Andreea G.

Full Stack Developer

280 dollar
8 years

My experience

CIEL RomaniaDecember 2021 - Present


Medidata Solutions, NYC, USApril 2014 - March 2018

Migrated and integrated content in between different platforms Via their API's (JIVE API, JIVE Analytics API, Smartsheet API, GoogleAPI),
for a fast adoption of the new technologies, giving the employees the opportunity to increase collaboration; (utilizing GAS, PHP, Python, Node.js, Google CloudSQL, BigQuery etc.)

  • Focused on learning JIVE API to migrate content from Google Sites in the new platform, supporting the employees to communicate efficient and effectively.
  • Acted as a liaison between the Indian team and the manager of the New York Office, to enhance communication between staff
    members, improving the workflow of R&D department.
  • Bolstered productivity as a ''go-to" person to facilitate the learning curve of R&D Department.
  • Installed and maintained an Ubuntu Server to test and schedule daily scripts, resulting an execution of automatization of work.

Tag Identification SRLJune 2013 - July 2014

Designed, coded and tested dispatch application that is keeping track of the data from the readers and antennas, providing the optimal performance and structure (utilizing PHP/MySQL, JS(dhtmluite), RESTfuI API, CSS, HTML, GitHub, Ubuntu, etc.)

  • Implemented live communication with the hardware, to received commands from reader in real-time which assisted clients in executive positions to make accurate decisions.
  • Developed RESTful API to be the bridge between web interface and hardware, resulting a smooth and secure connection.
  • Created development of ecosystem documentation to enhanced perspective of the project, which delivered specifications within
    the target dates.
  • Researched JS frameworks/libraries to identify suitable functions for illustrating reports and data. dhtmlsuite was chosen because it has all the components that we needed.

REVIEW.ITDecember 2012 - June 2013

Developed and contributed to project as a web developer, utilizing with Vagrant, Jenkins, Yii, Twitter Boostrap, Github, LESS, etc.

  • Increased the flexibility and independence in team's development by utilizing Vagrant, optimizing team productivity.
  • Reduced time in producing code by using Vii Framework to increase the speed and security of the project
  • Utilized Github for source code control assisting other programmers to merge new code in the system and reducing errors and conflicts, improving the team productivity.
  • Expanded knowledge of Twitter Bootstrap and LESS to achieve productivity and to develop the website creatively, enabling the team to customize widgets in a timely manner.

Bosman GGZFebruary 2011 - December 2012

Consulted and contributed to Electronical Medical Records OpenEPD for a psychology and psychiatry company from Netherlands using Zend
Framework, Doctrine Project 2, jQuery, etc.

  • Acted as a team member of OpenEPD to develop electronic medical record system to support company's own data and to sell it to other clinics, reducing costs and increasing profits.
  • Converted and merged three databases for RX OpenEPD to create open-source system for dutch speaking physicians and patients, preventing adverse reaction of drug medications and eliminated the utilization of paid version of dutch database.
  • Created an external web page (http://aanmelden.bosmanggz.n/) for patient to reduce the number of incoming calls and increased
    the accuracy of patient's information, enhancing customer service.
  • Oriented new members of the OpenEPD team to integrate new employees quickly into the project.

Alien Concept SRLJuly 2010 - February 2011

Created and customized web applications utilizing PHP(Zend Framework), javascript(ajax, jQuery), MySqI, Flash, xHTML, CSS.

  • Developed in-house web application to track electronic equipment delivered to customers, increasing efficiency and effectiveness of the marketing department.
  • Contributed to Dispatch Alien Concept project, providing customer usage data for company to make reliable decisions. Coding Authentication and authorization modules resulting in a secured system.
  • Achieved Alien Concepts website utilizing Zend Framework in addition to Flash to create audio-video chat capabilities to facilitate communication between client and customer. Website increased customer base and reduced travel budget by 50%.

My stack

Analysis methods and tools


Environment of Development

Sublime Text, Vagrant

IT Infrastructure

Linux, Ubuntu, Git, Mac OS X


Twitter bootstrap



Software testing

Redmine, System testing




MySQL, PHPMyAdmin, Microsoft SQL Server, Navicat, NoSQL


Adobe Photoshop


AJAX, Zend Framework, jQuery, Node.js, WordPress


GitHub, Analytics, API, BaseCamp, Bitbucket


PHP, Python, Jscript, Bash, XHTML, WSDL, XML, JavaScript, HTML5, HTML

My education and trainings

M.S., Management, Information Technology - University of Oradea2009 - 2011

B.S., Information Technology and Computers - University of Oradea2005 - 2009