Steven C.


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30 years

My experience


UWE, BristolApril 2019 - August 2019

• Working Description: Development of new Web page which creates XML files from the contents of the student database. Create a specific search facility to drill down into the data. Provide an ETL process which runs on a timer or dynamically.
    • Reasons for leaving: Completed contract.
    • Skills Needed: .Net MVC, C#, JavaScript, CSS, SQL, Entity Framework, TFS, TDD, GitHub, Agile, Jira,

SFA, CoventryDecember 2018 - March 2019

• Working Description: Development of new Web page which searches all SFA courses with advanced filtering. Linking with API repository with DTO models. Developing .Net Core service and linking to Web controllers.
    • Reasons for leaving: Completed contract.
    • Skills Needed: .Net Core, Azure, C#, Node.js, REST API, SharePoint, Entity Framework, TFS, TDD, GitHub, Agile, Jira,

Lexis Nexis, PortsmouthJuly 2018 - December 2018

• Working Description: Maintaining and enhancing existing suite of apps which use Bluetooth connectivity and API Rest to collate information. Bringing old apps up to date and removing depreciated code and converting to new React applications.
    • Reasons for leaving: Completed contract.
    • Skills Needed: JavaScript, C#, Angular, React, Jira, GitHub, Agile.

Crux, BristolJanuary 2018 - June 2018

• Working Description: Firstly, to create an IOS app which was to work as closely as possible to an existing Android version. This app was to be able to gather information using Bluetooth, QR and NFC. The resulting values were to be persisted and displayed in a Chart.
    • Reasons for leaving: Project completed
    • Skills Needed: Swift 4.0, Android Studio, Lottie, GitHub, Agile.

UKHO, TauntonJune 2017 - December 2017

• Working Description: Working with a number of different legacy applications including Permit encryption generators using Blowfish and S63 encryption. There are also a number of processes working with the Cloud so we are developing these systems to run with Azure.
    • Reasons for leaving: Completed contract.
    • Skills Needed: C#, MVC, Core, Node.js, Azure, TFS UI, PowerShell, SharePoint, MongoDB, Angular, API, JavaScript, Json, Agile, GitHub.

Severn Trent Water, CoventryJune 2016 - June 2017

• Working Description: To enhance and re-develop HR Calibration Tool which is used extensively by HR to grade and provide performance information on staff and management. It is also used to provide delegation cover when team leaders are away. I also assisted with app development using both XCode and Ionic/Cordova Projects are managed under an Agile.
    • Reasons for leaving: Completed contract.
    • Skills Needed: C#, JavaScript, Node.js, SharePoint, REST API, Entity Framework, IOS, XCode8, Swift, ArcGIS, Agile, GitHub, Jira.

VCG-Kestrel, WithamNovember 2015 - June 2016

• Working Description: Maintenance and ongoing development of their Encore product which logs the progress of artwork projects. Projects are managed under an Agile environment and are varied from manipulating images to reporting and data management.
Encore is an MVC project using JQuery, JavaScript, LINQ, EF and WCF.
    • Reasons for leaving: Moving to Devon.
    • Skills Needed: MVC, C#, JavaScript, Angular, Entity Framework, Agile, JIRA, TDD, SQL, Reporting Services.

Dental Directory, WithamMay 2015 - November 2015

• Working Description: Working on company Website and Mobile app which works on a catalogue basis listing items with images and detail. The data is collated by using the company API to pull back relevant information in Json format and update users baskets. Experience in using MVC, Angular and Bootstrap was required.
    • Reasons for leaving: Work completed for October exhibition.
    • Skills Needed: MVC, C#, LINQ, SQL, IOS, Swift, Android Studio, Visual Studio, Angular and Bootstrap, Agile, Trello.

Jaguar Land Rover, Gaydon, WarwickSeptember 2014 - April 2015

• Working Description: Working with the ICA (In Control Apps) team developing apps for working on JLR's In Car App project which is has been well received in the motor industry. The project allows mobile devices to port their apps on to the vehicle Entertainment system. We have developed a number of IOS and Android apps which will become available with the ICA installation. We mainly worked on proof of concept apps using the mySpin framework for working with the vehicles, the car signals are sent via UDP and I developed our own framework to interpret the UDP responses. JLR uses Agile and Jira for project management with two week sprint.
    • Reasons for leaving: Contract finished when framework complete.
    • Skills Needed: XCode. Json, Swift, Obj C, Agile, TDD, JIRA, UDP and Socket interfaces. MySpin. IOS Frameworks, Appledocs, KML.

