Luke S.

Mobile Developer

505 dollar
5 years

My experience


AppolyFebruary 2019 - Present

Developed and maintained over 15 commercial projects over a wide range of industries for both the iOS and Android platform for a newly found and fast-growing startup. Following Scrum and Agile methodologies in a collaborative team environment to overcome day to day tasks and the challenges that they come with.
Utilised the MVVM architectural pattern inline with a TDD workflow while also using code coverage tools to ensure the code I write is robust and bug-free to meet clients’ high standards and deliver great products. I’ve also used services such as Fastlane and TravisCI to make continuous-integration and continuous-deployment tasks less tedious. Being proficient in Swift, Objective-C, Java and Kotlin has helped me maintain the high standards and keep up with the fastpaced environment Appoly brings.
R&D Programme - Appoly features an R&D programme which allows me to tinker with the latest tech and SDKs in the industry, recently this has been: CoreML, ARKit and the upcoming SwiftUI.

FreelancerSeptember 2016 - February 2019

BackgroundEffectView - BackgroundEffectView is a library I developed which aims to be a lightweight wrapper around CAEmitterLayer so you can create some cool background particle effects more easily with less code.
ARMenu - ARMenu is a small prototype I put together to showcase one of the many use cases of Augmented Reality (AR), which is to allow a user to order food from an interactive menu which uses AR to visually show portion sizes. Besides using ARKit, I had to write some complex UIGestureRecognizers on the menu itself making it more fluid and interactive for the user, I also added a cool UIBlurEffectView which animates as the user interacts with the menu in the background.
GymGains - GymGains is a workout tracker and is a solution for gym users over the traditional pen and paper method. The user can plan and schedule any style of workout they wish and then log it using an intuitive logging interface. Built in Xcode using Swift 4 and leveraging powerful API's including CoreData and CloudKit. To see the successful launch to the AppStore I had to make sure my code was clean and robust, I achieved this by following MVVM architecture and a TDD workflow and also profiling the app using Xcode’s instruments to ensure it was highly optimised.

BiosentryMay 2018 - October 2018

BioSentry is a revolutionary method to help combat the spread of animal and plant diseases in the-food-stuff production and processing sectors. I worked a 6 month contract in developing both the iOS and Android platform natively so the applications met the deadline to see a successful launch in August of 2018.
Working closely with the UI/UX team I had to lead both the iOS and Android platforms independently to meet the specifications and requirements of the product. The main challenges involved were communicating with a backend SOAP web service and using Localisation tools for both iOS and Android so the apps were multilingual.
I ensured the applications were scalable and future-proof so I followed a process of writing robust unit tests and designing a clear extensible architecture for the applications. I made sure to always have open and clear technical discussions with the client to discuss the whole process and the solutions and limitations of what was possible for the product.
I developed the applications in Xcode 10.0 using Swift 4.0 and Android Studio 3.2 using Java.

My stack


Software Architecture



Software testing

XCTest, Test Driven Development (TDD), Regression testing, Unit testing




MVVM Pattern


CI, Mobile Developer, development specialist, TDD, Objective C, Analyst/Programmer, iOS developer, CD, Scrum Methodology

IT Infrastructure

iOS, Git

Analysis methods and tools

Agile, Agile Methodology, MVVM, Junit


PHP, Java, Objective-C, Kotlin, C#, Swift

My education and trainings

BTEC Level 3 Music (Performance) / NVQ in Personal Training - Exeter College