Jakub S.


264 euro
6 years

My experience

E2XJanuary 2020 - Present


Sinch​March 2019 - Present

Comptoir Libanais​: https://www.comptoirlibanais.com/   All my work at Sinch relates to the company’s intranet.   Front End​: React, GraphQL, React-Apollo, MaterialUI, other tech  Back End​: Java & MySQL, other tech  I am developing business React apps that almost all company’s staff are  using to manage clients, invoices, some accounting and reports.  A lot of data fetching, data manipulation, filters and tables.  Price Rules Setting App: ​I have developed this app which saves account  managers about​ 2 -3 days of work per month​ since it automates what  was previously done manually.

Kota CreativeMarch 2018 - January 2019

Comptoir Libanais​: https://www.comptoirlibanais.com/   My best yet. ​Built 100% of the front-end and back-end.   Features include geolocation which shows the user the closest  restaurant and the rest in order of distance, which involves a lot of  asynchronous javascript code.   Vast majority of images are lazy loaded, using the Intersection Observer  (and polyfill for this in IE and Safari). The site is sprinkled with subtle  animations. It also includes filtering menus and journal blog posts.   There are some form submissions and Mailchimp integration. This is hands down the coolest and the most beautiful restaurant
website in the UK! Please look at it!    Gratte Brothers corporate website​: https://www.gratte.com/   Built 100% of it’s front end and back end. The front-page slider is built  using canvas as that was the only way I could divide the image into 5  parts and align them always pixel perfect. I built most of the pages and  components.  Halo Group​: https://www.thehalogroup.co.uk/ first project at Kota, I  rebuilt about 50% of the front end.    As part of my role, I looked after the in house SiteCare for clients. This  would involve supporting existing sites with browser bug fixing as well  as adding new features.

City Credit CapitalOctober 2016 - March 2018

City Credit Capital corporate website:​ https://www.cccapital.co.uk/  CIX Markets corporate website​ (sub-brand of City Credit Capital):  https://www.cixmarkets.com/   Front-end of a new trading platform​: responsible for building user  interface and features (menus, live pricing tables, live charts etc) of a new  trading platform. Displaying and handling real-time data, live chart  updates, AJAX requests  Several interfaces for company’s back-end reporting systems​: data  visualisation with JSON files from the server, updating, sorting and  manipulating the data. The data should be always “manipulable”. The  DataTables and Tabulator libraries were an enormous help for this  purpose.   
The rest of work history is not relevant to development

My stack

React.js, Node.js, MySQL, JSON, JavaScript, Java, HTML, GraphQL, Express.js, CSS, Apollo Client