Alexandru P.


441 euro
16 years
Bucharest, ROMANIA

My experience


Pintea L. Alexandru PFAJune 2017 - Present

Projects :

- BCR Bank Romania : CRM project that covers multiple internal requirements. Fully developed and Out of Office Module and done a technical review for the Pricing and Repricing module.

- Orange Romania : multiple CRM Projects for several countries where Orange is . Developed the Jordanie CRM for B2B (including interfaces with two billing systems and Ericsson B2C implementation). Support activities (change requests, bugs, solutions) for Spain, Moldavia, Senegal, etc.

- Sustainalytics : Navision project, contract module. Includes an interface between onpremise Navision and CRM 365 to retrieve customer and contract data.

TotalSoftAugust 2007 - June 2017

- developing functionalities for Microsoft CRM (and some light Sharepoint)
- providing technical solutions to client requirements during analysis phase
- leading the development team in larger projects

Petrom Gas, Econ Gas (Viena) :
- management module for the gas delivery points.
- handled all developments and support activities in CRM 4.0 and migrated the solution to 2011 at a later point.
- interfaced the application with SAP and Oracle to retrieve account information (through webservices).
- used technologies : .NET C#, ASP, T-SQL, SSRS, Javascript

OMV (Viena) :
- Complaint Management System - software that handles the OMV Call Center for complaints and is also exposed in the international OMV website
- CRM 2011, coordonated a team of three developers
- interfaced the application with Oracle to retrieve account information (SQL Interface) and Active Directory to retrieve users (SQL Interface)
- used technologies : .NET C#, ASP, T-SQL, SSRS, Javascript
Dacia :
- built an backoffice application for the dealers to operate directly on Dacia central application; front office done in JAVA by another development team
- CRM 2011
- interface with multiple Dacia systems : DMS (C#), Helios (C#), RForce (C#), SIFCR (C#), BCS (C#) – both receiving and sending data, using mostly webservices, but also FTP files.
- used technologies : .NET C#, T-SQL, SSRS, Javascript
ISTA (International) :
- offer and sales management system currently implemented in four countries : FR, ES, ND, IT; ICare module in progress.
- CRM 2011 single developer, migrated to 2015
- interface with multiple ISTA systems : SAP (C#), AS400 (C#), Gescon (C#) - both receiving and sending data, using mostly webservices, but also FTP files.
- used technologies : .NET C#, T-SQL, SSRS, Javascript

NovensysNovember 2005 - August 2006

march-june 2005 – my first project, medium sized. Only took care of development issues.
june-august 2005 – Flanco project; my job in this project was to build an interface that could move data from their old system (Fox) to Navision.
august – october 2005 – internal project; I have done all the developments, and, in the process, we've built the Leasing Module for internal use, which was later released as an Navision Add-On.
september 2005 – january 2006 – developed a single developer/single consultant medium sized project (Agricover); the client was very happy with the result, and requested a reporting module. I worked on it with a junior consultant, and had to make trips to the client's site, to gather the requirements.
november 2005 – august 2006 – large project (Antalis); I was leading a team of two developers and coordinating the activity with three consultants. During the project, the number of employees increased, involving up to six developers at one time. Took an active part in the analysis phase at the client site, wrote the EDD (Enterprise Design Document) with the consultants, and gave time estimations. Wrote the Build-Plan and gave each developer tasks.
spring 2007 – I have worked on a project for a Dutch transportation company; it was a team of three developers, but the application was not related to the Navision ERP system, it only used it's framework. It was a good experience in knowing what else you can do with the product (integration with an application that displayed a map with the live positions of the trucks, calculating best travel routes, costs, refuel, etc.)

My stack

SSRS, SQL Server Reporting Services, SAP, Oracle, Navision, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, JavaScript, Java, FTP, C#, Active Directory, .NET