Daniel B.

Full Stack Developer

530 dollar

My experience


NTT DataMay 2020 - Present

Development and maintenance of a web application for insurance companies, used by Bern Canton.

Software development in:
•    Java 8;
•    Spring Boot;
•    Database: PostgreSQL
•    Tools, DevOps: Git;Jira, Kubernetes & Docker;
•    German & English language.


NTT DataJanuary 2019 - April 2020

Architecture and development from scratch of a Travel and Expense management web application. It runs on SAP Cloud and is an extension of SAP Success Factors application.

Tasks: Create the architecture; implement together with the team the application from scratch; coordinate the team of 5 developers; relate with management, SAP LAB, functional team; train and help the junior developers; Write technical documentation; Before the Travel and Expense management app implementation kick off - create proof of concepts for Java apps running on SAP Cloud Platform: Java EE vs Spring technology stacks; SAP Cloud SDK demos; SAP UI5 demos; integration with Google Assistant and SAP Chat Bot. Support the pre-sales team.

Software development in:
•    Java 8;
•    Spring Boot 2;
•    Flowable; SAP Cloud SDK; SAP UI5
•    Database: SAP HANA ; H2.
•    Tools: Git; Jira.


NTT DataAugust 2017 - December 2018

Client: Allianz Technology (Austria)

Software development in:
•    Java 8;
•    Eclipse RCP framework & UI: Equinox, Core, Dependency Injection; SWT; JFace;
•    Junit, JMockit;
•    Database: IBM DB2.

Working 3 month in Vienna, Austria.
Languages: English, German


NTT DataJuly 2016 - August 2017

Client: CommerzBank AG (Germany)

Software development in:
•    Java 7;
•    Apache Camel;
•    Spring;
•    ORM: MyBatis, Hibernate;
•    Web container/Java EE app server: Tomcat; IBM WAS;
•    Database: Oracle;
•    SCM: Git.

Language: German.
Make code reviews; train new colleauges.


UniqaNovember 2015 - December 2016

Team leadership:
•    coordinate Uniqa RO Java EE development team (4 developers);
•    support & code review Java EE developers;
•    create the Backend architecture; choose technologies used in project & make architectural decisions.

Software development in:
•    Java: Java EE 6; JDK 7;
•    Backend: JPA 2.0/Hibernate, EJB 3.1;
•    Frontend: Vaadin 7;
•    Web services: REST – JAX-RS (ReastEasy);
•    Spring: Spring AOP , Spring Core, Spring Context;
•    App server: JBoss EAP 6.1;
•    Database: Microsoft Sql Server;
•    IDEs: JBoss Developer, Eclipse;
•    Tools: Maven, JBoss Operations Network

Languages: English, German


StefaniniNovember 2015 - July 2016

Client: Trivadis AG (Switzerland)

Software development in:
•    Java 8
•    Spring
•    Backend: JPA/Hibernate, Spring Data JPA, Spring
•    Frontend: Vaadin 7

Languages: English, German


UniqaNovember 2014 - November 2015

• People managment; coordinate Uniqa RO JEE development team (4 developers);
• Testing and inverviewing java developer candidates; training, supporting, code reviewing, allocating tasks and verifying tasks progress of the developers.
• Regular meetings with the Uniqa Ro IT Director & members of the Board.
• Communication with teams from Austria, Hungary and Bulgaria concerning development tasks, production environment and external systems used by the applications.

UniqaJanuary 2013 - November 2015

Software development in:
•    Java: Java EE 6; JDK 7;
•    Backend: JPA 2.0/Hibernate, EJB 3.1; JDBC
•    Frontend: Vaadin 7; Struts;
•    Web services:
     o    REST: JAX-RS (ReastEasy);
     o    SOAP: JAX-WS for JBoss; RAX-RPC (Axis) for IBM WAS;
•    Spring: Spring AOP , Spring Core, Spring Context;
•    Other: AJAX, Junit, Jasper;
•    App servers: JBoss EAP 6.1; IBM WAS;

•    Databases: DB2 for iSeries As/400; Microsoft SQL Server;
•    IDEs: JBoss Developer, IBM RAD, Eclipse;
•    Tools: Maven, JBoss Operations Network, iSeries Navigator, Squirrel, IBM Rational Rose

Working in Bucharest, Vienna (Austria) and Plovdiv (Bulgaria) with teams from Austria, Bulgaria and Hungary.
Languages: English, German.


