Tyler P.

Full Stack Developer

690 dollar
10 years
San Francisco, UNITED STATES

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Honors & AwardsDecember 2019 - Present

Express Quiz: Passed Express Quiz


Frontend Developer Quiz: Passed Medium Difficulty Frontend Developer Quiz


React.js Quiz: Passed Medium Difficulty React.js Quiz



Clean HarborsDecember 2018 - Present

In this position, I manage all commercial drivers qualifications, all equipment(from registration to current inspections), and also reconcile ELD(Electronic Log Data) with APR(Approved Payroll).

With the help of a small team, I brought my three reporting branches to the top three spots in the company nationally regarding error reporting and compliance.

As a Transportation Compliance Coordinator at Clean Harbors, I keep records in compliance with CFR 49, IFTA, Clean Harbors(extensive), DOT and, other departments or firms such as CHP and FMCSA.

Tasks that I complete are record verification(checking that employees are compliant to DOL / DOT laws), permit expiry checking and renewal, checking certification of drivers for differing licences. Simpler tasks include filing, excel, and computer operation skills.

//This site is now dated as my skills have improved since this apps inception. Though, it is still useful!

There exists a website I created that hosts a collection of web apps, written by me, that accelerate my daily workflow. The applications accelerate my workflow to such an extent that I am capable of completing tasks, in a mere two days, what had taken previous employees in my position a few to one week to complete.

ProjectsJanuary 2019 - January 2019

Work API Server - Frontend Electron: An electron based frontend that interfaces with the Work Api Server I created.

Work Api Server - Node: Utilizing node and express, this project serves as a backend handler to the frontend counterpart. In general, this project allows to accelerate the Transportation Compliance Coordinator workflow at clean harbors.

Bloccit - A Reddit Clone: A Reddit clone made with love. I call it, Bloccit.

The git repository can be found at https://github.com/livebacteria/bloccit

Node.js, Express, EJS(Embedded Java Script).

Accelerated Workflow App Collection: UPDATE: Due to XSS compatitibility, this project will transition into a Web Extension.

This site serves as a 'Collection of Web-Apps' I have built for accelerating my workflow.

The Trello for this project: https://trello.com/b/YAIcdAzh/webapp-for-work

Currently implemented apps:

Driver Log Viewer

DVIR Record Viewer

Upcoming features are:

Move to Node and host on Heroku

React Based UI/UX

Prevailing Anonymised Data

Bloc Jams React: A simple audio streaming app built using react


Cryptocurrency Trader and MinerJanuary 2012 - December 2018

I managed the trade and wallets of Cryptocurrencie (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Namecoin). I traded using BTC-E (https://btc-e.com/), Cryptsy (https://www.cryptsy.com/), CEX.io (https://cex.io), and the now deprecated Mt.Gox (https://www.mtgox.com/) online currency exchange markets. I used multiple mining pool networks namely including BTC-Guild, Eligius(US-Major). I mined with non-Enterprise grade hardware purchased and setup by my team and I.

Simonton Windows & DoorsMay 2018 - October 2018

Operated glass line keeping up with demands, made a small web app to help keep track of damaged and defective windows. (Not implemented)

Del Taco Restaurants Inc.February 2017 - March 2018

Successfully provided customer service and management qualities promoting me up to shift lead.

Filled any position at the Store, Front or Back of house.
Front includes responsibilities such as Quality Customer Service, POS, Opening / Closing the Store, maintaining a high Store Cleanliness level.

Back includes cooking, prep, and Opening / Closing.

Aether TechnologiesFebruary 2017 - February 2018

Set up four enterprise grade mining systems, from ASIC to GPU and CPU. Installed new breaker sets off main power line, including power conditioner and balancer as well as UPS.

Defunct due to volatility in cryptocurrencies value. Investments made back from liquidation.

Cryptocurrency mining, trading and, holding business.

WalmartApril 2016 - February 2017

Photo Networking, Maintained Work Area and Printers.
Sales Consultant for Electronics and Technology
Exceedingly Excellent Customer Service

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Time Management, Project Management, Management, Leadership, GitHub, Business Development

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Unreal Engine


Software, sales, Microsoft Office, Persistence


SQL, Java, JavaScript, HTML5, HTML, Ruby on Rails, CSS

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Firebase, React.js, Web development, JSX


Node.js, Express.js

My education and trainings

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GED Testing Service - 2014 GED® Test - Social Studies with Honors2015 -

- Bloc2018 - 2019

GED, Graduate - Fairfield GED Testing Centre2015 - 2015