Benan A.


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14 years

My experience


PusulaIT United Kingdom (Contractor)March 2019 - Present

1. Financial House​ : I am working as a team lead and architect. We are Spring Boot 2 and AWS (RDS, SNS, SQS, S3, EC2), MicroServices Architecture with Eureka, Docker, Kubernete, Angular 7. Our project is an application about Payment System named Virtual Iban.

JR TECHNOLOGIES - ContractSeptember 2019 - Present


PusulaIT Turkey (Contractor)July 2010 - March 2019

All of this project, I worked as CPM and PM and architect.

1. Amadeus Project: ​ (The biggest IT company in the World which produces solution for Airways). We changed  the old structure of loyality project using GWT 2.7. We taught new structure to their team.

2. 40Ayak Project​ (Solen​ Company’s​ Project): We are developing a portal about logistics. We have designed an  architecture for frontend projects using Spring Boot,Spring Data JPA,Spring Data REST,Spring Security  OAuth,Spring JWT,WebSockets,Hibernate,Liquibase, Lombok,Connection,Pooling(HikariCP), ApplicationServer, Metric,AngularJS,AngularUI, Router, Bootstrap,NodeJS,Bower,Grunt,Karma,Protractor, Kendo UI, Dokku. We are changing their structure using this  framework. ​

3. Ekent Project (Çalık Holding’s Company): We designed a middleware layer using Fuse and message queues  and designing complex events using ESPER. We have done researched using using Camel, Rabbit MQ, Fuse and Esper for a government project.

4. Vodafone BPM Project via Oracle​: We have developed a Module named Montly Telecommunication Reports  using ADF framework.

5. ERP Project​: We are developing an ERP project includes all modules about accounting and human resources.

6. My Vodafone Project​ : I changed, add new pages and bugfixed some  issues about this portal. I used GWT.

7. Click to Door (Vodafone) Project​ : It is all about new and MNP subsribers of Vodafone. As usual for subscribing, customers should go to a Vodafone Shop. But with this project you can apply for new  subscribing and follow your subscription. The contract and sim card come to you via couriers.The technology we  used is micro services with Spring Boot and Angular 1.4. I integrated about 7 web services which is used in  Vodafone. We use scrum methodology in this project 8. Pregnant Guide Project :​ This project is a mobile project for Pregnancies . We used native language for  Android version and React Native for IOS version. At the backend we used Google Servers and Spring Boot  technology for coding. The database is PostgreSQL.

9. ETCBase Sql Server Migration Project​ : EtcBase company's has a big product. It works in almost all Banks in  Turkey. The design in this project is dependent Oracle. For their new customer who does use MS Sql Server 2012,  we changed the structure and made independent database.In this project we use Jenkins for continues integration.

10. Cuckoo Project​ : This is another startup project about travelling and luggages. Used Spring Boot for  backend, Angular 1 for admin side,Angular 4 for Web, React Native for mobile.
11. Yaşar Astron CRM Project: Giving Architecture support, making new SAP Integration, Caching with  Hazelcast, Using Java 8 features. New multihread features ,Odata type datas

12. Airsqreen :​ Billboard Marketting Solution. Used Spring Boot .Angular1 for admin site.Written SS & DSP

13. Shaya Bonus Management :​ It is an intranet project integrated to Cosmos, WinRetail, Bilişim HR. Used .net  Core and Rest for backend , for frontend used Angular 5
14. ToyzShop Career Management​ : It is an intranet project integrated to Oracle ERP. Used MicroService  Architecture based on Spring Boot

15. Vericurious :​ It is a USA based startup about hospitals. 16. Vodafone SOT(Store On Tablet) Project  We used AWS Services

16. Taksidepos​ : ​ A startup for taxi fees. We created 3 api. For backoffice , we created web-api , for pos integrations we create pos-api, for payment and batches we used sgring batch. In all apis we used spring boot. For backoffice we used angular 5 and primeng

17. Rule Engine​ : ​ Converting Swing based coded project to new technologies used Angular 6 , Spring Boot

18. Vodafone SOT(Store On Tablet) Project:​ ​ Working with an agile team in a CRM web application for the  purpose of shop employees that ls planned to run on tablets and mobile phones. Further more this project is an Open  API interface in front of the Vodafone backend systems. It is developing as micro services architecture and will be  the first live project that will run on VF cloud environment. Technologies used:: TM Forum Open API, Swagger documentation, Java 8, Spring Boot, Spring Security, Redis  Cache, Tomcat Server, Junit, JAXB, Angular UI 5.0, HTML5, CSS3, OpenShift, Git, Maven, Docker, Drools rule  engine, Hibernate 

19. N11 Ecommerce – Category Management Project. ​ We used Kafka, Spring Boot, Elastic Search ... 

20. Staroke A startup ​ : A startup for karaoke. We used Spring Boot. 

21.​ Sistek : ​ An ERP project (EMAR). We use Spring 3 , JSF2, Hibernate..I have developed a big module

22. YoncaBT :​ I prepared architecure using Seam 3 modules like Solder, SeamFaces, SeamSecurity... and JSF 2  with Primefaces, Hibernate 4, Oracle. Project is Subscriber Management System.

