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My experience


CooptalisJune 2019 - Present

MobiScan is an application to simplify the the interaction between Teos (Trasnportation Management System) and other scanning tools (Scanners bluetooth and wired). It is a from scratch development imitating the the legacy application initially built using Windows CE.

Most of my responsibilities were:

• Setting the Architecture choice for the Android application
• Pairing and Connection with various Bluetooth scanners(General Scan, Koamtac, Zebra) using an librairy provided by a third party partner
• Authentification via oAuth 2.0
• Development of various modules : Dock inventory, Container Site Scanning, Arrival scanning, Departure scanning, Spot Container scanning, loading and unloading scaning
• Development of a custom keyboard, taking into consideration the workers in the different agencies wearing gloves and working with the application
• Developing with kotlin and Java 8 to prove the interoperability of the two language and to prepare for a migration to Kotlin in the future
• Interviewing different candidates to help in a short term enforcement need

Environnements : Java, Pattern MVVM avec LiveData, Clean Architecture, Android Navigation Component, Single Pattern Activity, RxJava, CameraX, Dagger, Retrofit, JSON, Timber, oAuth 2.0, Jira, Confluence, Git/GitLab

CME Offshore salApril 2015 - June 2019

As part of my training and employment, i was recruited by CME offshore an American company with an office in Beirut Lebanon.

During my training i worked on the development of a web application called “Franchise admin”, with its goal is to make the creation, customisation and deployment of templated websites easier.

My responsibilities in this project were:
- Development of the application backend using Spring MVC using the three Tier architecture.
- Testing the application
- Analysis of of requested functionalities
- Development of the front end of the application using HTML5 , CSS, JQuery, JavaScript

During my employment period at the company i worked on different projects from which the most important are:

Development of a mobile Application called GRRID Client, that has as goal to help the store managers to manage easier their digital signage equipments.While communicating with an already provided API. This application consisted of two versions Android and iOS.

In the iOS part of the application i was responsible of:
- Analysis and development of new features
- Ramp up and developing the application using the Appel’s MVC design pattern
- Ramp up and developing using Swift and XCode
- Test of the application
- Publishing the application to the app store
- Ramp up and use git for version control
- Updating the application constantly

In the Android part of the application i was responsible of:
- Analysis and development of new features
- Ramp up and developing using Java/Kotlin and Android studio
- Test of the application
- Publishing the application to the Google store
- Updating the application constantly

Development of a front web application with the same functionalities of the Mobile application, intended to replace the old obsolete Web application, using new frameworks and responsive design. My responsibilities in the project were:

- Analysis of the application and the features to develop
- Develop a responsive web application mobile application developer
- Test the application

apps2youJuly 2014 - August 2014

During work during my studies in Lebanon, for a period of 2 months in Apps2you.

My responsibilities in this work were:

- Developing and updating application’s new features already published
- Updating the applications published on the app store
- Ramp up on new technologies and techniques in iOS and XCode

DeerailFebruary 2014 - May 2014

During my work while studying, i worked for 2 months for Deeral in Lebanon.

I worked on developing iOS application for monitoring and auto-filling employees timesheet using the application and geolocation.

My responsibilities during the work were:

- Develop the iOS application from scratch
- Uploading and updating the application on the app store
- Test the application
- Ramp up on my knowledge in iOS development
- Ramp up on all new technologies and latest updates in iOS and Xcode
- Ramp up and development on SOAP web services

apps2you, InternshipJuly 2013 - September 2013

During my internship of the third year at the university i worked in mobile development company called Apps2you

I worked in the department of iOS applications development, working on an application to list and call various Taxi drivers and companies in Lebanon.

During this training i was responsable of:

- Ramp up and discover the iOS developement
- Ramp up and discover the XCode
- Ramp up and discover the Objective-C programming Language
- Ramp up and discover the Apple’s MVC Design Pattern
- Develop the application
- Test the application

My stack

XSLT, XML, Xcode, WCF, Visual Studio, UML, Swift, SQLite, SQL, SPARQL, SOAP, RxJava, Retrofit, REST, PHPMyAdmin, PHP, OWL, OQL, NetBeans, MySQL, MVVM, MVC, Kotlin, JSON, jQuery, Jira, JavaScript, Java, iOS, HTML5, HTML, GitLab, Git, Eclipse, Design Patterns, Dagger, CSS, Confluence, Clean Code, Cisco, C/C++, C#, ASP.NET, ASP, Android Studio, Android, .NET