Frédéric M.

Full Stack Developer

625 dollar
10 years
Barcelona, SPAIN

My experience


AmarisNovember 2019 - Present

Front and Back end JavaScript and TypeScript development. Working in an Agile environment with multi-skilled people. Building new feature for a drone’s data analytics and transformation web application.

- Sprint, Angular 8, NgRx (redux for angular), RxJs, Node.js, Docker, GitLab, Git (commitizen, husky), Nx framework.


Broker GeniusJanuary 2018 - November 2019

Management d’une équipe de 3 personnes sur 2 projets parallèles. Entreprise internationale basée à New York, Barcelone et Islamabad. Maintenance, mise à jour et développement de nouvelles fonctionnalités.
Outils et technologies : PHP 7, Java 8, Jenkins, Git, GCP, JIRA/Confluence.
- Kanban, AngularJS 1.7, Webpack, RaphaelJS, architecture orienté composants web. APIs Restful multiples.
- Scrum, Angular 7, Webpack 4, RxJs, d3JS, modèle Flux/Redux, Jasmine/Karma/Istanbul. Test e2e Java via Selenide. API Restful unique et normalisée.

DocDokuSeptember 2016 - December 2017

Polyvalent developer, I work on subjects of all horizon by highlighting my adaptability skills and my expertise in the field of programming and development.

DocDokuSeptember 2016 - December 2017

Full Stack developer for DocDokuPLM project at DocDoku

As a flagship tool for DocDoku software publisher, the product lifecyle manager DocDokuPLM is constantly evolving. Thanks to its open source source code, feedback from outside actors can help guide improvements to satisfy users. Thanks to the decoupling front-end and back-end, customers can install the solutions within their information systems guaranteeing an in-depth integration.

In this context, I was able to improve and broaden my skill spectrum as a versatile Full Stack developer. I used my Java skills to extend the PLM functionality, while my Javascript skills enabled me to pass back-end changes to the PLM Web interface.

Keywords: Product Lifecycle Management, Git, Open Source, Java, Spring, Restful, NodeJS, BackboneJS, RequireJS

ALMERYSJune 2017 - December 2017

Développeur Full-stack et Référent Front-end au sein de l'équipe du projet
Expertys chez ALMERYS

Projet déterminant pour la société ALMERYS, le projet Expertys touche directement aux aspect fraudes relatifs aux mutuelles de santé. Basé sur la solution Solon d'IBM, nous avons été chargé de développer un outil de suivi du traitement des alertes à la fraude.
Malgré le temps réduit pour la réalisation de ce projet, le temps a été pris afin de réaliser une spécification précise supportée par des maquettes et un backlog complet. La solution retenue a été de fournir une application légère en Java Spring et Angular 4 avec Webpack. Le Framework Spring fourni le code métier ainsi qu'une API Restful avec pour contrainte l'architecture HATEOAS.

J'interviens, en ma qualité de développeur Full-stack, sur l'ensemble de
l'architecture de l'application. Mes compétences en tant que développeur
Front-end, notamment avec le framework Angular, font de moi le référent de cette partie de l'architecture sur le projet.

Mots-clés: Protractor, Jasmine, Scrum, Agile, Bootstrap, Typescript, Tests unitaires, Gitlab, Jenkins, Internationalisation

ALMERYSFebruary 2017 - June 2017

Frontend expert developer within the Arkange project team at ALMERYS

During this project of building a Web application managed with Agile methodology, I intervened as an Frontend expert developer. The application based on the component-oriented architecture of Angular 1.6, my skills previously acquired on the Angular framework were effectively implemented to support the project.
In order to minimize the risk of errors, we worked on the principle of Merge Request where each developer must share his modifications, which will be treated by another developer. In order to limit the regression, the source code of the front end was end-to-end tested via Cucumber (more specifically Angular-specific Protractor-cucumber).
In order to manage the data layer, a Java Rest-based API build with Spring Boot ensures the exchanges with the front end.