23.​ Turk Telekom Project: We ​ are developing an Open Social Platform called Netmera using Open Social,  Apache Shindig, Mongo DB, MySQL, MongoVUE, Hibernate, Gadget, Spring, Maven, Hazelcast, Guice.I am  senior developer in this project.

24.Tubitak Project: ​I am Project Manager in this project which is a bpm project. We are using JBoss Seam,JSF 1.2, Richfaces, Primefaces, Hibernate, Apache Lucene, EJB 3.0, Activiti, Alfresco, MySqL.This project is a Document Management System for government. It has more 300 flows.We have used Jenkins for continuous  integrations. 

25. STC Project: ​I am senior developer in this project. We are using Spring MVC, Oracle, JQuery, Hazelcast, and  Hibernate 3.4.This project is a management tool for web services of Saudi Telekom. We have worked with  Mohammed El-Behwashi form Ericsson STC Team. 

26. Turkcell Project: ​ Developing a GUI using JSF 2.1 and Java 6 CDI I am one of the architects and developer of  the project. Project name is CPCM​ . 

27.​ Vadi Project : ​ I am redesigning the structure of the big municipality project by using Seam 3. The project has  more than 3000 screen and we have about 12 developers .We are using almost all Seam 3 modules. For Application  server we are using JBoss 6 and 7. Our database is Oracle 10g. I designed a new project using SmartGWT EE using  Hibernate tools.

EricssonMay 2016 - May 2017

I worked as a contractor developer in two project. 1- We developed Notification Engine for Turkcell. Basically We synchronize with Turkcell catalag database (called  CPCM ) every night. We create offers, rules, notifications everything. We get CDR’s then create events with event  engine module. Then send notifications. This system sends about 6 million notification (sms, IVR, email) every day.  Project worked in 8 machine so we used JGroup. This project connects more than 20 web services. My role is architecting and developing with my team mate. We integrate more than 20 environment to this  project since it sends notification using this integrations.  We write Dealer Commissioning System for Zain Sudan.  I prepared architecture and taught the team this structure in this project. Calculation and  reporting commissions of dealer operations for Zain Sudan.

Arel UniversityFebruary 2014 - February 2015

I have given lectures Algorithm and Programming, Object Oriented Programming with Java, Advanced  Object Oriented Programming with Java, Database Programming, Advanced Database Programming.

VodafoneJuly 2009 - July 2011

1.​ ​ WAP Gateway : We use JBoss Netty Framework. So We use HTTP, UDP protocols. We use, for  logging Apache, for caching JCS, for records JPA and our db is Oracle. For managing this tool we use JBoss  2.2 Frameworok with Maven and JBoss 5.1 Application Server.

2.​ – 3 GWT Projects:​  I designed and developed three projects - TBR (Test Bill Run), YTS (Yasal Takip Sistemi),  RA  (Revenue Reports) - using Java GWT Framework and now supporting those projects. I was only  Java developer in projects and there were 3 other PLSQL developers.

3.​ ​ Customer Care and Billing​ : With the huge team we are developing new improvements like new tariffs, packages  or MNP. Sometimes we are fixing bugs.  I did some configuration for WAS 6.0 Application Server. All working items are given through JIRA interface. Sometimes we work individually and sometimes we develop in groups.  The main project CCB (Customer Care and Billing) which is based on Jsp, Servlet Framework. Most of hard code is  written by using PLSQL technology. So I am writing functions, procedures and packages. There is a test team and  they test our codes after we develop and unit testing. All works come from project managers and coordinators. While coding PLSQL, we are using Toad.

DocuartJune 2005 - December 2005

-Before the project IllerBank had been using desktop application and there was no network between them. We made  a web solution based on Struts framework. For Database System we used Oracle and connection was JDBC.  -I was in accounting module with 3 developers. There were 5 more modules. Whole team involved  more than 20 coders. The analyses were done by our team and module leaders. But the details weren't done. So we  worked with bank personals for detailed analysis. After developing there was a test team working with us. After  finishing the development and testing I and some personals went to teaching to whole personals.

NOSSeptember 2003 - March 2004

For a private customer we wrote a ERP programme. It includes 14 modules. In general I worked in the accounting  module. We developed a desktop application which is based on Java Swing. For database we used MySql and JDBC  connection. 

At first we analysed the project with the customer. Design tables and whole screens. After developing we test  ourselves using cross testing. After then, we taught the customer how to use programme.

My stack

XML, Web Services, Unit testing, TypeScript, Tomcat, TOAD, TDD, Swagger, SVN, SQL, Spring Security, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Spring Batch, Spring, Software Design, Scrum, REST, RAD, PrimeNG, PL/SQL Developer, PL/SQL, Oracle, Node.js, NetBeans, MySQL, MyEclipse, Mockito, Maven, Log4j, Less, Kafka, JUnit, JSON, JSF, jQuery, JPA, JMS, Jira, JEE, JDeveloper, JDBC, Jbuilder, JBoss, JavaScript, Java Core, JAVA 8, Java, J2EE, IntelliJ Idea, HTML5, Hibernate, Heroku, GWT, Gradle, Git, EJB, Eclipse, CVS, CSS3, Consulting, ClearCase, Angular 6, Angular 5, Angular 4, Angular, Agile