Bogdan G.


393 euro
8 years
Bucharest, ROMANIA

My experience

No-CompanySeptember 2019 - Present


CegekaMay 2019 - Present

Technologies used: azure, kubernetes, nservicebus, .net core, ef core, sql

server react, typescript

UbisoftOctober 2016 - May 2019

As part of IT Online Projects department i am assigned to develop online solutions such as websites or webservices.
- Develop websites/webservices from scratch that meet business requirements
- Develop new requirements for existing applications.
- Bug fixing
- Develop unit tests
- Estimate the effort for each new project/functionality
- Get in contact with TL , PM and Testers

Used technologies: MVC , Core MVC, WebAPI  Frameworks used: .NET 4.5 , .NET Core 1.1 and .NET Core 2.0
Database: Sql Server 2012
ORM: EntityFramework (database first)
Client Side: jQuery, ReactJS with javascript ES6 , webpack, lodash etc.

Connections ConsultJuly 2016 - October 2016

I was assigned to work on a web project for Siemens where i had the following responsibilities:
- Developing product backlog items
- Developing unit tests for each new functionality
- Developing test scripts with Selenium
- Bug fixing
- Making code reviews for my collegues
- Estimate the effort for new functionalities in grooming meetings
- Participate at daily standup meetings
Used technologies: VS 2015 , TFS, MVC, Resharper, WCF
EntityFramework ( Code First ) , NUnit , RhinoMocks, Selenium, jQuery, KnockoutJS, KendUI

Next RMA iSOLUTIONS SRLJuly 2015 - August 2016

-Developing new applications or new requirements for existing applications
-Improving existing functionalities
-Analyze estimate and design client requirements
-Getting in contact with clients
-Bug fixing
-Testing functionalities that were developed by me
- Creating databases / linked servers / tables / stored procedures / indexes etc
As part of team i had the oportunity to participate in the development of several applications
Desktop applications:
1. Warehouse Management System - It was developed on n-tier arhitecture by using C#

(WinForms) , telerik controls and SQL Server 2012. The application was designed to facilitate
management in daily planning, organizing, directing, and controlling the utilization of available
resources, to move and store materials into, within, and out of a warehouse
2. Business Intelligence Application - It was developed on n-tier arhitecture by using C#
(WinForms) with telerik and syncfusion controls and SQL Server 2012. This application was
designed to allow users to create reports and many data visualisations. For this application I
also developed an functionality that allows users to import and syncronize data from multiple
datasources as Excel/CSV/SQL Server/Oracle/Paradox.
Web application:
Customer relationship management - It was developed on n-tier arhitecture by using Asp.Net
(WebForms) with telerik controls SQL Server, jQuery, bootstrap
Mobile application:
Sales force automation - The client side was developed by using C# and Xamarin while the
server side was based on soap web service and SQL Server 2012
Used technologies:
VS2008,2010,2012,TFS, C# WindowsForms , Asp.Net WebForms,

Hewlett-PackardAugust 2014 - July 2015

- Developing reporting solutions as part of a project team, utilizing Microsoft
SQL Server, Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel;
- Supporting Process Owners in the constant enhancement of ongoing projects by providing strong and successful implementation of the changes that need to be applied. This includes both back-end as well as front-end development activities;
- Managing moderately complex reporting requests, ensuring data is retrieved and processed within the agreed timelines;
- Performing data quality checks to ensure that the generated output is of high quality, containing correct and complete data;

- Formulating ideas, contributing to process improvements and report optimization and standardization;
- Collaborating with experts and specialists in financial analysis;

My stack

Xamarin, WinForms, Web Services, Unit testing, SSIS, SQL, Software Development, Selenium, Oracle CRM, Oracle, NUnit, MVC, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Excel, Knockout, jQuery, Database Design, CSV, C#, Business Intelligence, ASP.NET