Maxim M.

Full Stack Developer

460 dollar
7 years
San Francisco, UNITED STATES

My experience


MoblineFebruary 2019 - Present

* Creating Instagram analytics startup, using PHP, MySQL, RabbitMQ and React + Redux
* Designed DB architecture, independent workers that use single queue system and update UI in real-time by sockets

Tailored Brands Inc.September 2018 - January 2019

* Integrated markup and JS sources into a customer-facing web app with visualizer for Sept. 2018 - Present online ordering custom suits using Angular 7 in the Agile team
* Reduced PR time from ~2 days to ~4 hours by utilizing unit- and integration-tests, linter for TypeScript and SCSS files, added GIT hooks before commit and push and added wiki materials for devs
* Reduced time spent on integration with microservices by ~40%, implementing automated generation of modules for API calls using OpenAPI Generator with customized templates for our application

Maxim Mazurok Digital AgencyJune 2018 - September 2018

* Managed small design and development teams using modern project management tools and methodologies to lead up to 5 quality projects simultaneously and deliver on time and on budget
* Integrated Open-Source CRM in business processes to provide excellent service to clients from the USA, UK, and Brazil, totaling more than 10 completed projects, including websites, hybrid mobile apps and chat-bots

PHP Academy, Go ITeens and Main AcademyDecember 2017 - August 2018

* Taught basics to groups of ~10 people onsite and online, hired best students later to work for me
* Taught teenagers how to structure, design, develop and deploy websites, mentored their projects
* Taught advanced course of web development, including Angular framework

CS Odessa LLCJune 2014 - May 2018

* Developed custom CMS for products section with over 80 valuable content pages which got 100% Page Speed
Score and increased SEO score, driving more sales from organic search traffic
* Developed web app for sharing and managing visual documents with various access levels and complex sharing policies, using custom-made front-end rendering framework with real-time updates via WebSocket
* Debugged web-based application using WireShark, sslstrip, sslsplit, server logs, and APM to reduce server load by ~90%, as well as analyzed slow MySQL-queries and optimized them to reduce response time by ~80%
* Analyzed large datasets to provide visualized insights about common characteristics of users who are most likely to buy our software, using ML algorithms, create more efficient personalized email-marketing campaigns

My stack

Analysis methods and tools


IT Infrastructure



HTML, CSS, OOP, PHP, Delphi, SQL, C++, JavaScript, Java, HTML5, TypeScript, XML, CSS3, Pascal, C#


Angular, AJAX, jQuery, AngularJS, Node.js, WordPress, jQuery UI, Redux


program development, UI, Android development, Instagram, Programming, Front End, WEBSOCKET, OpenAPI, React

Environment of Development







Open Source, SCSS, React.js, React-Redux, Joomla, Web development, RabbitMQ, Web Applications

Application servers



SEO, Web Design, API, Wireshark

My education and trainings

Master in Information Technology and Systems - Odessa National Polytechnic University2018 - 2020

Bachelor in Сomputer Science - Odessa National Polytechnic University2014 - 2018