Paul W.

Full Stack Developer

280 dollar
3 years

My experience


Prettyboy.coJune 2018 - Present

Lead server and database developer for a small web development  company.  Solely responsible for functionality of server logic, database  management, email services and EC2 hosting services.   Variety of skills  and frameworks utilized including Python, JS, HTML/CSS, Django, AWS,  nginx/gunicorn, mySQL, SendGrid and Celery task management,  MongoDB . 


I. RedBull Curates Chicago  .​ - A webservice for a one time music and  culture event sponsored by Red Bull and hosted by Roxwell Curates in  Chicago on Lollapalooza Weekend.  Essentially a hub for guests to sign up  and receive informational emails leading up to the event, (Artist  announcements, food curation, lineup changes...).  This culminated in an  email revealing the secret location of the event.  Job required constant  updates both to the UI and server over the course of several months. 
Final  user count was about 1000.  Site now serves as a gallery of photos from  the event.  

Technologies Used :- Django and nginx for the server.
- MongoDB  for the database.
- Celery for task management. - AWS EC2 and gunicorn for hosting. - Sendgrid for email service. 
- Github, vim, virtualenv for general production. 

II. Papuga Transportation.​ .
- Ride scheduling company based in Ann  Arbor, MI.
Site is mainly focused towards elderly and disabled people in  need of transportation to doctor's appointments, nursing homes, etc…  Site holds user data, and allows for online scheduling.  Once scheduled,  rides are submitted to an admin portal to receive denial or approval.  A  task manager coordinates an email process that alerts both admin and
LANGUAGES  C++  Python  Swift  Javascript  HTML/CSS
MEAN Stack (Mongo, Express,  Angular, Node)
IOS Core Development Kits
SendGrid API

client upon ride requests, approvals and denials.    

Technologies Used :   - Django and nginx for the server.  - SQL  for the database.  - Celery for task management.  - AWS EC2 and gunicorn for hosting.  - Sendgrid for email service.  - Github, vim, virtualenv for general production.

My stack


GitHub, API, Sendgrid


SQL, HTML, JavaScript, Python, Swift, C++, Jscript, C/C++


React.js, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Express


MySQL, MongoDB

IT Infrastructure

Nginx, iOS


Consultant Backend Developer, Audio Developer, online scheduling, Python Programming, High School Diploma, Full Stack, REACTJS, Certificate, Cascading Style Sheets, Manager, database management, Task management, Grocery Assistant


Node.js, Django, AngularJS, Angular

Open Source solutions


My education and trainings

High School Diploma - Petoskey High School