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Tata Consultancy ServicesJanuary 2014 - March 2015

Environment: Selenium, JAVA, C#

Agile Automation CoE (Centre of Excellence) is a separate team where we support multiple accounts across TCS on Agile process, BDD and TDD implementations, estimations and POCs. Accounts can be of multiple domains. Ex: Banking, Insurance, Life Sciences, E-Commerce, etc.
Also CoE group supports in solving the issues which arise after implementation.

Roles and Responsibilities:

* Had implemented BDD (Cucumber with Selenium) for various accounts.

* Done multiple POCs on BDD for various customers.

* Worked on BDD framework setup for multiple accounts which are of multiple domains like Banking, Insurance, Life Sciences and E-Commerce.

* Worked with the account teams in order to develop BDD feature files.

* Worked with the account teams to write selenium scripts using JAVA and C#.

* Handled the exceptions like Stale Element Reference Exception, No Such Element Exception, Element is not Clickable at point Exception, Element is not Interact able Exception that arose during execution of the scripts.

McKesson Provider TechnologiesApril 2012 - December 2013

Environment: Selenium, JAVA

McKesson is the leading health care IT Company of US, with software and hardware technology installed in more than 70% of the US hospitals that have more than 200 beds. Also provides decision support software to help physicians determine the best possible clinical diagnosis and treatment plans for patients.

Roles and Responsibilities:

* Creating test cases after understanding the requirements provided by the client.

* Performing reviews for test cases & providing feedback.

* Involved in developing test scripts using Web Automation tool `Selenium-Web driver' in Java.

* Development of functions library to be used for automation.

* Involved in the preparation of Test Data.

* Providing daily status report in the form of DTER (Daily Test Execution Report) & weekly reports to QA Lead.

* Raising defects in JIRA and retesting.

* Interacting with the developers and business teams in prioritizing defects and ensuring that the defect fixes are implemented.

* Executed functional test cases to check the functionality of the application.

* Performing System Integration Testing and Regression Testing.

Statefarm Automobile Insurance CompanySeptember 2011 - March 2012

The Insurance customer at uses a legacy system in which a CICS Web Service is called to retrieve the life and assurance policy numbers from Mainframe MQ .The main disadvantage with this approach is that the availability of the policy number to any online system is not 100% accounting  for the down time of the CICS environment. Also in the old system policy number is fetched one at a time for each call from any online system. In the current system to be developed as part of the project , new Web services from the online platform will interact with the new version of existing CICS Web service to fetch the policy numbers in batches and store them in online platform repository built in POSTGRES DB categorized by the region from which the request was made. This helps in achieving 100% availability of the policy number to any online system since now the online system calls to retrieve policy number need not cross over different platforms to retrieve the policy number requested and will fetch the same only from the online POSTGRES DB repository.
Roles and Responsibilities:
•    Evaluate the business requirements and create the detail design specifications.
•    Analyse the impact on the existing system and change the existing system according to the business requirements.
•    Preparation of test cases and test case execution.
•    Identify and track defects, Code Reviews, IQA and EQA.
•    Be responsible for the quality and timelines of the deliverables.
•    Fix defects that are raised in System Testing and Integration testing.

Statefarm Automobile Mutual Insurance CompanyJanuary 2011 - August 2011

This project deals with converting the life legacy business functionalities in the Assembler to COBOL. The project is executed in phase wise and the reporting system is divided into different set of cycles namely daily cycles, Annual cycles, Quarterly cycles, monthly cycles, irregular cycles, ad-hoc cycles, etc. The conversion process of the assembler modules undergoes both data migration and conversion. The correctness is then tested by building test cases and performing manual and System testing with the TCS tools. After ensuring the correctness of the conversion, the process is converted till the entire modules are converted to COBOL.

Roles and Responsibilities:
•    Preparation of conversion and test plan for the respective modules.
•    Evaluate the business requirements, create detail design specifications and manage the conversion activities.
•    Preparation of test cases and test case execution.
•    Identify and track defects, code reviews, IQA and EQA.
•    Be responsible for the quality and timelines of the deliverables.
•    Preparing High level design, low level design and sequence diagrams for the required feature implementation.

My stack

XML, Web Services, Test Cases, System testing, SQL, SpecFlow, Selenium WebDriver, Selenium, Regression testing, Quality Assurance, Postman, Jira, Jenkins, JCL, JavaScript, Java, IntelliJ Idea, Integration testing, HTML, Functional testing, Eclipse IDE, Data Migration, Cucumber, COBOL, C#, BDD, Assembler, API, Agile Methodology