Stepan B.

Qa Engineer

170 dollar

My experience


EVRYTHNGMarch 2019 - April 2020

On this project my main objective is to increase the velocity of a team without sacrifices in quality, so in such case as a software engineer I am doing:
1) Coaching the team in terms of quality
2) Analyzing the project to find risks, which could reduce performance of a product
3) Prototyping test tools and presenting results to teams
4) Pairing with developers to help them with testing
5) Building/improving infrastructure
6) Self improvements in ways of testing, quality, development

Usually I relate on results of exploration testing, which a great part of our job, but it is important to mention another techniques which I use daily: 
1) Performance, stability, endurance testing
2) Mobile testing
3) Functional testing
4) Testing between integrations
5) Profiling
6) Usability and UX

Unblocking of a team is an important part, which also serves to my main responsibility, it could be done in these ways:
1) Creating of new tasks which are not related to your team
2) Analyze external data sources (Logs, AWS graphs, etc) to understand the health of product and quick response with investigation results to the team
3) Consult with product owner to understand the needs of customers, such info could be used to explain better what actually business wants from developers
4) Making proposals to product owner in terms of improvements or simplifications, which will not broke a final view of product, but will simplify the development at all.

My achievements: 
1) Established quality and quality standards for React Native mobile app. The app is being already used by Ralph Lauren. 
2) Provided quality for progressive web app, which serves for creating supply chain for L’Oréal.


FIX Group of CompaniesMarch 2017 - September 2018

1) Web application testing;
2) Mobile application testing;
3) Potential candidate job interviewing;
4) Intern traning;
5) Testing process improvements;
6) Solving issues of my team.

1) Improving test processes, tools.
2) White, black, gray boxes testing.
3) Testing types: functional, regression, smoke, sanity, integration, documentation, UI, usability;
4) Preparing questions for job interview and candidates interviewing.

QA department expantion.
I created: testing regulations, QA documentation, tools and a lot of usefull pages in confluence for team and project.
Persuaded team to add external API to standing for more complete coverage of application functionality. It's
very important because it could reduce new bug quantity aer release deployment.
Added documentation testing to the scope, which improved elaboration of requirements, which in turn improved code quality, testing time and quantity of reworks aer testing.

Used tools: Git, Idea, jira, test rails, chrome dev tools, Sequel Pro (Mysql workbench before), own bulk generator of sql query for testing special functionality.

iBPM Service LLCOctober 2015 - February 2017

1) Pega application testing;
2) Source data testing.

1) Testing types: functional, integration, regression, usability, exploration.

My stack



Software testing

Test Cases, UI testing, SoapUI, Manual testing, Mobile Testing, Performance testing, Functional & Automated Testing Tools, Regression testing, Endurance testing, Integration testing, Functional testing

IT Infrastructure

Git, Docker


exploration testing, Automation and Testing, Only manual testing, ective Android Testing, Automatic Testing, logic testing, Release deployment, Lead QA Engineer, Quality Assurance Engineer, Mobile Applications, Black-Box Testing, Scrum Methodology, Intern, erent experience, LinkedIn, dev, Bachelors Degree > Bachelors Degree Information Technology, GreyBox, Engineer I, process improvement, Waterfall Methodology, industry~it, Project Team Skills


Coaching, Coaching testing, Leadership, Quality Assurance, Team management

Environment of Development

MySQL Workbench

My education and trainings

Bachelors Degree, Information Technology - Kazan National Research Technical University2008 - 2012