Brinduse O.


61 euro
20 years
Baia-Mare, ROMANIA

My experience


Autonet GroupJanuary 2018 - Present

Developing, implementing and improving an organization's products and services to meet or anticipate consumer needs Promoting products and services, Promoting innovation and change within the organization, Managing product or service innovation within the organization, Coordinating new product development activities and promoting them . Elaborate the marketing plan for the coordinated products, Coordinate the launch of the innovative product or service, Coordinate the process of establishing the prices of the products, Elaborate the financial forecasts for a product development project, Plan the sales for the new or improved product, Monitor the compliance with the quality standards for the promotional materials. of products.
Skills and skills acquired: SAP, Microsoft Outlook, Word Excel PowerPoint, SAP ERP, CRM customer relationship management

Relatii Externe - Atp Exodus SRLApril 2016 - May 2018

- Negotiation of periodic contracts with existing suppliers of the company - Initiation of the acquisition flow - Coordination of the procurement process - Negotiation of commercial conditions - Search of strategic alternatives - Optimization of the contract terms and conditions for all new product implementations; - Ensuring continuity of the supply process and anticipating possible delays of delivery - Implementing and implementing long-term procurement strategies in line with the market trend - Managing the supply and allocation of data in the system at contract level, of orders, of the list of approved suppliers and at the level of business partners; - Verification of all the terms and conditions of the contract with the suppliers before their implementation in the system; - Solving problems related to variable purchasing parameters

Achizitii - SC ATP Exodus SRLMarch 2015 - April 2016

Maintenance of delivery data, registration of invoices from suppliers and loading of stock for physical reception. Issue weekly reports on the status of supply orders on suppliers. Daily control of the scriptic and physical stock, and remediation of any inconsistencies that have appeared. Issuing orders, obtaining delivery terms, negotiation, relationship with suppliers. Acquiring a sustained work rhythm. Accustomed to a high volume of work in a certain time Compliance with the deadlines for the completion of the ongoing projects Regular with a very strict and rigorous internal regulation.

SC Atp Exodus SRLMarch 2010 - March 2015

Maintenance of delivery data, registration of invoices from suppliers and loading of stock for physical reception. Issue weekly reports on the status of supply orders on suppliers. Daily control of the scriptic, physical stock, and remediation of any inconsistencies that have arisen.

Bacva SRLJanuary 2005 - March 2010

Management and updating of the database, maintaining a precise record of the clients, exact identification of each client's request, maintaining the relationship between the demand and the offer, drafting the sale-purchase announcements, organizing the agents activity. Not being employed in a management position I cannot say that I have achieved something specifically through my performance, but I can say that I have contributed to the smooth running of the daily activity of the company. Mr. Brinduse Vasile, Company Administrator I had no other benefits than salary.

SC OMP Impex SRLFebruary 2004 - February 2004

Responsible for the acquisition and management of raw materials; improving the client portfolio, maintaining relations with external partners; improvement of the company's image, preparation of customs documentation, organization of periodic inventory, monthly reports and statistics, market research to identify new potential suppliers. Planning the production activity based on sales history. Results? Acquiring the attitude of a good organizer. Often covered the responsibilities of colleagues in their absence. Through my activity in this business I managed to change certain sales strategies that improved the sales of the company. Mrs. Angelescu, my colleague, on the accounting side and others I had no other benefits than the salary.

Italsofa Romania SRLMarch 2002 - February 2004

Ensuring the smooth running of the personal recruitment process, from the stage of viewing and analyzing a CV, to the actual hiring, respectively interviewing the candidates, ing the company and a detailed description of the requested job, submitting the candidates to practical tests, evaluating them; drawing up of different monthly statistics of internal character, drawing up and registering the employment contracts, rigorous control of the compliance with the internal regulations, ensuring the relationship between the employees and the office of uname resources, conducting questionnaires at the level of the whole company in order to optimize the employee-employer relationship, as well as and their translation into Italian, maintaining the relationship between the human resources office Romania and its counterpart in Italy, the direct translation in the production sessions by departments, the direct translation, in the factory, of the stages of making a piece of furniture, with the correct description of the operations to be performed, as well as with the exact use of the technical terms met. I believe that my main accomplishment was maintaining a good relationship between the people in production and management, which only entails benefits from both parties. Through my careful selection process I have managed to hire and keep serious people, people who are still . they carry out their activity within this copmany.

My stack

SAP, Sales, Purchasing, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Marketing, HR