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Umair K.


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8 years
Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

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  • 8 years of industry experience
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My experience


Federation UniversityJanuary 2018 - Present

• Provide hands-on technical support for research projects by utilising Bash, Python and Fortran in Linux environment to analyse & process tropical cyclone data, while coordinating with the researchers at Federation University and CSIRO
• Translation of legacy Fortran code to Python
• Written Python scripts to analyse data of historical cyclone dataset to track and forecast number of tropical cyclones in Asia-Pacific region
• Developed cyclone tracks monitoring tool using Electron and NodeJS
• Documenting the scripts

Anidra Tech Ventures Pty LtdMarch 2017 - April 2020

Designed and implemented system architecture for remote patient monitoring, which is successfully launched in three Indian hospitals and being system used by nurses to monitor patients.

• Implemented front-end and back-end server by utilizing Kafka, NodeJS, Spring MVC, AWS EC2 and REST API, which provides continuous data streaming, forecast patient condition and raise smart alert via SMS for doctors
• Implemented native android application (Java & Kotlin) for interfacing with body sensor via Bluetooth to collect vital signs (pulse rate, ECG, SpO2 etc.) and streaming it to the remote server for processing
• Implemented Hybrid Application for doctors by using Ionic framework to view live and recorded patient data via sockets and NodeJS-Express based REST API
• Implemented Android Application (Kotlin) for offline monitoring of patient’s ECG and vital signs and report generation
• Unit Testing cases for the backend-end server and android applications.
• Complete documentation of the patient monitoring system which includes system architecture, database design, android applications and back-end server

Idea Builders Pvt LtdAugust 2012 - October 2014

• Built and maintained long-lasting relationships with clients by developing and providing efficient software as per business needs and specified demand. Realised set objectives by creating highly effective software through strategically evaluating and designing software. Ensured proper working of existing software by maintaining data in accordance with current trends.
• Created multiple systems, such as Endorsement System for Flexcube (Oracle) through using Delphi Pascal and Employees Fingerprint Registration & Verification System utilising C/C++ and Delphi Pascal.
• Earned clients’ satisfaction by developing software, including maintenance of existing software (signature management) optimising ASP.Net and C# and ATM Locator App using Java.

My stack

Python, Node.js, Kotlin, JavaScript, Java, HTML, Firebase, AWS, Apache Kafka, Android