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Instant ParcelsDecember 2019 - Present

Architected and implemented a full application that allows users to track and trace mails and parcels even if they don’t know who is the courier. AI mechanism may apply and request additional couriers APIs, based on initially determined shipping country or courier.

• Implemented server setup at Digital Ocean Droplet: Nginx, Reverse Proxy, Server Blocks, Node, PM2, SSL.
• Signed contracts with couriers providing REST and SOAP API integration: UPS, USPS, DHL, FedEx and others.
• Implemented Next.js configuration to support SSR.
• Implemented MongoDB connection, designed models and CRUD methods.
• Designed and implemented internal RESTful API.
• Implemented seamless API integration for 100+ external REST/SOAP APIs.
• Implemented user authentication with Passport.js.
• Designed and implemented Admin Dashboard providing management tools for: Couriers, Stores, Articles. 
 Created Analytical tools: SERP position tracking, tracking codes statistics, couriers trends chart.
• Implemented tracking interface and functionality that provides full information about given tracking code and associated parcel: courier(s), delivery status, locations history, days in transit, expected delivery date.
• Implemented “Tracking History” page that helps track and trace multiple orders in one single place.

DauntlessMarch 2018 - Present

Call Center Management System.

• Implemented initial setup for React CRA application, Redux state management and Git repository.
• Worked with back-end team developing RESTful API endpoints.
• Created authentication form and session management functionality using Redux-Forms and OAuth.
• Created “Management Dashboard” providing necessary management tools for customer accounts, orders, quotes, products and services.
• Created multi-steps “Quotes” and “Orders” CRUD functionality that supports flexible discount calculation based on customer location, product type and quantity, service frequency.
• Integrated RollBar for extended error logging
• Performed code revision

Software used: React.js, Redux, Redux-Thunk, RollBar, Git, GitLab, JavaScript

SplashlightOctober 2016 - April 2017

Inventory Management System provide interfaces for managers, photographers, retouchers and others to collaborate delivering high quality digital product .

• Identified anti-patterns and legacy code in the system, planned and performed refactoring solutions.
• Rebuild user roles/permissions functionality for multi clients support.
• Performed Database refactoring: removed abandoned tables and fields, optimized relations.
• Developed new features by client’s request (Victoria’s Secrets, Target).

Software used: JavaScript, React.js, Backbone.js, PHP, Codeigniter, MariaDB, Git, SourceTree, BitBucket, Jira, Laravel Vagrant box.

TripTrailingJanuary 2016 - September 2016 - The Social Network for travelers.

• Managed AWS EC2 IaaS system.
• Architected, implemented, and maintained the entire end-to-end system.
• Developed interfaces and functionality using Google Map API helping users to plan their trips and draw multi-part directions using a series of way-points.

AlwaysMedFebruary 2013 - September 2016 - Online medical records profile.

• Managed AWS EC2 IaaS system.
• Architected, implemented, and maintained the entire end-to-end system.
• Designed and developed “Medical Vault” system for storing users medical records and personal information.
• Designed and developed “Records Request” system which helps users request their records from medical offices without visiting in person.
• Developed “Doctors Database” similar to Zocdoc.
• Boosted customer acquisition by implementing similar to LinkedIn functionality - “Connect with contacts” interface and invitation messaging, where user contact list was received using Google Contacts API.

TurkishNYNovember 2012 - February 2013 - A high loaded news portal for Turkish people living in the US

• Redesigned the website to make it looks modern and mobile compatible.
• Developed new features, such as slideshows, weather channel, horoscope, etc
• Managed daily mailing newsletters for subscribers

Software used: PHP, MySQL, Joomla, jQuery , Javascript

SarBC.ruDecember 2010 - August 2012 - A high loaded web portal including 50+ subdomains such as auto, real estate, news, etc

• Developed new features for projects:,,
• Implemented integrations with REST API’s such as Google Maps, Google Analytics, PayPal, Facebook
• SEO optimization

Project: Web Studio
• Involved in a full-cycle application development from concept to completion, for clients in diverse industries, such as: non-profit, financial, healthcare and e-commerce
• Integrated REST APIs such as Google Maps, Google Analytics, PayPal, Facebook
• Met with clients to access needs, determined site specifications, provided technical instructions on CMS administration

My stack

Vagrant, Underscore.js, SSL, SQL, SourceTree, SEO, REST, Require.js, Redux, React.js, PHP, Passport, OOP, Node.js, Nginx, Next.js, MySQL, MongoDB, MERN stack, MariaDB, Laravel, LAMP, jQuery, Joomla, Jira, JavaScript, HTML, Google Maps API, Google Analytics, GitLab, GitHub, Git, Express.js, ECMAScript, Digital Ocean, CodeIgniter, CMS, Bitbucket, Backbone.js, AWS, Amazon Web Services EC2, Agile Methodology