Maxim M.

Full Stack Developer

460 dollar
7 years
San Francisco, UNITED STATES

My experience


MoblineFebruary 2019 - Present

* Creating Instagram analytics startup, using PHP, MySQL, RabbitMQ and React + Redux
* Designed DB architecture, independent workers that use single queue system and update UI in real-time by sockets

Tailored Brands Inc.September 2018 - January 2019

* Integrated markup and JS sources into a customer-facing web app with visualizer for Sept. 2018 - Present online ordering custom suits using Angular 7 in the Agile team
* Reduced PR time from ~2 days to ~4 hours by utilizing unit- and integration-tests, linter for TypeScript and SCSS files, added GIT hooks before commit and push and added wiki materials for devs
* Reduced time spent on integration with microservices by ~40%, implementing automated generation of modules for API calls using OpenAPI Generator with customized templates for our application

Maxim Mazurok Digital AgencyJune 2018 - September 2018

* Managed small design and development teams using modern project management tools and methodologies to lead up to 5 quality projects simultaneously and deliver on time and on budget
* Integrated Open-Source CRM in business processes to provide excellent service to clients from the USA, UK, and Brazil, totaling more than 10 completed projects, including websites, hybrid mobile apps and chat-bots

PHP Academy, Go ITeens and Main AcademyDecember 2017 - August 2018

* Taught basics to groups of ~10 people onsite and online, hired best students later to work for me
* Taught teenagers how to structure, design, develop and deploy websites, mentored their projects
* Taught advanced course of web development, including Angular framework

CS Odessa LLCJune 2014 - May 2018

* Developed custom CMS for products section with over 80 valuable content pages which got 100% Page Speed
Score and increased SEO score, driving more sales from organic search traffic
* Developed web app for sharing and managing visual documents with various access levels and complex sharing policies, using custom-made front-end rendering framework with real-time updates via WebSocket
* Debugged web-based application using WireShark, sslstrip, sslsplit, server logs, and APM to reduce server load by ~90%, as well as analyzed slow MySQL-queries and optimized them to reduce response time by ~80%
* Analyzed large datasets to provide visualized insights about common characteristics of users who are most likely to buy our software, using ML algorithms, create more efficient personalized email-marketing campaigns

My stack

IT Infrastructure


Application servers



Wireshark, SEO, Web Design, API


JavaScript, PHP, OOP, HTML, C#, Pascal, CSS3, TypeScript, CSS, HTML5, Java, C++, XML, SQL, Delphi

Analysis methods and tools





OpenAPI, React, UI, Android development, Front End, WEBSOCKET, Programming, Instagram, program development


AJAX, AngularJS, jQuery UI, Redux, Node.js, Angular, WordPress, jQuery


RabbitMQ, Joomla, React.js, Web Applications, React-Redux, SCSS, Web development, Open Source

Environment of Development




My education and trainings

Master in Information Technology and Systems - Odessa National Polytechnic University2018 - 2020

Bachelor in Сomputer Science - Odessa National Polytechnic University2014 - 2018