Andrei C.


553 dollar
14 years
Bucharest, ROMANIA

My experience


Nobel, LtdOctober 2012 - Present

Responsibilities, Achievements:
• Work on interconnecting other carriers to Nobel's network (technical setup, test calls, CDRs comparison);
• Installs, maintains and repairs all telecommunication systems within the network;
• Inspects and checks equipment to locate problems or potential problems or causes of failure and makes necessary repairs and adjustments;
• Capable of opening trouble tickets regarding equipment that is a part of Nobel's network worldwide or carrier issues and capable of troubleshooting on all internal
switching trouble tickets and insure that they are looked at according to their priority
• Work with other carriers (companies) to troubleshoot or improve the quality of service between Nobel and its customers
• Performing regular software upgrades on Sonus SBC,GSX,PSX,EMS,DSI servers during maintenance windows
• Implemented various routing setups requested by other departments
• Designed several PHP/MySQL projects for internal use in the company used for traffic monitoring and interacting with APIs
• Worked with ASA 5510 for IPSec VPNs
• Worked with Cisco 6504, Cisco 5400 , Cisco 3750 , Sansay SBC,Digitalk, Cisco PGW, Dell and HP servers,
• Managed a Citrix XEN virtualization solution on rack servers and a Dell M1000 chassis with external storage.
• Implemented traffic monitoring through Cacti graphs
• Packet tracing and analysis in Wireshark

Nobel, LtdAugust 2008 - October 2012

Responsibilities, Achievements:
• Be involved in developing procedures for all the activities related to NOC Department and shift handover
• Shift Organizer follow-up;
• Be involved in special projects and tasks;
• Complete performance reviews for staff on periodic basis and submit to Routing Manager recommendations;
• Inter team-leaders tasks communication;
• Be involved in developing cross-functional interactions to other Nobel Departments;
• Provide Weekly Activity Report to Routing Manager
• Participates in meetings and/or conferences concerning problem resolution, the scheduling of special projects, and other topics as required;
• Administrative tasks;
• Full responsible for all daily service level indicators
• You have to be sure that every task and report assigned to you and your team is 0ed out in the timeframe and quality specified for it;
• NOC TT’ s follow-up; you have to be sure that every carrier is contacted in the 24 hours frame;
• Deep understanding of all NOC tasks from Shift Organizer and their impact to the business and propose appropriate changes if needed
• Network issues are communicated to the appropriate departments in the appropriate time;
• Responsible to maintain a high quality level for the calls received and the tickets handled;

My stack

Xen, Wireshark, VoIP, Virtualization, Telecommunications, TCP/IP, SS7, SIP, SAN, Routing & Switching, RedHat, PHP, Networking, MySQL, Linux, ISDN, GSM, Citrix, Cisco, CentOS