Dan P.


530 dollar
11 years
Bucharest, ROMANIA

My experience


The Java AcademyApril 2019 - Present

Teaching Java classes to students which includes:

1) STEP-BY-STEP-System to your SUCCESS.
- one-to-one training: coaches teach and train you personally in bi-weekly sessions all the concepts directly.
- Zero-to-Hero Concept: We designed the program in a way that even with no prior experience you can write real life complex applications.
- custom program: the content and duration of the courses depend on each one's programming level
- personalized final project : you will choose the topic for your first big project and we will guide you through the development process.

2) GROUP-COACHING with the mentors.
​ - live Coaching Calls with the mentors: Members can ask mentors their individual questions via videochat every week and get his personal opinion to any topic.
​ - more than just java : training for the most used tools in the java ecosystem: source control, frameworks, storage, communication protocols
- job interview training : our coach interview will train you so you can get the job you want

​ - Live Calls with our mindset coach: On top of the calls with the technical coaches you have access to our motivational coach that will make sure you stay on track.
- successful stories: you will meet and hear the stories of people who started from scratch, switched careers and are now successful developers in multinational companies

Orange ServicesMarch 2020 - Present

The mission of Malima service is the management of cellular connectivity and geolocation objects connected to mobile Orange networks, with service platforms Malima ( Manage Links and Machines ) and Smart SIM, on behalf of multiple countries.

There is a sustained growth of SIMs managed currently on Malima. Several requirements ( capcity, scalability, massive computing ) triggered a transformation plan to move to a microservices architecture, deployed on K8S in our internal cloud, Cassandra, Spark, ElasticSearch technologies.

Orange ServicesMarch 2019 - March 2020

Migrating the current application to cloud. Currently we are developing the new Jenkins pipelines, containerising the existing application using Docker and deploying it to Kubernetes.

Societe Generale European Business ServicesOctober 2018 - March 2019

EDS is a data service layer that provides position and product definition to all Equity traders at GBIS. Due to its positioning in the deal processing IS EDS is a key component for all trading activities (deal booking, front office position, product definition for Equity Listed & OTC products, etc). It’s a technical application with key performance targets in mind (~1 Billion calls/day, response time ~ ms, ~100GB data in memory cache). It’s deployed in the main financial places around the world (New York, Paris, Hong Kong). The target is that the API to be revamped from scratch to use REST services.

Societe Generale European Business ServicesApril 2018 - October 2018

Driven by passion and a strong team, I took part into the design, architecture and development of Havana which was done mostly outside our working hours.
Havana is a proof of concept that exposes each step of Bacardi pricing process through REST APIs. Every step is a service that can be called independently for testing and business needs.
We took each part of the mammuth application, and proudly split it into separate modules, each with its own purpose.
The app uses a Spring Boot backend and a small Angular 2 frontend.

Societe Generale European Business ServicesMarch 2016 - October 2018

GBIS is a world leader on equity derivatives. Bacardi is the Risk Engine for all equity and derivative products. Bacardi calculates daily Profit & Loss for the group financial management, provides market risk analysis for the front office trading desk and risk metrics (Stress Tests, Value at Risk) for regulatory department. It is used by more than 1500 people worldwide (Europe >1100, Asia ~150, Amer ~250), and processes over 250 000 CPU hour of calculation each day on its grid computing facility (30 000 CPU cores).

Bacardi is mainly written in java (~1.5M lines of code, ~20K classes) and has a communication layer with R&D pricing library in C++/C#. More than 60 people continuously improve the software and guarantee a 24h/24 up time of the application. It ensures the availability, quality of production at the second level attending technically the support team to users and intervening in the management of the relationship with the operator.

OracleOctober 2018 - October 2018

Attended Oracle Code One event in San Francisco.

Societe Generale EBS - Java AcademyOctober 2017 - April 2018


H GRUP IT EXPERTOctober 2015 - March 2016

Took part in the development team for web applications. The apps that I interacted with, had Spring backend servers that exposed REST API’s, and accessed by Angular frontends through HTTP requests.
Mostly of the time spent training and helping new colleagues learn Core Java from scratch.

VCE Vienna Consulting Engineers S.R.L.August 2011 - October 2015

Designing civil buildings.

FreelanceJanuary 2015 - October 2015

Thought, sketched and developed from scratch an accounting web application for a small insurance company.
The application is called Myco, and it’s main purpose is to keep the tracking of the company’s invoices and correspondence.
The communication between the frontend and the backend was done using REST services through the exposed API.
The app was developed using Spring Boot as the server and Angular as frontend.
The boot app and the sql database were deployed on Amazon Web Services on a small Linux machine, and the frontend as a static website.

My stack

Swift, Spring Boot, Spring, Spark, Scrum, REST API, MySQL, Microservices, Maven, Linux, Kubernetes, JUnit, jQuery, Jira, Jenkins, JavaScript, Java Core, HTTP, HTML, Git, ElasticSearch, Eclipse, Docker, CSS, Cassandra, C++, C#, Ansible, Angular 2, Amazon Web Services (AWS)