Julio R.


319 euro
4 years
Cuernavaca, MEXICO

My experience


General ElectricOctober 2019 - June 2020

•    Tech support for corporate employees within GE 
•    The equipment we would troubleshoot ranged from laptops, desktops, iPads, mobile devices and printers.
•    We would help the users image their pcs
•    We used Service Now for our ticketing system and thats were we keep up with backlog tickets also 
•    The daly workload consisted of taking daily chats for users having issues with equipment or general how to through the GE intranet site.
•    The common errors we work with range from computer is running slow or frezzing also activating Windows licenses and o365 products such as Skype, Excel and Windows 10 operating systems and also MAC. 
•    We would aslo help the users figure out if they needed to request certain Access to different applications or if so we would guide the user through the correct process to request the Access since some applications were third party such as Oracle.

Hexaware Saltillo CoahilaAugust 2018 - December 2018

•    Help desk technician
•    Installed software and various devices such as printers
•    Troubleshoot errors for software and hardware
•    Make sure the settings were correct for various apps and configure network settings
•    Vpn troubleshooting making sure their settings were correct and vpn wwasproperly installed 
•    Find out what kind of priority the ticket needs to be high medium low status and depending on that the time frame Wich the ticket needs to be work on is different so it's crucial to know the urgency of the problem and if it might be be an outage Wich various users are effected and so on.

ATOS San Nicolás De Los GarzaNovember 2016 - August 2018

•    Troubleshoot computers great knowledge in windows 7 and 10 also mobile devices such as iOS 11 and android and tablets with iOS 11.
•    Configure network settings on various apps and internet browsers
•    Remedy knowledge
•    Password resets for various adt and protection1 apps
•    Great product knowledge
•    Qa assistant 
•    Make updates through the command prompt

Global Telesourcing MonterreyMarch 2015 - October 2016

•    Weekly client calibration
•    Give 4 rounds of feedback to 35 agents 
•    Floor support 
•    Handle client request 
•    Daily and weekly reports

My stack

Windows 7, Windows 10, Troubleshooting, Spanish, Service Now, Oracle, Networking, Microsoft Excel, iOS, Android