Oktay K.

Full Stack Developer

485 dollar
15 years

My experience


Tay Solutions Consultancy Ltd.March 2017 - Present

Oktay has been working on projects as FullStack Java Developer in London from May 2017 to late September 2019 is only interested in Contractor opportunities in the UK. Oktay has UK based Limited IT company, Tay Solutions Consultancy Ltd.
Skills / Technologies
•    Java 8
•    Spring Boot
•    JPA, hibernate
•    Angular JS
•    REST/SOAP, Restful web services, postman
•    Spring MVC
•    Microservices
•    Git, Confluence, RTC, Github, bitbucket, gitlab
•    AWS, Kafka, XML
•    Oracle PLSQL/SQL Development
•    Eclipse, Intellij, TOAD, Oracle PLSQL Developer
•    TDD, BDD, Agile Methodologies, ETL, Migration
•    Telecommunication Billing Invoicing Process (tariff, campaign) and Development
•    Jira, MS Project

Turk TelekomApril 2015 - April 2017

Rating & Billing Senior Software Developer (Contractor), Istanbul/Turkey
Oktay has a leading role in Turkish Telekom's Billing and Rating Solutions development IT department with the responsibility of complete end to end project/request analysis, development and delivery using Agile software development principles. He is responsible for coding, debugging and supporting test teams.  He worked compatible with analysts and designers in order to develop solutions to new requests on the billing & rating system.
•    Java 7/8
•    Spring Framework, Spring Boot
•    JPA, hibernate
•    AngularJS
•    RestFul Services
•    Microservices
•    AWS
•    Git, SVN, Confluence
•    TDD, BDD, Agile Methodologies
•    Eclipse, intelliJ IDEA, TOAD
•    Oracle PL/SQL Development
•    To participate in the supervision of Information and Communication Technologies Authority & to manage Information and Communication Technologies Authority reports and summary reports
•    Telecommunication Billing impact analysis and invoicing process
•    CDR Work Flow

Own Business - IT SolutionsMarch 2014 - June 2015

Oktay worked as self-employment. He did business in Finance and Telecom sectors. PMO operations of customers were automatized.  Customer display screens, customer tariff and package display screens, discount screens were also developed.
•    Java 7
•    Spring Framework
•    JSF
•    XML
•    Hibernate
•    Jira    •    Oracle PLSQL/SQL
•    Migration, Integration, ETL
•    Eclipse, TOAD, Oracle SQL Developer
•    TDD, Agile Methodologies
•    Data Analyst, Data Migration, ETL

VodafoneJuly 2011 - April 2014

Automatization of PMO operations (MSP Project – Vodafone Turkey) (Contractor (ATOS)), Istanbul/Turkey
•    Java 7
•    Spring Framework
•    JSP
•    Javascript
•    hibernate
•    Oracle Database
•    Eclipse
•    Git, CVS

Oktay had been in automatization project of PMO operations of Project Management Department. PMO operations that have been automatized;
•    Change Management
•    reporting all details of bugs  ( especially critical bugs ) and statistics of projects, bugs, bug projects
•    preparing invoice and KPI report ( monthly )
•    reporting utilization of resources ( developers & testers )
•    managing all related data of resources & Verification of  project details using Vodafone Jira
•    SLA(Service Level Agreement) preparation & follow-up process
•    SLA Measurement Method Analysis & Improvement
•    KPI measurement, follow-up and reporting

Oracle PLSQL Developer
Billing/Pricing/Invoicing Senior Developer
Oktay had been in Software Development Department in Billing & Rating & Posting domains of MSP Project as Senior Billing PLSQL Developer and Data Analyst. Agile software development principles had been used in MSP Project.
•    Oracle PLSQL/SQL
•    ETL, Integration, Migration
•    TOAD, Oracle SQL Developer
•    to analyze PRB&LLD and Release Notes ( RN ) & Unit Test ( UT ) Documentation
•    to realize new campaigns
•    to decide test strategies, to prepare test data & test support, to support internal projects
•    to improve bug fix, performance tuning

Medical Park Hospital GroupAugust 2010 - March 2011

•    to analyze system requirements, to support project team, to support end-users, to fix production errors, to manage installation of ORACLE DISCOVERER (Windows 7) for all Medical Park Hospitals
•    to install OBI on Windows Server 2008 R2 ( 64-bit, oracle11g ) and all needed programs (discoverer, forms, reports, OBI admin tool) on Windows XP ( WMWARE) for emergency support
•    to do database administrative tasks (e.g. troubleshooting database server performance )(bottleneck)
•    to support DBA for several cases ( bottleneck low performance (discoverer reports))
•    Oracle 11g
•    Oracle PLSQL/SQL
•    ERP, Oracle EBS, Oracle Business Intelligence, Oracle BI, Discoverer Desktop/Admin, Oracle Forms
•    VMWare, Crystal Reports

Freelance & Several Oracle Based CompaniesOctober 2009 - July 2010

Oktay had worked for Hitit Computer Services that is in airline sector between October 2009 and February 2010. The project was about shop and Miles Loyalty Program (Airlines) . Then, he had worked as project based for several companies until July 2010.
•    Oracle Database, Oracle PLSQL/SQL
•    TOAD, Oracle SQL Developer
•    to analyze system requirements, to do data modeling, to configure Oracle Database, to do physical database design

VodafoneNovember 2007 - October 2009

June 2008 - October 2009
Oktay’s job title was Billing Application Admin. He had worked at Billing and Pricing domain.
•    Campaign definition, configuration, management
•    Package, bundle, option, Donation SMS Service, Content SMS (PUSH-PULL) (WEB) configuration
•    VAS Service Definition, SMS Subscription, IVR, Free VAS Services, Operator Definitions
•    to configure Prices for Post Paid Tariffs (VOICE-SMS,MMS-DATA) and tax amount changes
•    to support Test group
•    to support production errors
November 2007 - June 2008
Oktay was a PL/SQL developer in a project that was for automating manual configurations by analyzing Billing & Pricing databases of Vodafone Turkey. His job title was Oracle Software Developer. He had used ArgoUML and Embarcadero programs for UML and sequence diagrams.
Project Flow in brief
•    to analyze System, to prepare a report for managers, to update report until manager's approval
•    to draw sequence diagram, programming phase, test phase, to obtain End Users' approval

Free lanceDecember 2006 - October 2007

Oktay had worked as freelance (part-time) for several customers to get work experience and became more knowledgeable about Oracle database, SQL coding and PLSQL programming.
•    Oracle installation on Windows and Linux
•    PLSQL/SQL code review    •    Analyzing SQL
•    SQL Tuning
•    Table structure customization and improving

My stack


MVC, HTML, PL/SQL, JavaScript, SQL, XML, Oracle PL/SQL


Project Management, Leadership, BDD

Big Data

Apache Kafka

Embedded and Telecom



Spring, Node.js

Environment of Development



Oracle, Database Administration, TOAD

Business Intelligence




Software testing


Analysis methods and tools

Microservices, Agile Methodology


AWS, Web Services, JSF, RabbitMQ, Spring Boot, RESTful Web Service, Tomcat

My education and trainings

Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) Field Of Study Computer Engineering - Isik University2000 - 2005