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Mikka P.

Full Stack Developer

920 dollar
11 years

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  • 11 years of industry experience
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My experience


YarrbleFebruary 2018 - Present

Constructed location-based apps to help sailors find and share reviews and data on anchorages
- Conceived patent pending system to measure sea state and predict anchorage quality
- Reduced load times by 33% through eager loading
- Developed backend Ruby on Rails application to serve both RESTful and GraphQL APIs
- Bootstrapped frontend React/Redux application with Material UI
- Prototyped mobile AR app to preview anchorages with ARKit and ARCore
- Extended Postgres database with PostGIS to handle geospatial data
- Integrated third-party APIs, such as Mapbox
- Set up and deployed production code on AWS (EC2, RDS, ALB, R53, ACM)

The Bouqs CompanyNovember 2018 - December 2018

Developed Ruby on Rails backend and React frontend for floral delivery and subscription service
- Crafted solutions to enhance accessibility and SEO rankings
- Refactored legacy codebase to prevent file lookup failures and unintended overwrites
- Wrote RSpec tests and added Flow type checking to improve code quality
- Identified application risks and process risks then suggested solutions
- Worked with MongoDB, Docker, ElasticSearch, Redis, MySQL, React, jQuery, Ruby on Rails

BinWiseMay 2018 - September 2018

Built cloud-based inventory management system and CRM for restaurants, bars, wine distributors
- Implemented React/Redux frontend apps consuming RESTful JSON APIs
- Took the initiative to optimize performance and maintainability by refactoring codebase
- Rewrote parts of codebase to reduce network calls, enabling users to perform tasks 500x faster
- Introduced automated testing, saving the company at least 4 man-hours per day
- Developed library of reusable, responsive React components and FreeMarker templates
- Collaborated with product managers to iterate on prototypes and inform the design process
- Configured bundlers, transpilers, and build tools to containerize and deploy apps to AWS

Hewlett-Packard Inc.May 2017 - October 2017

Created web interface for UWP desktop apps and defined UX motion design for OMEN PCs
- Introduced motion into UI/UX design at HP
- Developed web interface for UWP desktop apps using HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery
- Created and converted After Effects animations into Javacript and SVG files
- Projects: OMEN Game Stream, MyHP, HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset, Desktop Wallpaper

Purple Squirrel StudiosJanuary 2012 - April 2017

Founded and operated one-stop shop for creative services
- Performed end-to-end video production and animation
- Provided full-service branding from visual design to merchandising
- Interfaced with clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to startups
- Managed logistics, including hiring talent, procuring equipment, scouting locations

SonyAugust 2016 - January 2017

Conducted R&D to lay the UX foundations for PlayStation VR Home
- Concepted and implemented experimental VR interactions and interfaces
- Coded in C# to program behaviors, custom shaders and generative environments
- Made 2D and 3D assets and animations using Maya, C4D, After Effects, and Mudbox
- Wrote functional specifications
- Tested concepts on stakeholders and achieved Proof of Concept

FreelanceSeptember 2003 - April 2005

- Designed and developed multimedia websites in HTML, CSS, Javascript
- Interfaced with clients to gather specifications and develop solutions to meet their needs

My stack


MongoDB, PostGreSQL


CSS, HTML, Python, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Shell Scripting, GraphQL, MVC


Redux, Express.js, Node.js

Open Source solutions




Software testing

Jest, RSpec, Enzyme, Cypress


Pixi.js, React.js, AWS, Flow



Analysis methods and tools

Agile, MVVM, Bamboo, Scrum


React, UI, Webpack

IT Infrastructure

Git, Docker

My education and trainings

Certification, Full Stack Web Development - Flatiron School2018 - 2018

Certification, Advanced Motion Graphics and Video Production - Bay Area Video Coalition2013 - 2013

B.A., International Relations - Brown University2004 - 2004