Eugen S.

Lead Developer

555 dollar

My experience


Wyssen Avalanche Control AGJuly 2018 - Present

Wyssen Avalanche Control - Provides the most operationally reliable and effective remote avalanche control system in the market. WAC.3® is a new operating software for Avalanche Towers or the variety of avalanche detection systems, which are indisputably regarded today as state-of-the-art.
Javascript, Node.js, React/Vue.js, PHP, GIT
Microservices, Docker
MySQL, RabbitMQ

Invent and implement scalable microservice-based core which is able to handle realtime information coming from radars, infrared, infrasoud, acoustic and weather sensors placed on towers installed around the globe.
Develop multiple improvements for WAC.3® user interface.

RTSmunityJuly 2016 - July 2018

Core - Our system provides prematch and live betting courses, game statistics and analytics which are used by betting companies for minimizing their risks. Built with microservice architecture, written in mainly Java and Javascript.
Javascript, Typescript, Node.js, React, Webpack, Mocha, GIT
AWS, Lambda, SNS, SQS, CloudWatch, Microservices, ElasticSearch
PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, DynamoDB, Apache Kafka
REST, GraphQL, Websockets

Develop and implement core microservice-based architecture, providing robust and top notch result. Advise and support of other team players.

Trading Platform - Electron/React based application for traders, where they can track video and trade odds.
Javascript, React/Redux, Webpack, Mocha, GIT
REST, GraphQL, Websockets

WebDemo - SPA where our live and prematch odds are demonstrated for potential customers.
Javascript, React/Redux, Webpack, Mocha, GIT
REST, GraphQL, Websockets

Salsita SoftwareApril 2014 - July 2016

MyPoints - Chrome extension which allows to automatically find coupon which will provide best discount for selected products.
Javascript, Angular, Grunt, Mocha, Browserify, git
SwissCockpit - platform for malls, airports and other larger shopping places. It allows to track visitors in realtime, build visitors and turnover heatmaps and reports.
Javascript, Angular, Gulp, git, LUA, C, SQL, MongoDB, Indoor location (Wi-Fi based) - platform for managing product listings through different e-commerce
platforms (Ebay, Amazon, Shopify, etc.).
Javascript, React, Babel, Webpack, Karma, git, PostgreSQL
- Communicate with customers, translate customer's requests to task descriptions, design applications architecture, development.

Ricardo AutomotiveJune 2013 - March 2014

WAVE is the market-leading 1D engine & gas dynamics simulation software package.
WAVE enables performance simulations to be carried out based on virtually any intake, combustion and exhaust system configuration, and includes a drivetrain model to allow complete vehicle simulation.
C++/C, Windows, Linux, MSVC/gdb, Plastic SCM
* Parallelisation of linear acoustic solver, adding new features to WAVE-3D
mesher and WavePost (post processing tool), integration of legacy proprietary GUI library with Qt.

Kerio Technologies Inc.April 2009 - May 2013

Kerio Control engine is a cross-platform application able to analyze each network packet and apply a set of traffic rules on it. It also contains number of protocol- specific filters and gathers rich internet usage statistic.
C++/C, linux shell scripting, Windows, Linux, MSVC/Kdevelop/gdb, CVS/GIT
- Development of IPv6 traffic handling, recognizers of tunneled Ipv6 traffic, IPSec feature, HTTPS filtering, HTTP proxy, SIP protocol recognizer, MAC Filter, integration with Snort, domain integration (Microsoft Active Directory, Apple Open Directory)
- Design and implementation of parallel packet processing mechanism.
* Implementation of automatic domain controller resolver for Linux version, SASL authentication in LDAP client, integration with Microsoft Windows.

Techinline Ltd.September 2008 - April 2009

Desktop sharing application, allows to establish remote session in a shortest
C++/C#, Windows, MSVC, SVN, MSSQL
Design and implementation of unique drag`n`drop feature (between local and remote
computers), recording session to video file, common data transfer protocol, NAT
traversal technology, UAC handling, IPC, skinned GUI, error reporting system.

On-line Card technologiesMarch 2004 - September 2008

Client-side application for new generation payment system (On-line Card),
developed with a purpose of easy and secure e-commerce purchases.
C++, Windows, MSVC, CVS/SVN, Crypto++
Design and implementation of GUI (extremely flexible library, which allows to design wonderful skinned GUI without any restrictions), network communication (own implementation of SOAP over HTTP), encryption (using Crypto++ library), plugins for Internet Explorer and Firefox, IPC between main application and plugins.

Elliptic SoftwareNovember 2002 - March 2004

PDA Defense - System intended to protect and safely destroy the important private data, with a capability to create virtual encryption partitions and Flash card encryption function.
C++/C, Windows Mobile/PalmOS, MSVC/Metrowerks Codewarrior, CVS
Development of cryptographic algorithms (own implementation of AES, Blowfish, etc.), integration with OS (Crypto API, virtual encrypted partitions, contacts encryption), GUI with skins.

Software TechnologiesMarch 2001 - November 2002

BusinessMAP – large-scale cartographic application. ArcPad Routing Extension –
extension for ArcPAD application (cartographic application), allows to build a
routes, make notes and etc.
C++, Windows/Windows Mobile, MSVC, MS SourceSafe
Development of integration with PIM, data serialization, installation for main
application and its components.

My stack

IT Infrastructure

Linux, Git, Docker, Microsoft Windows 2003 Server, Active Directory

Big Data

Apache Kafka


Analytics, Social Media

Software testing


Environment of Development

KDevelop, CodeWarrior


TypeScript, LUA, Shell Scripting, SQL, C++, JavaScript, Java


Vue.js, Gulp, React-Redux, React.js, Amazon Web Services (AWS), ElasticSearch, RabbitMQ, REST API



Application servers

Apache Web Server

Open Source solutions



REST, Ext JS, Express.js, Browserify, AngularJS, Zend Framework, jQuery, Node.js

Analysis methods and tools



Windows Mobile


MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server, Redis, MySQL, PostGreSQL


PalmOS, Data Encryption, Design and Implementation, Amazon DynamoDB, 3D, Front End, Microsoft Visual C/C++ > Microsoft Visual C, ISP, IPC, GUI Applications, MS Visual SourceSafe, Microsoft Internet Information Server, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apache Subversion, React, Perl Programming, eCommerce, Microsoft C-SHARP, Microsoft Windows, C Programming Language, Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, Ricardo WAVE, UAC handling, Develop multiple improvements, UNIX Free BSD, Grunt

My education and trainings

Master of Science - Taganrog Technical University1996 - 2001