HSS Hire, ManchesterMay 2013 - September 2014

• Working Description: Developing and enhancing the main supplier portal enabling suppliers to update parts drawings and details as well as updating model books and purchase orders. This required working closely with the Spanner team in designing and structuring the database. The project also required graphics for working with part drawings.
I also was tasked with working on replacement IOS app for HSS booking system which required retrieving and updating the Spanner database by working Web services and building my own Api’s.
There were no testers so I incorporated my own TDD test scripts which was later adopted by the Spanner team.
    • Reasons for leaving:  New permanent staff continued with Supplier portal and IOS app was completed.
    • Skills Needed: ASP.Net, C#, Visual Studio 2008/2012, SQL Server 2008, TSql and SIIS, SSRS, Web Services, Ingres, TDD, IOS, Obj C.

BSAVA, GloucesterJune 2009 - May 2013

• Working Description: Originally I was brought in to develop a new company website but then due to my mobile experience I was given the job of creating new smartphone apps on IOS and Android and then dealing with member companies and providing bespoke apps for a variety of different requirements.  
I was tasked with taking on new developers to maintain the website as well as a junior to mentor on app development. We had daily Scrum stand ups with two week sprints. I also employed a full time tester who introduced TDD test scripts and project documentation.
    • Reasons for leaving:  Moved to Manchester.
    • Skills Needed: ASP.Net, VB.Net, C#, Visual Studio 2008, SQL Server 2005/8, TSql and SIIS, SSRS, TDD, Xcode and Eclipse.

Calida UKJanuary 2009 - June 2009

Managing the development a new web site and integration with back office system and linking Pda devices to SQL database. Add new modules to back office system to support maintenance of website and Pda system.

TBS ConsultingOctober 2005 - June 2008

Various contract work including more recently a large Service Support company developing a software package, which monitored Caretaker and Supervisor activities for local housing associations. Accountability for tenants and councils was becoming critical and we dealt with most of the councils around London and surrounding counties. In the last eighteen months I have been working with a number London based Housing associations linking PDA/Windows Mobile and Web based applications together, enabling employees to use their mobiles for all their needs.

InnoviseJuly 1990 - September 2005

Within the first two years the Innovise IT department had grown from just myself to two Analyst Programmers and a Junior Programmer and myself in a project management role. I have always been a believer in the hands on approach so I was involved in some of the software development as well as handling projects cycles and specifications for new development. Initially our products were written in a combination of Clipper 5.0 and C++ but it was clear that Windows was the way forward so after researching all current Windows development tools we decided to move forward using Delphi 3.0. Likewise, the Nippondenso had it’s limitations so we began replacing our handhelds with Psion Workabouts which were cheaper and more robust.
By the new millennium my department had grown to seven plus contractors. Working closely with my development team I kept a handle on all current project work and worked hard at keeping Innovise as the leader in Performance Monitoring by keeping abreast of new technology without exceeding our budgets. In doing so, we had upgraded our Delphi development software through Delphi 5.0 to Delphi 7.0, which had additional capability for Web development. Our Psions were also becoming outdated and were replaced by Palm units with touch screen technology and eventually HTC phones with Windows CE.

Martin Retail GroupMay 1988 - August 1990

MRG was one of the forerunners in EPOS development. I initially worked on the Site office systems using Foxpro but eventually became involved in developing central office systems using RPG based on MRG’s AS400 mainframe servers. Due to my knowledge of PC systems as well as AS400\​RPG I became involved in central support of on-site terminals and data transfer from branches. When MRG began looking at Hand held barcode unit software development for use in the branches I was tasked with using the new SDK and linking the units with branch systems.

Note: Information of experience prior to 1988 is available on request.

My stack

Xcode, Web Services, Visual Studio 2012, Visual Studio 2008, Visual Studio, VB.NET, UDP, Trello, TFS, Test Driven Development (TDD), T-SQL, Swift 4, Swift, SSRS, SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2005, Software Development, SharePoint, REST API, Project Management, PowerShell, Objective-C, Node.js, MVC, MS Reporting Services, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server, Lottie, LINQ, Kotlin, JSON, jQuery, Jira, JavaScript, iOS, Ingres, GitHub, Entity Framework, Eclipse, CSS, CRM, C#, Bootstrap, Azure, ASP.NET MVC 5, ASP.NET MVC, ArcGis, Apple iOS SDK, Angular, Android Studio, Android, Agile, .NET Framework, .NET Core