Keywords: Behavior-Driven Development, Component Based Architecture, Restful, Mongo, Java, Gitlab, Sonar, Jenkins, Scrum

ALMERYSDecember 2016 - February 2017

Java developer within the TPG project team at ALMERYS

As part of the French Generalized Third Party Payments project and in partnership with several healthcare actors, a team was formed to reinforce the teams of developers already present on the project.
In this context, I intervened on an intermediate software project brick. This application entity developed in Java is based on a SOAP architecture on one side and Restful on the other side to receive, transform and transmit the information it receives.

Keywords: Java, Mutual, Health, Webservices, Restful, SOAP, Unit Test, Jboss, Tomcat, Subversion.

Akka TechnologiesJanuary 2016 - September 2016

As a fullstack developer within the Big Data team at Akka Technologies, I participated into the creation of a monitoring componentized web application.

Big Data related, this application is processing data in real time to finally store them in a Cassandra DB.
The monitoring application was developed using a Backend written with the PHP framework CodeIgniter 3. The Frontend was developed using the JavaScript framework AngularJS 1.5.
The monitoring application, versioned with SubVersion, independent from the Stream processing application, is getting batch data from the backend using websockets.

Akka TechnologiesJanuary 2015 - December 2015

Sharepoint Integration & HMI Consultant at AkkaTechnologies

In order to harmonize Akka Technologies' information system, it was decided to implement the Microsoft Sharepoint web tools solution. This project was accompanied by a graphic chart and a specification of implementation common to all divisions of the company.
Due to the complexity of adapting the old mode of communication inside and outside the projects, my previous experience with this tool led me to accompany the users as well as the project managers to set up their respective environments.
This has resulted in support and advice in the use of the tool but also in drafting specifications and user guides.

Keywords: Sharepoint, Microsoft, User guide, Best practices, User experiences, Specification.

Akka TechnologiesSeptember 2013 - December 2014

Redmine Analyst Developer within EVID divison at Akka Technologies

In order to improve the project management and the client/team exchanges, a project of quality process management application was initiated. Based on Redmine, the tool allows members of a project team to report on their progress and also to generate number of documents necessary for exchanges with the client.
In this context, I intervened based on my experience with Redmine Open Source tool in order to resume the development of the project and complete the implementation of functionalities defined and put back by the future users.

Keywords: Redmine, Open Source, Ruby on Rails, Evolution, Subversion, Aeronautic.

FreelanceJuly 2011 - August 2014

Afin de réaliser mes première expériences et monter en compétences, j'ai
dans un premier temps travailler sur de petits projets pour des particuliers.
Cela passe donc par un apprentissage de bonnes pratiques mais également par la mise en oeuvre de processus de contractualisation des projets. Cela
m'a permis à la fois d'élargir mes connaissances et également de découvrir un écosystème très vivant, celui de l'informatique.

Mots-clés: Knowledge, Skills, Freelance, Web, PHP, Html, CSS, Javascript, Symphony.

My stack

Application servers

Microsoft SharePoint

Software testing

Redmine, Jest, Jasmine, Cucumber



Big Data

Big Data




Spanish, BDD

Analysis methods and tools

Scrum, Design Patterns, Agile Methodology, JIRA, Confluence, Agile, Kanban




D3.js, Node.js, Backbone.js, Bootstrap, AngularJS, jQuery, CodeIgniter, Angular, AJAX




React Native

Environment of Development



Java, XML, SQL, JavaScript, UML, HTML5, Ruby, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, Ruby on Rails

IT Infrastructure

Git, Docker


Webpack.js, Spring Boot, Flux, Web Services, Open Source, Web Applications, React.js, Jboss, Software Development

My education and trainings

Certifications - --

Master's degree - Mathematics and Data Processing oriented Management - MIAGE - Master of Business Informatics2013 - 2016

Bachelor's degree - Computing Services for Organizations - Lycée Ozenne2011 - 2013

Baccalaureat, STG, Comptabilité et finance - Lycée Henri Matisse2008 - 2011