Sorin I.


425 euro
14 years
Bucharest, ROMANIA

My experience


UbisoftNovember 2008 - Present

Lead Programmer
Oct 2016 –

Main developer for an internal testing automation software/tool for AAA game productions (C++, C#, JS, Angular).

Modular tool used to automate testing of games. It handles resource management (PC and consoles), reporting (web-site, emails, UI, console), log collecting, test debugging, integration with systems like Jira or TestRail, as well as with other internal crash reporting systems. The tool provides a "natural" and extendable scripting language for writing test scenarios, as well as an UI designed to help developers and testers write, run and debug tests.

Lead Programmer
Apr 2014 – Sep 2016

Leading a professional team in developing high quality middleware for AAA Ubisoft productions. Collaboration with Ubisoft Montreal.
Worked as a Lead C++ Programmer for a UI solution for AAA games.
Main responsibilities:
- maintain a close connection with the remote team from Montreal;
- maintain a close connection with our internal clients (provide support, discuss/implement requests);
- implement C++ related tasks;
- provide technical assistance to my team (code reviews, design advices, unblocking them);
- evaluate and grow my team members;
- organize sprint reviews, sprint plannings, daily stand-ups;

- get involved in the hiring process.

Junior Lead Programmer
Apr 2011 – Mar 2014

The group I'm part of consists of multiple teams that are developing and providing support for multi-platform middle-wares used by AAA productions (Assassin's Creed, Watch Dogs, Splinter Cell, Far Cry, etc.)
I've worked as part of a multi-platform audio engine (similar to Wwise) team for 2 years. I'm currently working on a AI navigation middleware.
Technologies used:
General C\C++ Programmer (Visual Studio, Perforce)
iPhone\iOS Engine Programmer
Android OS Engine Programmer (Eclipse, Perforce)
Agile Methodology

Nov 2008 – Apr 2011

I've worked as part of the team that developed Silent Hunter title on iOS (iPhone, iPad). After this project I've joined a team that was developing a multi platform game engine (PC, Xbox360, PS3, Nintendo 3DS, WiiU). This team was based in Quebec city and we worked as a remote team from Craiova.
General C\C++ Programmer (Visual Studio, Perforce)
iPhone\iOS Games Programmer (Xcode, Perforce, CVS)
iPhone\iOS Engine Programmer
Android OS Engine Programmer (Eclipse, Perforce)

My stack

XML, Xcode, Visual Studio, Time Management, TestRail, SQLite, Software Development, Software Design, Scrum, Problem Solving, Planning, Perforce, OpenGL, OOP, Multithreading, Linux, JSON, Jira, JavaScript, iPhone, iOS, GitLab, Git, Eclipse, DirectX, Debugging, CVS, CMake, C/C++, C++, C#, Bash, Artificial Intelligence, Angular, Android, Agile