IBM - Daimler AG (Mercedes-Benz) clientJuly 2012 - January 2013

Software development:
• Java EE 6: MVC controllers; Vaadin, services, JAXB, JMS, Hibernate, EJB.
• App server: IBM WAS 8.
• Other products: IBM Process Server. Database: DB2. IDE: Rational Software Architect.

Working in Bucharest (IBM) and in Brühl - Esslingen (Stuttgart) , Germany (Daimler).
Languages: English, German.


IBM - BNP Paribas Bank clientAugust 2010 - July 2012

Developing and maintaining Software in Java, Java Swing, Web-Services, Junit, JEE, Velocity, Webworks, AJAX, JavaScript. IDEs: Eclipse, IBM RAD; Tools: Maven, Ant, Hudson, Tortoise SVN; Databases: Oracle, Sybase; Containers: IBM WAS, Tomcat.

Languages: French, English.


IBM - Daimler AG (Mercedes-Benz) clientJuly 2008 - July 2010

Load testing (HP LoadRunner) and analyzing load test results for J2EE and other IBM and non IBM Java based platforms - Daimler AG (Mercedes-Benz) client. Worked in Stuttgart, Germany 6 months in 2008 and 2010.

Languages: English, German.


IBM (Adecco subcontractor) – Wüstenrot Sparkasse (Austria) clientNovember 2007 - July 2008

Programming in Java & C++ for mobile phones. Worked also in Salzburg, Austria.

Languages: English, German.


IQHR-SolutionsMarch 2007 - November 2007

Database administration in SQL-Server (SQL, T-SQL), web programming (JavaScript, HTML, XML, Flash), VBA, Access; Crystal Reports.

Rentrop & StratonMarch 2006 - May 2007

Prrogramming in VBA, VB, .NET, SQL-Server;

Sagbim RomaniaDecember 2004 - March 2005

Programming in J2EE, Oracle, HTML, JavaScript, CSS;

My stack


Struts, Spring, JDBC, Envers, AJAX, Vaadin, REST, Hibernate, jQuery, Webwork, JPA

IT Infrastructure

Docker, Git, Linux, Unix

Application servers

WebSphere Application Server, Apache


Spring JDBC, Apache Camel, JAXB, TortoiseSVN, J2EE, JAX-RS, Jboss, Tomcat, JAX-WS, Web Services, JBoss RestEasy, JSE, myBatis, Odata, Spring Core, Spring Data, SWT/JFace, Velocity, Software Development, Spring Boot, Web Containers

Environment of Development

SQL Developer, Maven, JDK, IntelliJ, Eclipse IDE, NetBeans

Business Intelligence



Java EE, JAVA 8, MVC, SQL, JavaScript, C#, C/C++, Visual Basic, CSS, OOP, T-SQL, VBA, Java, C++, XML, JEE, HTML, Java SE 6






CA, Tortoise, Team management

Open Source solutions

Kubernetes, Camel


H2, Derby, DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, PostGreSQL, Sybase, MySQL, Oracle

Analysis methods and tools

Rational Rose, Ant, Junit, ClearCase, Apache Maven, DevOps, Rational ClearCase

Software testing

Functional testing, Hudson, IBM Rational ClearQuest, JMeter, Rational ClearQuest, Load testing, JMockit, JMock

My education and trainings

Master, Informatics - Bucharest University2009 - 2011

Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 6 Programmer - Oracle2010

Engineer Diploma in the field Systems and Computers Engineering - Automatics & Computers Faculty - Polytechnic University of Bucharest2002 - 2007

Informatics - Bucharest Informatics High-School1998 - 2002

Second place - Informatics Olympics in Bucharest (sector phase);1997