Florin P.

Full Stack Developer

390 dollar
16 years
Bucharest, ROMANIA

My experience


--October 2017 - Present

Various projects for corporate clients using different tech stacks. Listing a few:

• Web editor (similar to wix.com ) for a school management system software suite. (Tech used: PHP7,
AWS RDS, Angular) 

• Employee Corporate Wellness platform : backend and frontend development (node.js, Rails, golang,
React, RabbitMQ) - remote longterm collaboration with US client 

• ICO backend development for a US travel company using Ethereum solidity, blockchain and web3.js /
truffle bindings (node.js) - remote 

• Canadian real estate : Website backend development (PHP5), integration with a SMS gateway and
2 different payment gateways, software architecture and design. Helped in the official launch of the business - remote longterm collaboration 

• High traffic ecommerce website : custom PHP development of backend components

• Cross platform desktop travel recommendation app using electron js and node.js / SqLite for a UK

• Various Python gigs: interfacing with Qt, GTK or MySQL from Python 2/3.

Held a 3 day hands-on MongoDB training at European Central Bank in Frankfurt. 
-> Topics: Clusters (Replication/Fail-Over), GridFS, aggregation framework, security, internals 
-> Used Python3 and javascript libraries


EndavaJuly 2014 - October 2017

• User management role based authentication and authorization app using AWS services.

Amazon Cognito (Federated Identities, User Pools), Lambda functions and API Gateway

• End to end automation framework for testing native mobile (iOS, Android) and web apps
using Protractor and Appium 

• Subscription and paywall module for a US publishing house: golang, node.js, React, AWS

• Social network high traffic website for a UK sports startup Python, MongoDB, Redis, AWS

-> I used Python3 with Tornado framework to fix and add features to a UK client startup’s buggy code (already using Tornado but the functions were sync). Team of 6 devs onsite, 2 remote in UK.
-> Used boto3 framework to interact with AWS S3 

Tech used: node.js, golang, AWS (Amazon Cognito, UserPools),EC2,Lambda, SES, S3, API Gateway, Python
Tornado, MongoDB, Redis, React


KDSNovember 2013 - July 2014

Senior Software Engineer in the KDS team, a company offering business travel and booking solutions for companies. I worked in the C++ part of the product and contributed to the stability and new features of the product, namely interacting with the service providers (airlines, train companies, GDS and others) and their APIs, debugging, troubleshooting, helping team members and also acting as a Scrum Master for a period of time.

IXIAMay 2013 - October 2013

Porting the IxChariot C IXIA product (network testing suite) to an embedded device (photo
camera with wifi, RTOS system) – one man show, fixed contract.

Tech used: embedded C, ūITRON, Linux, RTOS, TCP/UDP/RAW sockets


AnritsuAugust 2012 - April 2013

Backend development and maintenance for a telecom product.

Tech used: closed source CORBA C++, Linux, PDU probes, TCP sockets


1 Internet AGMarch 2011 - August 2012

In-house 3-tier server backup development and maintenance.Various server side components controlled download , automated metadata recovery, server side port scanning module. 

Tech used: Linux C++ 98, Boost / STL, MySQL, Berkeley DB (metadata), TCP/UDP/RAW sockets


TagnRollOctober 2011 - March 2012

Automatic tagging for your bookmarks. Classify, organize and re-discover the web.

Backend: fluidinfo (key/value store), MySQL, PHP
Frontend: jQuery


MisysDecember 2009 - March 2011

- Porting investment banking software (Summit) to 64 bits (Solaris and Linux) from Windows.
- Various client customization projects. Experience with different trading API’s: Bloomberg,
Swapswire etc. Part of the architecture team.

Tech used: Solaris/Windows/Linux C++, Java middleware (Tomcat), Java standard edition, Java Hazelcast, C#,
TCP sockets, XML, MQ.


GeCADMay 2008 - December 2009

Development of an IT security platform and specific modules using C/C++ on the Linux OS.
for a client - server application. Implementation of an “agent” type application for the Linux platform which collects information from workstations and sends it to the central server using  proprietary protocols.

Tech used: Linux C++, PostgreSQL, MySQL, TCP/UDP sockets


Tandemology Media IncorporatedMay 2007 - April 2009

Website backend development ( the sms gateway from i-LIPSO ), PayPal payment gateway, server administration, team cooperation, official launch of website. Helped in the official launch of business, the first company in Canada which offers real estate information on sms from its realtors.

Tech used: PHP, MySQL, SMS over TCP


University of BucharestSeptember 2005 - May 2007

Maintained and configured several servers/routers for internal use (DHCP, NAT, Proxy) on Linux. Various PHP scripts. Maintained the network in good shape, updating servers, installing new software on computers using cloning tools (Linux and Windows) installing cables and other computer components, computer support when needed.

Technologies used: Linux Slackware, iptables, Windows, PHP, SQL

My stack




Redis, NoSQL, PostGreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server




API, Troubleshooting, Mantis, SMS, Social Media, Tesseract

Environment of Development

KDevelop, GDB, Eclipse IDE


JavaScript, Python, C++, SQL, PHP 7



Analysis methods and tools

Selenium, Design Patterns, Bugzilla


Node.js, AngularJS, jQuery, Corba, Tornado

Big Data


IT Infrastructure

iOS, Git, VMware, Sun Solaris, Cloud Computing, Docker, PKI, Virtualization, RTOS, Linux

Software testing

Debugging, Appium, Software testing

My education and trainings

Software Engineering - Mathematics and Computer Science - University of Bucharest

Master of Science, Software Engineering - University of Bucharest2005 - 2010