Razvan T.

Full Stack Developer

525 dollar
6 years
Bucharest, ROMANIA

My experience


Info WorldJune 2017 - Present

I've worked on a scheduling application that is being used in Rehabilitation Hospital.
After working on the medipedia.ro project, together with 4 juniors. Within these projects I was team lead.

On the backend I had key accomplishments:
- Implemented HL7 FHIR® – Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources
- Implement batch/transaction mechanism, this mechanism give the possibility to add/edit/remove more resource by single http request ( https://www.hl7.org/fhir/http.html#transaction )
- Implement patch mechanism ( https://www.hl7.org/fhir/http.html#patch )
- Implement firebase push notification for FHIR resource
- Implement algorithm that generate code based on metadata:
 - - Generate GraphQL Schema classes based on FHIR StructureDefinitions
- Map SQL tables to Mongoose schemas conformant to FHIR
- Optimize SQL Server and MongoDB queries

Technologies and frameworks used:
- Front: React.js, Angular 6, Redux, Rx.js, SASS, Bootstrap
- Backend: Node.js, Koa.js, MongoDB,  Mongoose, Typescript, GraphQL, SQL Server, Json Schema, Firebase Push Notification
- Tools: VS Code, Git, Robo 3T

FreelancerJanuary 2019 - Present

Build elearning platform for pharmacists. ( http://frontlinesolutions.ro/ )

Front: Angular 7, RxJS, GraphQL, Bootstrap, Sass

Backend: Node.js, Koa, Apollo GraphQL, Typescript, SQL, Azure Cloud, Heroku

-October 2017 - August 2018

  • Research and volunteer

    Company Name
    Colegiu Studentesc de Performanta Academica - Oct 2017 – Aug 2018
  • Volunteer duration
    11 mos

  • This organization is focuses on promoting scientific research and
    volunteering. Each member of the college has a research project. My
    research project aims at developing a financial consulting chatbot that
    will be available on Facebook. For development I used Node.js, python for
    smart replay. (https://www.facebook.com/alfredconsultingbot/ )


FreelancerJanuary 2016 - March 2018

As a freelancer, I've created multiple wordpress themes using Bootstrap, CSS 3 and JQuery.
One of them is https://www.startpreventivi.it/
I have applied search engine optimization (SEO) and Google AdSense on the websites I've maintained.
My work envinroment includes Linux VPS (Centos, Debian) and as hosting software I use Apache.

msg systems RomaniaAugust 2016 - March 2017

The scope of the project was to create a user interface component, using PatternFly and Vue.js. I've

worked quite a lot with Webpack, ES6 and Git.

The training is composed of two parts. The first one is theoretical and it included the theoretical study of :
Java Servlet Programming
Application Servers for application developers Hibernate
Java Persistence API
Source Code Management
The second part of the training was practical and it was represented by a group project. It was a simplified version of Facebook. The tech stack of the project included JavaServer Face with Primeface, JPA, Hibernate & EJB. As a IDE we used Eclipse and as a solution control system we used SVN.

My stack


CSS, HTML, C/C++, Java, GraphQL, TypeScript, Python, JavaScript, PHP


HL7, Web Design


MongoDB, MySQL


Programming, English, Romanian


Vue.js, RxJS, Angular 6, Web development, React.js

IT Infrastructure



WordPress, Node.js, Bootstrap, Angular 7, AngularJS, Flutter

My education and trainings

Master's degree - „Babeș-Bolyai” University from Cluj-Napoca2017 - 2019

Bachelor's degree - „Babeș-Bolyai” University from Cluj-Napoca2014 - 2017