Marius I.

Qa Engineer

435 dollar
19 years

My experience


Open for OpportunitiesSeptember 2018 - Present

MadCap Flare engineering/DTP Expert, working remotely and providing documentation services
(engineering, DTP, testing) on various projects.
Duties include: analysing/scoping new projects, generating outputs (Help, PDF), bug fixing, engineering, testing, regression etc.

SymantecApril 2016 - September 2016

•    Senior Localization Engineer working for the R&D department, looking after the project setup/configuration of Symantec products/components and providing technical support/coordination in the localization area to the Production team in Chennai.
•    Applied SQL queries in WorldServer to extract translation segments.
•    Leveraged from previous translation and updated existing ones.
•    Engineered, tested, maintained and monitored all the projects assigned, providing technical support to engineers in Chennai from start to end.
•    Archived projects at completion and updated WorldServer with the latest translation for various languages (WorldServer maintenance).
•    Improved new processes and tools.
•    Took part in daily/weekly meetings with members of the team from Dublin and Chennai.

AppleMay 2015 - September 2015

Software QA Engineer/Specialist testing the latest Apple OS X, iOS platforms and applications for
Romanian and other languages. Finding and verifying errors/bugs (linguistic, truncation, layout, UI,

functional) in all the applications installed in the latest Apple OS X and iOS.

Marius IntaJanuary 2008 - May 2015

Acting as a vendor company/freelancing, providing IT services from Romania. Collaborating with VistaTEC Technologies, on various projects (documentation, help, engineering etc.) as a Web/Software/Doc/Help Localization Engineer. Working on projects for clients such as McAfee, Cisco, Curam Software, Novell, Illumina, Sierra Wireless etc. Tools used: MadCap Lingo/Flare, Alchemy Catalyst, Adobe Captivate, Altova XMLSpy, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe FrameMaker, SDL Trados, Webworks Publisher etc.

Software LocalizationJune 2007 - January 2008

Software Localization Engineer working on AOL projects. Localizing AOL & HP
Toolbars, AIM (AOL Instant Messanger), Winamp Player and MyAOL in over 40 languages including Eastern European, Double Byte languages (Japanese, Chinese and Korean) plus others... Duties include: software translation,
preparing files (*.dll, *.ini, *.cfg, *.xml, *.htm etc) for builds, building, testing the builds, sanity check, fixing bugs, regressing bugs, delivering the product to AOL. Technologies and tools used: Web Technologies (XML, HTML, CSS, properties, perl etc), Software Technologies, Catalyst 6.0/7.0, AOL proprietary tools, WinCVS (repository tool), ResHacker, etc..

Software LocalizationApril 2006 - March 2007

Microsoft Corporation
Software Localization Software Engineer member of Office 12 Proofing Tools team and working on implementing new technologies/processes in the day to day operation of the department. Designed and developed an in-house system (tool), called
FileFlow, to track and update different shares with the latest Proofing tools (grammars, spellers, hyphenators etc.), using the latest .NET technologies.
Also managed the flow of the files in Source Depot, building Proofing Tools
*.msi's and updating Source Depot with the latest Proofing Tools which will eventually end up in various Office 12 builds. Other duties include: creating reports/diffs and keeping the team aware of all the changes, web development, software engineering, coordination etc. Technologies and tools used: .NET, SQL Server 2000, XML, ASPX, Visual Studio .NET

VistaTEC TechnologiesSeptember 2005 - April 2006

XML Engineer/Project Coordinator working on HP (Hewlett Packard) projects, based on CMS technology. Coordinating the localization process of HP projects, and providing technical support to the rest of the team/department.
Exposure to all aspects involved in localizing a project/product. Working with xml technologies (XML, XSL-FO, XSLT) using Content Management Systems, proprietary tools and customized/open source stylesheets to create different outputs (*.chm, PDF, web help systems, etc.).

SymantecJuly 2004 - September 2005

Providing technical support to the Localisation department - Doc. team, and working on various Symantec products/projects. Technical coordination role on a Content Management System (CMS) xml pilot project, called SymTOP.
Duties include: testing, providing technical support to the team, coordinating the technical aspect of the projects, bug fixing, finding ways of implementing
CMS in the current process, Web/Help/XML Engineer, developing a new localisation intranet site etc..

LionbridgeOctober 2002 - June 2004

Localisation Engineer in a multinational web/software localisation company. Duties included: Pre-engineering, Engineering, Post-Engineering on various projects, as follows:

* Page Factory – Japanese project dealing mostly with documentation.
* Oracle University – localisation of Oracle eLearning courses.
* Network Applications – localisation of xml, html, rc files.
* Network Applications – localisation of NetApps eLearning courses.
* MOC (Microsoft Official Curriculum) – web localisation of MOC eLearning courses.
* Ecim – IBM project involving the localisation of xml, html, rc and property files.
* Epson – software localisation engineering on Epson printers (UI) (Puffin, Diamond Bird, etc.)

Berlitz CorporationJuly 2000 - October 2002

(2 years 4 months)
Web Localisation Engineer for Berlitz GlobalNet.
Accountable for the technical side of Microsoft Office Update project, website that promotes the Office 10 products. Duties include: web development, mastering, pre-engineering, engineering, bug fixing, updating, creating pages, propping files, cleaning and maintaining MS FTP, preparing engineering and test scripts for website, localised in over 25 languages (including bi-di languages - Hebrew and Arabic). Previous projects include:

OTHER DUTIES: Designed, developed and maintained Office Update Team
Extranet (password protected). The purpose of this website is to provide information about the team, localisation tools and processes used, news and information about the vendors and customer (Microsoft) involved in Office

My stack

Industrial automation



Software Engineering, Web development


Adobe Photoshop

Analysis methods and tools


Computer Tools

Adobe FrameMaker



Software testing

Debugging, Localization testing


Content Management System, managed the flow, Curam Software, Documentation Engineer, Adobe Captivate, XML Engineer/Project Coordinator working, Engineer working, XML Engineer, Software Localization Engineer, Help/XML Engineer, Build Engineer, Technical Translation Coordinator, Web Localisation Engineer, Software/Web Localisation Engineer, Localisation Engineer, Specialist testing, Engineer, Microsoft .NET Technology, Cascading Style Sheets, Arabic, Microsoft Office, Chinese, HP Hardware, Analyst/Programmer, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Microsoft Visual Studio.NET, QA ENGINEER, Japanese, Software Localization QA Engineer, Korean, Altova > Altova XMLSpy, Hebrew, Testing, Extranet, Localization Engineer, Documentation Localization Engineer, Snr. Software Localization Engineer, ASPX, Senior Localization Engineer working, WINHELP, Localization, Diploma > Diploma Internet Skills, WinCVS, Software QA Engineer, Royal Society of Arts > Royal Society of Arts Commercial Computing, technical support/coordination, WorldServer maintenance, Language Coordinator, Help/UI Engineer


Quality Assurance, Symantec, Technical Support







Big Data

Big Data

Environment of Development

Visual Studio

IT Infrastructure

Cisco Switches/Routers, Novell Netware

My education and trainings

Online Web Application Development Course - CBT ( - 2003

ICM, Diploma, Internet Skills - Leeside Computer Center, Cork, Ireland1998 - 1999

RSA, Commercial Computing - Cork College of Commerce1996 - 1997