android app called Kristies which is a survey app for tobacco consumption

My stack

Open Source solutions



AngularJS, Laravel, Django, WordPress, Node.js, Express.js, Angular

Big Data


Software testing



Spring Boot, REST API, NumPy, Liquibase, Machine Learning, React.js

IT Infrastructure

iOS, Docker


Android, React Native


API, Social Media


TypeScript, HTML, JavaScript, Java


MySQL, MongoDB, PostGreSQL, Redis

My education and trainings

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science - Lebanese International University2015 - 2018